Hello from Shanghai!

I just got to the lounge here in Shanghai after my SIN-PVG flight. I had a semi-“matron” for the first time ever on SQ. She wasn’t rude (actually she was sort of nice), but she had zero facial expressions (and it wasn’t because of botox as far as I could tell), and never said “you’re welcome” or addressed anyone by name. Sadly she was also the lead stewardess. Hard to describe, but she just wasn’t the usual “Singapore Girl.”

I figured the transfer here at PVG would be pretty easy (after all no visa is required for international transit), but sadly it wasn’t. I had to clear customs/immigration, go to the check-in counter, re-enter the secure area, and am now in the lounge, which is actually kind of nice. For a moment I was a bit concerned that I had misinterpreted the visa requirements for transit and was totally screwed, but in the end all was fine. I asked whether or not they had Wi-Fi in the lounge, and the agent responded “Not right now, they shut it off during the Olympics.” Is there some “security issue” I’m missing here, or what?

Anyway, I’m quite excited to be trying out Air Canada’s new(ish) Executive First, as it’s my first time, and also to experience the quality ATC at YYZ. I’ll likely sleep most of the flight, but for me that’s the nicest thing about premium cabins on longhaul flights.

My connection in Toronto this evening is somewhat short so I’m hoping everything works out as planned, as I really want to get home at this point.

I’m working hard to upload all the photos and write a report, and promise it’s coming ASAP.

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  1. I like how your definition of an SQ matron for is someone who doesn’t smile! The bar is slightly lower at domestic RCCs – where if they give me my required chits and don’t call security), it’s a really good day! šŸ™‚

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