Haven’t spent a dime on food or drinks!

Sorry Mike, no Cathay pictures in this post. 😉

I just wanted to make a quick post pointing out the value of lounge access. Since arriving in Asia on Monday morning, we haven’t spent a single dime on food or drinks. Between the Cathay Pacific first class flights, the food in the airline lounges, and especially the food in the hotel club lounges, we’ve been well fed without paying. Just comes to show you how valuable lounge access can be, especially when you can make meals of ten different snack items. 😉

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  1. You’re kidding me right???? You went to Hong Kong where this is so much good food and you just ate in the lounge????? Say it ain’t so!

  2. I agree with Kevin. A part of traveling to Asia (at least for me) is getting access to amazing food at fractional prices.

    We’re not talking about a 15 pound English breakfast, which is then understandable to stay in the lounges.

  3. I’m sorry to say this, but that is the trip report of someone who has never visited a lounge before.

    I’m sure we all know how good a decent lounge is, and how much value for money it can be, but if you’re in Hong Kong, food, and very good food at that can be had for next to nothing.

    Lounge food really sucks against local food.

    Get out and enjoy some proper food. And get some photos of it!

  4. I’m with Lucky on this one. Every time I travel, I minimize spending my “borrowing” from the lounge. Good call!

  5. Get out there and enjoy the food. I know it is great not to spend money, but you have flown all the way over there to feed yourself on lounge snacks??

  6. OK, OK, you all raise excellent points; you’re right, I’m wrong. Let me explain something, though. I was a vegetarian for eight years (because I was disgusted by meat, basically), and while I eat meat now, I’m not much of a creative eater. I wish I could experience more of a country’s culture through food, but unfortunately it’s not the case. Make a bit more sense, now?

  7. I hear you, lucky! We just returned from one of those HNL/SYD runs on UA, and we did not pay for food for three days between the onboard meals, Koru Club hot food, and snacks appropriated from lounges on the way. This was very helpful on our second transit of HNL, where we realized a Whopper combo meal at the HNL BK will hit you for over $10! Why spend when you can eat free?

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