Hilarious airport prank!

Thanks to Dan Webb from Things in the Sky for posting this hilarious video today:

This sounds like a fun idea for a FlyerTalk meet up…. 🙂


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  1. Oh, oh, oh, oh, I have an idea similar to this that could work out pretty well. How about 20 of us get past security (we can book refundable tickets and then refund), and then all line up on the same red carpet hours before the actual flight. We’ll all have bluetooth headsets, and then get into verbal arguments about our order, all arguing that we’re more entitled than everyone else to be first. Think it could work? 😀

  2. Lucky,

    I love your idea…but just hope the gate agent don’t call security on us. It has to be the right airport at a right time. Hopefully the airport has a RCC so that RCC members can go through security without buying refundable tickets…..these RCC members wihtout boarding passes can play a role in the act… such as acting as non-elite flyers watch the whole episode in horror and some may act to break the arguments or interrupt the arguments with stupid questions.

    What do I know??? I am no director material.

  3. Good point, UA_Flyer. Here’s another idea: How about 20 of us lining up on a red carpet at a gate that’s not being used, meaning there’s no destination listed on the monitor. If 20 of us make a single filed line and stand there for 30 minutes, I bet we’ll get a crowd. Seriously, let’s do this! 😀

  4. If I did that, my roommates would officially declare me “insane.” It’s already bad enough that I meet up with other FT’ers for a happy hour now and again. 🙂

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