Hilton HHonors Lifetime Diamond Status Coming In 2015

While I personally don’t think lifetime status is worth “chasing” given how much programs change nowadays, there’s no doubt it’s a nice reward for stays you’d make anyway.

Hotels offering lifetime elite status

Among the major hotel chains, Hyatt, Marriott, and Starwood all offer lifetime elite status.

The thresholds for achieving lifetime status with those three programs are as follows:

  • Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond: $200,000 of spend (one million base points at five points per dollar)
  • Marriott Rewards Platinum: 750 nights plus 2 million points
  • SPG Platinum: 500 nights plus 10 years as Platinum

Hilton to add lifetime Diamond status in 2015

It looks like Hilton HHonors is feeling the pressure, as they’ll be adding lifetime elite status in 2015. Via HHonorsRepresentative on FlyerTalk:

I do have some news to share with you on this topic. In 2015, HHonors will begin introducing Lifetime Diamond Status! As you may know, we’re always looking for new ways to reward you and we take into consideration your feedback on ways to recognize our most loyal members. Over the past several years, we’ve heard from you that Lifetime Diamond Status is important to you and I’m thrilled to announce that we will be inviting some of our most tenured Diamond members into this status.

I’ll have more details for you in early 2015 and I understand our first Lifetime Diamond members will receive their invitations in the early part of 2015. At this time, this is all the information I have on Lifetime Diamond Status, but I will do my best to keep you all updated as I hear more!

This announcement is interesting in that it suggests there’s lifetime Diamond status, but doesn’t talk about lifetime Gold or Silver status. I’m not sure whether that’s an oversight or not, but I guess it’s possible that they’ll just have lifetime Diamond status.

I’m curious to see what the qualification criteria are. For what it’s worth, Hilton Diamond status ordinarily requires 30 stays, 60 nights, or 120,000 base points (which is $12,000 of spend, since you get 10 base points per dollar spent).


Ultimately Hilton status is so easy to get without even staying at a hotel that it’s probably the least valuable top tier status to have for your lifetime. Beyond that, there’s very little differentiation between Gold and Diamond status.

Free breakfast for the rest of your life?! (in conjunction with a Hilton stay… bleh!)

Bottom line

I can’t wait to see the details. Kudos to Hilton for finally catching up when it comes to lifetime status.

Anyone have any guesses as to what the qualification criteria will be? $400,000 of spend on one of their co-branded credit cards? 😉

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  1. God, who cares bout Hilton. I would looooooove to have lifetime HGP Diamond. If I had the money, I have it by the end of 2015 lol. If I had that kind of money I probably also wouldn’t give much thought to loyalty, but… It would be really nice to be able to stay at a Hyatt when that’s the best option, and not have to force it. I’m currently planning a trip (for 2 people, in 2 separate rooms) to Madrid, Barcelona and a couple other cities, and nothing will make you feel so powerless as trying to book a Hyatt stay in Spain (there are none). I’m grateful for my hefty IHG account that was beefed up a couple years ago–saved my ass on this one.

  2. I think they should have concentrated on separating Gold from Diamond. I stay at Hilton avg 250-260 nights a year and I get two bottles of water when checking in. so does Gold and I think EVERY one else. I know I do get some extra points for my stay being diamond, a little more than Gold.

  3. Do you think that those who received the email referenced on FlyerTalk will receive automatic invites to Lifetime Status, or an opportunity to qualify?

  4. Marriott rewards platinum requirement is 750 nights instead of 1,000 nights. The number of years as a member of the program requirement has been eliminated.

  5. @ Lucky sez, with a straight face: “Ultimately Hilton status is so easy to get without even staying at a hotel that it’s probably the least valuable top tier status to have for your lifetime. Beyond that, there’s very little differentiation between Gold and Diamond status.”

    Wow! You should stick to writing about loyalty systems that you know something about. The notion that there is little differentiation between is HH Diamond and Gold has been debunked, ad nauseam, and yet you keep repeating it. Why is that? Also, to claim that HH Diamond is the least valuable top tier status has no basis in reality. How about this: Since the benefits of Hyatt GP Diamond are, at best, comparable to those HH Gold or Marriott Gold — clearly indicating that HH Diamond is superior to Hyatt Diamond — where do you rank the GP lifetime status?

    BTW, “easy to get” does not equate to “less valuable”, unless one is referring to Hyatt Platinum, which an elite status in name only. Both HH Gold and Marriott Gold are “easy” to get, but are highly rewarding elite levels — at least as rewarding as Hyatt Diamond, if not more so….

  6. @DCS- Sorry, but there is VERY little difference. I’m a Hilton Diamond and compared to what I get at SPG and Marriott, it is horrible in comparison. My spouse is Gold, and the differences in benefits is negligible.

  7. Got to love me at least for providing some ‘balance’…

    BTW, you should spend some time on MilePoint, where we’ll rid you of that Hyatt Spell. Folks there used to say the things that you keep saying here without justification about Hyatt (“best in business”) and Hilton (“worst in the business”). After being called upon it and challenged, their views are now more fair and balanced…really 😉

  8. @Paul – I feel for you. I guess you are one of those HHonors Diamonds who have never gotten upgraded to a suite at Hilton, right? Well, I got upgraded to a suite 100% of the time this year, and better than 95% of the time overall since 2012, at properties like Conrad Hong Kong, Wadorf-Astoria Shanghai, and, just last month, Hilton Hawaiian Village. If you can find a HH Gold with such a record on suite upgrades then the differentiation is minimal indeed…

    Like I said, I feel for you because we are clearly living on different planets and I prefer mine…

  9. @ DCS — Hahahahahahaha! 100% suite upgrades as a Hilton Diamond. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  10. Im diamond hilton for 5 years with over 250 nights a year in domestic US hilton properties. I got upgraded one level up ONCE this year. Once.

  11. I am Hilton Diamond and Marriott Platinum. When you compare both, Hilton Diamond status is useless. I travelled most of the Europe last year for business and I was treated much much better at Marriott properties. I would avoid Hilton if there is a good alternative every single time…

  12. @lucky laughs: “Hahahahahahaha! 100% suite upgrades as a Hilton Diamond. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah”

    I did promise you that I’ll have the last laugh; I am already starting to laugh. In addition, I’d suggested that you join discussions on MilePoint because they would cure you of that “slight” bias that makes you put on a pedestal, Hyatt GP, a loyalty program that is at best a joke, while you laugh when told about benefits that other programs provide to their top elites that GP does not even come close to providing to theirs’. One such benefit is UNLIMITED suite upgrades for HHonors Diamond, even on REWARD STAYS! So, you need a broader view, which a discussion board offers…

    Now for my claimed astronomical suite upgrade success rate at Hilton property, below I provide a link to a publicly accessible thread that shows — yes, shows — photos of the suites into which I was upgraded between 2012-2013. I had not planned on posting photos of my 100% suite upgrades for 2014 but I will do an update in that thread simply to have the last, bigger laughter, when I show the insides of all my 100% suite upgrades in 2014.

    Here’s the link:


    How do you know the photos of the suites are real? Check each property’s web site to see what is classified as a suite, and most photos show a personal item like a laptop or shoe (also I will be happy to send you the originals privately if you wish since the dates and GPS coordinates are stored for each photo).

    I am right now at the LAX United club lounge, on my way to SIN and am about to board a B787-8 ‘Dreamliner’ for NRT (then NRT to SIN). So, I will have 12 hr to dig out and prepare for posting the pictures of my 2014 suite upgrades. I hope to post them when I land at NRT, at the earliest, or from SIN. I will provide the link right here, then I will have that last, bigger, laugh.. 😉

    Stay tuned!

  13. I’m a Hilton Diamond and I probably got upgraded 3 times out of the past 50 Hilton stays… so much lower than @DCS’ claimed 100% rate.

    But it so happens that my upgrades were at the same properties @DCS mentions — the Conrad in Hong Kong and the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai. The third upgrade I got was at the Conrad in Dubai. So it seems that maybe higher end properties outside the U.S. do have a high upgrade rate. Unfortunately, though, for those of us here in the U.S. staying at your everyday Hilton properties, you are generally stuck with the same sterile, bland, rough-around-the-edges room that you originally booked.

  14. Well hopefully they’ll make the qualification requirements outside the US much easier as we don’t have all the credit card offers/status that you guys do 😛

  15. @lucky said on December 17, 2014 at 10:49 pm: “@ DCS — Hahahahahahaha! 100% suite upgrades as a Hilton Diamond. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    As promised, I just updated the thread to show the insides of my 100% suite upgrades as a HHonors Diamond. Here’s the link:


    My apologies for the delay in posting the link but I am on a 3-week N and SE Asian Escapade, which is a big-time air/hotel redemption that I have been doing yearly since 2011. On this trip, which is just a week old, I just left Hilton Singapore where I was upgraded to an ‘executive’ suite (keeping my suite upgrade record intact for the year), and am now at Hyatt Regency Manila doing a Cash & Point stay during which I lucked out with my first ever complimentary suite upgrade as GP Platinum! Check it out in this thread that I just started:


    Like I said, I will have the last laugh 😉

  16. I’m in a hotel room about 200-300 nights a year. I an Diamond at Hilton, Platinum with Sheraton, Gold with Marriott, Diamond with best Western and Gold with Hyatt.

    Your status with Hilton does make a difference. I always get upgraded to a suite, presidential if available. It also depends on the rapport you develop at each hotel. With the Waldorf in New York, Hawaii and Phoenix. I am on first name basis with the front desk crew, including the Front desk manager, so I get comped and upgrades with everything. They even put up Christmas decorartions in my suite, if I am there for the holidays.

    Sheraton follows suit, but Marriott seems to be a bit more conservative with comps, but I always get an upgrade. Hyatt I tend not even to bother, even though I’m elite status.

    Over the years each loyalty program has become more diluted in value. i remember vbeing able to use 175,000 point for a one week stay at the Hilton Waikola. Not anymore. Sheraton on the other hand, use to run a promtional of stay 3 times and get a free stay at any sheraton property or resort. I use to collect those like pennies. sheraton has now gone to a more diluted loyalty program also.

    The properties at Hilton for point exchange seems to run by the rule “whatever the market can bear”. I saw a room for a homewood suites in San Jose, california go for 110,000 points. I mean San Jose, you got to be kidding me. For the 70,000 points a day I used a half million points for the Hilton Grand Wailea in Maui.

    So you really need to look at your programs, be visual to the stay, and you will get your perks.

  17. You are not building rapport with them. They are building rapport with you because you spend 300 nights and a lot of money in hotels. They’re after your money.

  18. I have Diamond status with Hilton and I am always upgraded. In fact, on December 30-31, I was upgraded to a Presidential Suite in a downtown Texas metropolis (guess which city), that goes for $1,000/night on weekends and significantly more during the weekdays. I am a young female professional in her early 30s, professor, and small business owner. I made good money and tip everyone and always leave housekeeping with $20 on the bed every night with a “thank you” note. When I decided to inquire why I was generously given such a fine upgrade (the Presidential), I was told that there are notes that the staff keep on me (e.g. generous tipper, good to housekeeping, etc.) Most of my stays, when I approach the hotel and the staff see me coming to the front desk, the front desk staff always seem to upgrade me to a suite and when I learn this, I will slip them a $10 or even a $20 depending on what they give me. I guess I am lucky, or perhaps, it is all good Karma.

  19. @Dennis
    You think Marriotts treat you better in Europe? No free drinks in the clubs at Marriotts, but they liquor, beer, and wine are flowing fairly free at the Hilton Properties. When I’m in Europe for pleasure, that saves my wife and I at least a $100 a day, compared to what we would pay at the hotel bar. The lounges are nicer at the Hilton properties as well. Don’t forget about location, Hilton has better locations in most of the major cities in Europe and Asia.

    I’m not a Marriott hatter, in fact I like them a lot, enough that I earned lifetime Platinum with them. Your statement about the hotels in Europe though, makes me think you either stay at low level hotels without lounges in Europe, or you don’t have the status to get you into them. Either way the benefits of Platinum with Marriott or Diamond with Hilton only really come into play when you stay at the nicer full service hotels and resorts.

  20. I received the Hilton Diamond for Life email two weeks ago. Now I have it for life – qualifications are 10 years of Diamond (not consecutive) and 1000 paid nights. So, I will see how it goes. I don’t think any of the properties really know about it yet, but the year is early. In the end I can either stay at their properties or work on other programs. I am in them all, and a million miler on three different airlines so there are perks with traveling for your entire life as it’s pretty much the only way to achieve those tiers (cheers).

  21. I got my Lifetime a few weeks ago as well. EVERY time I use Hilton I get upgraded. They treat me really well and I dislike staying elsewhere. I had everything including The President’s Suite (half the floor for a week!) Mind you – I spent 4 years of my life in Hilton in the last 11…………..

  22. Both my wife and I have been upgraded in Rome and Venice Hiltons. She likes Hilton’s much better than Marriott’s.. for me the road warrior, its a wash..but the Hilton upgrades have been better when overseas and special occasions. ..in fact at the Kauai Hilton (yes, they used to have a Hilton there), we were given the Presidential Suite on our Honeymoon.

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