Hey, wanna know how to get a free upgrade?

Then read this hilarious Divine Caroline article. You know you’re in for a ride when someone leaving a comment talks about “flight clerks.” The funniest piece of advice has to be:

Ask the ticket agent if they will add a code to your ticket, which will indicate to the gate agent that you are eligible for an upgrade. Do your research beforehand on which codes your airlines uses and when. Each airline has their own way of coding passengers and upgrades.

Not only have I never heard of this, but if I had, do you really expect the people that are reading this article to be able to determine “which code your airline uses and when?” Yeah, I didn’t think so.

The worst part about this article? 99% of people reading will actually give these “tricks” a try the next time they fly (which may very well be in a few years).

(Tip of the hat to David)

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  1. Hilarious! I can only imagine if you asked a CSR to write a code on your ticket for a free upgrade, there’s a pretty good chance the code would be “FU”.

  2. Hmmm, maybe we should have some fun with this? I was going to do an experiment where I fly without status and intentionally seat myself in bad seats. Maybe I should combine that experiment with actually trying out all the tips in this article?

  3. I read this article today and thought it was quite misleading and inaccurate. The cases where there may be upgrades given to flyers are likely to be elites, so the writer would have done far better to detail the benefits of elite status with various airlines.

  4. As someone posted to the comments of that blog post, “obviously the person who wrote this article is either on crack or living in a fantasy world.”

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