Hello from Hong Kong (again)!

Just wanted to provide another quick update. We just got back to Hong Kong (at the Conrad) after a night in Macau, where we stayed at the Holiday Inn. I’ll post a review of both hotels, but I have to say that the service (and facilities) at the Conrad are top notch. This hotel is awesome, especially the club. It’s rare (at least in my experience) to see a club which has a substantial amount of food all day, which is of course a big plus.

I’ll post a review of the Holiday Inn Macau soon, but I have to say one things, and let me say it with some emotion: THE BEDS WERE HARD!!!! I’ve stayed at plenty of hotels in Asia with relatively hard beds, but the mattress here must have been stuffed with bricks, and nothing else. I could jump up and down on the bed without so much as any movement of the bed. It was absurd. When I called downstairs to mention how hard the beds were and to ask for more comforters, the lady said “Ah, the bed is a little bit too hard?” I explained that that’s the understatement of the year (in a nice way), and they brought up comforters, to be more exact five of them. I’m guessing they get this complaint relatively often. Other than that a great hotel all around, especially considering the price and upgrade policy.

Went to Stanley Market (and surround areas, one of my favorite) just a while ago, and are now in the Executive Lounge at the Conrad. We’ll be heading to Kowloon to go see the Ladies Market (I believe that’s what it’s called, it has been a whole) as well as the light show at 8PM (at least I hope that’s when it is.

Oh, and forgot to mention anything about Macau. Well, let me just say my favorite thing there was a guy with a t-shirt that had a Superman logo and read “F&%*ERMAN.” If I had to guess I’d say he had no clue what that meant, but I almost died of laughter about the fact that someone would wear that. Does that give anything away about my impression of Macau?;)

Many more details to come!

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  1. LOL!!! Hard beds. It reminds me of the first time I stayed in a traditional tatami mat room in at hotel in Kyoto about 25 years ago. I took 6 of the futon pads out of the closet and stacked them up until I had a comfortable mattress. My friend who was Japanese thought it was the most hysterical thing. I think I have a picture of it somewhere.

    Thanks for the updates!

  2. I started to read your blog not long ago and I just want to let you know that I move to US from Hong Kong. I’m glad you enjoy Hong Kong as I do too! I go back to Hong Kong every other year or so but air tickets nowaday are getting so expensive, I don’t think I can go back any time soon. By the way, the “ladies Street Market” products cost more and the local people usually go to “Fa Yuen Street” as the stuff is cheaper there. I hope you have a great time in Hong Kong!

  3. I love the tee shirt story. Yesterday when my cleaning lady showed up (she speaks VERY little English), she was wearing a shirt that said ‘Troll Alert!’ in huge letters. I think someone gave it to her and she didn’t know what it meant…

  4. Chung, thanks for reading and welcome! You have a GREAT city, one I definitely want to live in sometime down the road.

    Wiredboy, I’m rolling on the floor laughing.

    I’m searching the web right now for the t-shirt, but just can’t find it. I’m happy that I’m not turning around, because I don’t even want to guess what people are thinking when I type “F%*&ERMAN” into Google.

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