Hello from Bali (yet again)!

I’m just so impressed with this hotel that I have to write up another quick post. Like I said a full trip report with pictures is coming, so think of this as the teaser.

I forgot to mention earlier that the Royal Ambassador arrival gift was the best I’ve ever seen. It included a bottle of red wine, a massive box of chocolates in a wooden case (seriously, think huge), some local gift (made of wood, can’t tell what exactly it is), a big bowl of fruit, and a handwritten card from the GM.

The service at this hotel is impeccable. From the cleaning people to the butlers, I haven’t come across a single employee that hasn’t greeted me when walking by with a huge smile. Also, I’m addressed by name from people I don’t think I’ve met, and this place is huge. I’m typing this from the “Inspiration Space,” which I visited earlier. When I walked in the second time I told the lady at the desk my room number, and she said “Of course Mr. Lucky,” without even looking anything up.

There are also lots of extra little amenities that add up. When we were lounging at the pool they brought by ice cold bottles of water as well as a bowl of fruit, and constantly replenished them.

If I’m trying to figure out how to get somewhere, they don’t explain it to me, they say “Allow me to escort you there please.”

Damn impressive, that’s all I can say for now.

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  1. Seriously Lucky you’re getting close to a FY, from those of us stuck in north america. 🙂

  2. I get the same treatment from the staff at the Comfort Inn here in the states, so take that…. haha, j/k. Enjoy the trip, can’t wait to see the pictures from Bali!

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