United Extends Hertz Promo, Surprises No One

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United has been offering shiploads of bonus miles for renting cars with Hertz for the past couple of years. It’s arguably the best rental car promotion out there, and offers up to 2,750 United miles for even a one day rental. That’s incredible.

The problem is, of course, that you have to rent from Hertz. While they may have once been the gold standard in rental cars, they have now become who they once mocked, the not exactly.

That’s because there have been numerous reports lately of Hertz stations being overbooked and not honoring reservations that customers thought were guaranteed. They even canceled some reservations over eclipse weekend, using robo-calls no less.

But hey, even I will do business with a shady company if they throw enough points at me. And that’s exactly what Hertz has been doing through their linkup with United. That offer was set to expire at the end of September, however, but has now been extended through the November 30. In other words, it’s kind of like a United flight delay — it just gets extended, and extended, and extended.

hertz united promotion

Earn United miles on Hertz car rentals

The standard promotional offer is for a 1,500 mile bonus for renting a car from Hertz. Then, depending on your status, you earn additional miles according to the table.

Award miles earned for each Hertz rental, in addition to the 1,500 mile booking bonus

As a United 1K, that means you can earn 2,750 miles for a one-day rental. And 2,500 miles for Silver or Gold members is nearly as good.

Last time, a few folks received targeted offers where they could earn up to 5,750 miles per rental, though I haven’t heard of any like that this time around.

Booking Hertz cars via the United website

To take advantage of the standard or the “mega” Hertz offer, you need to book via the United website using the following codes:

  • CDP 62455
  • PC 305023

If you follow the banner links on the United website, these codes should be pre-populated.

hertz united promotion 4
The booking page for the Hertz offer on united.com

The car rental reservation should eventually show up with your airline tickets in the My Reservations section of your united.com account.

Bottom line

Hertz is far from the best car rental company these days, but for the right amount of miles, I’ll take my chances. Of course, I’ll sometimes book a backup reservation with someone else just in case, especially since car rental reservations usually have lenient cancellation policies.

So even though I prefer National, I’m happy to rent from Hertz for short rentals to earn 2,750 United miles.

Do you rent from Hertz just to get the United miles?

  1. I was under the impression that Hertz had one of the better loyalty programs- redeemable awards similar to those of airlines. Clearly their customer service is not terrific, but which other rental car companies do you prefer over them?

  2. I had a targeted email offer in June with an extra 3000 miles per booking, for rentals picked up by September 9. Same codes as you posted here. At 5500 miles per booking some of my one-day bookings should actually see me making a profit.

  3. I once booked Budget through AA and regretted it immensely. The rental sucked, but everyone pointed fingers at the other party.

    I think some credit card rental insurance benefit agreements also stipulate that you must pay in cash (not with points, unless their own), and while I’m not sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if some also stipulate a direct rental with the car company.

    So, something to look into, before booking through United.

  4. it’s much better to rent with Hertz than Budget that’s filled with losers behind the counters wasting my time with insurance fear-mongering so that they can meet their monthly up-sell quotas.

  5. Good info and analysis. As a Hertz Gold member, I recently experienced a cancellation of a vehicle which had been confirmed up until the same morning before departure. Once I arrived at my destination, I noticed the Hertz Gold was not populated and there was a huge line leading to the counters. Long story short, I ended up waiting two hours for a rental car as they were issuing cars in the order of arrival.
    It’s was my first bad experience with them so I have stayed with them but I am always considering options.

  6. We have Hertz as our rental car provider for work trips and also found them okay. We have to book through our corporate portal so can’t get those miles benefits but as a Premier 1k you also get Hertz President Circle status. At LAX where I normally rent have had some great cars available, the last two weeks I booked an intermediate and ended up in a Mercedes SLC Roadster. Great fun

  7. does anyone else find that Hertz puts a pending charge on your credit card an hour or so before your rental is scheduled to begin? even if i choose to cancel, the pending charge remains on my card account for days. really annoys me. National only places the pending charge when you reach the exit gate.

  8. I had some great experience with Hertz in the distant past but I have to agree with Travis that it is no longer the case. I won’t rent from Enterprise either but had always a very good experience with Avis. That has become my favorite for the past 10 years. For those who don’t travel often, please remember it depends a lot on location. Some locations are franchises and you may end up having issues with your rental at those locations. Airport locations are always better but unfortunately more expensive.

  9. If you’re not located in the U.S.A., good luck getting the points. Hertz refers you to United and United refers you to Hertz, who steadfastly refuse to credit any bonus points at all.

  10. I broke down on 1 of the busiest highways in DC with my first Hertz car. Had ro be towed to another Hertz location and wait 45 mins for the employee to get back with a female friend to get my 2nd Hertz car and drive 3 hours home. Do you get extra miles for that?

  11. Terrible. I have given Hertz second chances too many times to count. NEVER AGAIN! If you don’t heed the warning, I’ll give you a couple cautions. Make sure to fully read your receipt at the rental counter – slick clerks will say they are giving you a free upgrade, but actually upcharge you for it and they earn a commission. You don’t realize until its too late. Also with your gold, you’ll find they issue you a nicer vehicle but later find they charged you hundreds of dollars for the increased insurance coverage. Customer service is terrible and you will always lose. National/Enterprise has had consistent outstanding customer service lately.

  12. I am a hertz employee, but I never had any problems with my rentals. All my rentals were better than average and I never returned any car with damages of any kind.

  13. Ahhh… so rental car companies are now using sales quotas for their employees? No wonder the upselling efforts have increased at the rental car counter. I really hate that. It’s as bad as certain airlines using in-flight sales quotas for flight attendants.

  14. I would to use the UA CODES FOR renting from Hertz, but whenever I consider doing this, the rates from Hertz always come up considerably higher than using my AAA rates with various AAA codes for temporary special rates

  15. I made 800k miles through this promotion that ended 9/9/2017 and now they just extended it to me until 1/31/18. The offer is still 5750 per rental and where I live I get rentals for $12.00. (Without tax and fees of course) a day. So I rented 138 cars in 3 months and plan to do the same over the next couple of months. It is totally worth it. I just flew to London in business class and with the car rental promotion it cost me $600.00 round trip. I spent a total of $4200.00 for the 800k miles….I love this promotion!!

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