Hello from the First Class Terminal in FRA!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been staying away from the computer for the most part, which is actually a GOOD thing. We’re in the First Class Terminal at FRA right now awaiting our flight back to EWR and then my connection back to TPA via CLT on US. I’ve been working on the trip report, so expect that eventually, but I should have more frequent posts from now on.

Thanks for hanging on!

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  1. Thanks Brad! I’ve thought about booking a RTW, but actually have always decided against it.

    With UA miles it’s not a good value at 400K for F, IMO, since I can make 3+ separate F trips to almost anywhere in the world for that.

    For cash, the premium RTW fares are good compared to other premium fares, but just too expensive for me. I’m not willing to spend $5K+ for an airline ticket of any sort, considering how many miles I could earn for that amount.

    I just don’t really like the idea in general for my personal tastes. I like to travel intensively for a week or two and then return home. The thought of six weeks of travel, as much as I love it, sounds a bit too long and tiring for me.

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