How to make your carry-on smell like your favorite toiletry brand

There are five easy steps:

  1. Stay at a hotel with your favorite brand of toiletries (Bulgari, Blaise Mautin, etc.).
  2. Call housekeeping and request an extra set of toiletries. After all, you have to get toiletries for your guest bedroom at home, and they might as well be good ones.
  3. Place said toiletries in your ziplock bag, but don’t seal it. This step is key.
  4. Arrive at your destination and remove the toiletries from all over your carry-on.
  5. Wipe down your laptop, computer cords, noise canceling headphones, bag etc., to make sure they’re not soapy anymore.

Karma is a bitch, I guess. On the plus side all my electronics smell awesome.

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  1. @ JetAway — That was part of the agreement of me moving out of Tampa. Momma’s gotta have a place to stay!

  2. Next time go to your favorite grocery store or drug store and buy the toiletries for Momma. Its cheaper than buying a new laptop after it gets fried by liquid.

  3. I prefer the savory smell of the bottle of Jamaican Jerk Sauce that broke in my luggage a few years ago. (Love your blog, by the way.)

  4. I view stories like this as a way of “earning your stripes.” As in, you aren’t a FF unless one of the following has happened to you:
    1. Toiletries explode in your luggage (this story)
    2. You’ve slept in an airport
    3. The airlines lost your luggage on the outbound part of your trip
    4. You’ve been mugged while travelling (bonus points if it was in a foreign country.)
    5. You’ve sat immediately in front of, or immediately behind, a screaming baby on a 2+hour flight.

  5. Megan let a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaner leak all over the car trunk. No amount of dirt and mud or smelly gym clothes will ever cover that up.

  6. You have no status if you have not yet spilled a can of cola on th edesk your laptop was on. Luckily, the battery was fried but my laptop would still work if it was plugged in AND battery was removed. Same mentioned laptop was stolen from carry on while stored by same Hotel. Hotel paid but still bad karma.

  7. The mini-bottles are one of many “conveniences” that contribute to destroying our planet.

  8. Aaah I think all of us road warrior had to deal with something like that one day or another … I still remember the sunday evening I spent washing and then drying my shirt in an ibis hotel room in Nuremberg after my shaving cream can decided to empty itself in my luggage .. Since that day I go hardcore and just use whatever soap is in the hotel bathroom as a shaving cream ….

  9. @xavier….had similar experience, would recommend hotel conditioner instead of the soap..leave it on for a few seconds to lather up, your face will thank you

  10. @Gizmosdad:
    Guess I’m not an FF. 200K+ miles in the last few years and 60K booked through June 4 of this year, but never had any of those happen.

  11. Like it. One more Thing i would say that has to be completed is that a ff has to be arrested , Bonus for Outside your home Country. (An other Possible bonus points category is when you got arrested because the Police thought something cannot be right with someone carring so many cc cards …

  12. On a serious note, if you do want your carryon to have some sort of scent, a bar of soap tucked into one of the interior pouches does the trick. I have an unopened bar of soap from the FS Denver and damn do I love how it makes my bag smell!

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