Has My Coke Rewards just become useless?

The one thing that has made My Coke Rewards valuable over the past couple of years is the ability to redeem for Priority Club points. I’ve probably earned around 20,000 Priority Club points just from entering Coke codes. As of today, the option to redeem for Priority Club points is gone. I’m hoping this is a glitch or temporary change, as it’s the only thing worth redeeming for (in my opinion).

Unfortunately it wouldn’t surprise me if this were an “enhancement.”

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  1. wow, your right. That sucks….Ive only reedemed PC points twice, but its the only useful thing there.

  2. Must have been a glitch? It looks like its back.

    Btw-how do you get so many points? Rummage through recycle bins? (ok I did that once)

  3. It’s very odd that it’s back, since it seems like they removed the marketing for it as well at the time.

    My parents own a business which goes through a decent number of Coke products, which is where I get most of my codes.

  4. I also collect coke caps for priority club points. I agree it is the only useful thing on the site. Now with the 120 point a week limit it has made redeeming these points harder but with a little patience and alot of caps anything can be done.

    Its funny what we will do for a coke cap, my hysband has even hopped out of the car on the road to retreive the prized cap.

    With this determination and a few hotel stays my friends and I now have 132,220 of the 135,000 PC points we need for free rooms this summer as we embark on a cross country trip.

    Good luck with you collecting.

  5. I just went to the coke site to enter some points. I was 28 points from another 500 priority points. To my dismay the 500 point option is not listed on the site. The reinstated the 2000 point option, but that takes 630 coke points to get, and with the 120 point limit that will take a month.

    I am 2500 points shy of getting the last room for my cross country trip this summer, so close, and now so far.

    I am really mad because it was there last night when I put the last of my 120 points in for the week, and now it GONE!

    Was anyone out there aware that this was going to happen, or was it just a surprise for everyone?

    Thanks for any help

  6. Sorry to hear you were so close, FIlomena. They seem to make these changes every so often and they come out of nowhere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 500 point rewards reappear sometime soon, as they’ve been on-and-off for a long time now.

  7. I’ve earned roughly 21000 Priorty Club points. At the beginning of 2009 they lifted the point limit but the 500 point PC reward was then limited to 2 500 point vouchers every 30 days. Now Coke limits the point cap to 120 per week? [email protected]%k them.

    If you have allot of Coke points… and Im talking 1000 or 2000 points, open a couple of mycokerewards accounts. You’ll have to have a different email for each one, but that’s easy to get. Try to get your 2000 PC voucher before Coke tries to [email protected]%k us again.

    By the way… Priortiy Club Points NEVER expire… Coke points expire and so do most of the awards that you get when exchanging PC points for those rewards. In short…. DONT cash in your priority points until a few months before you need to use them.

    Plus… sometimes PC will refer you to survey sites that will pay you in PC points as well.

  8. Yeah, also a PC junkie here, and frustrated how the rewards change while you’re saving up for one in particular. That 2000 PC pts one for 630 c.r. pts was a limited time and it’s gone. so i’ve done the same thing — opened multiple email accounts to take the ONE (new limit) reward per account on the 500 PC pts for 160 c.r. pts. now also, THAT reward used to be 156 c.r. pts, so with the new pt requirement, i thought i’d have a clean slate as far as # of rewards of its kind claimed. but just hit another 160 on hubby’s c.r. account, and it said i’ve already redeemed it, but it’s “thinking” of the previous 156-pt reward. that seems unfair. SOOOO…even though it’s just a fun game, i contacted them and voiced my concern about this, no response yet other than the auto-reply. perhaps if more of us contacted them (thru the “HELP” on the site), they’d do something to satisfy us PC junkies. i’ve wasted 2 sets of 160 pts so far, for all the other rewards SUCK.

  9. im sitting on over 2,000 coke points and if I dont want some Womans magizine there is nothing but junk and crappy discount offers on over priced services or products,/i wont be playing this silly game anymore,if you hang on to your points to long like say till the end of the year,they just take them all from you anyway unless they extend the game,so make sure they dont pull that crap on you and at least get a cheesy can opener,or american idol blow up chair,or some crap like that.if it comes down to that ill donate mine to a school or chariaty

  10. rewards are just crap. 1st I liked Delta SkyMiles – gone! Next, Blockbuster cards – gone! Maybe, they just want the teen demo. Then I find Schlitterban water parks – OUT OF STOCK! This is becoming a total waste of time. Diet Pepsi just as good.

  11. Do not expect Coke to offer MAJOR rewards, but would think a corporation with the status of Coca Cola would at least offer some rewards of substance. i.e. they offered a telescope and a crock pot at one time, but discontinued. At least these two rewards would be better than redeeming points for Coke promotional items. If we are loyal Coke consumers there is no need for us “purchase” Coke promotional items. If Coke doesn’t get their “appreciation of loyal customers act” together, they may regret (downward sales numbers) of the podunk rewards they presently offer!

  12. When it first started, I was able to get things like Sony DVD players (5xx points), a PS2 video game system (8xx points), and various other “big ticket” items. Now, they have magazines, sweepstakes (good luck with that!), “coupons”, and overvalued Coke promo items. Bring back things that actually mean something, and maybe I would continue to play. But not for this crud.

  13. UPDATE: I’ve managed to siphon several thousand more PC points from Coca-Cola. I spent about 20 minutes to open up several “phantom” emails in order to create several more MCR accounts. I enter the codes and buy the PC vouchers.

    As of the week of November 7th, Coke does not offer the PC vouchers any longer. Will they come back? Who knows.

    I get MCR points.
    turn them into….
    PC points.
    turn them into….
    Best Buy gift cards.

  14. My Coke Rewards Program is going down hill very quickly. In today’s sales world you would think that they would care about keping customers not lossing them to PEPSI or Another.

  15. yep the new coke.com sucks. they only have drawings know. and there is nothing that I want on there. I used to tell people about mycokerewards.com. now I can’t be cause it sucks now. and from what I read here it sucked before. they ended the one I like on June 30, 2017. I am know drinking close to none cokes now

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