Hotels I absolutely refuse to stay at….

Gray over at Wing and a Prayer made a post this morning about hotel accomodations in Uzbekistan which has me rolling on the floor laughing my rear off. That’s without the doubt the funniest single post I’ve ever read.

Anyway, it kind of reminded me of my personal hotel philosophy, since one of the hotels Gray is considering in Uzbekistan is the “Elite Hotel.” I don’t know about you guys, but I refuse to stay at any hotel that uses terms like elite, elegant, unique, or anything similar in the hotel name. You’re simply looking for trouble. Singapore Airlines doesn’t advertise their award winning service by saying “we’re the best,” but instead they show it onboard. Continental, on the other hand….. 😉

Gray, in this case go with the InterContinental, you won’t regret it. It’s not like there are Hampton Inns in Uzbekistan where you’ll get free internet, free breakfast, a comfortable bed, etc. You’ll get nickel and dimed no matter where you go. If you happen to be staying over a weekend, join the InterContinental Ambassador program for $150 (maybe they’ll even let you be the Ambassador to Uzbekistan!) and you’ll get a free weekend night certificate which will more than pay for itself, plus a bunch of other benefits.

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  1. But, Ben, in this case, “Elite” is probabaly more a result of poor English translation and perception of what we entices us, and not a misnomer 😉

    (BTW: I’m thinking of splurging on the IC)

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