Guy Fieri was on my flight yesterday!

Yesterday I was flying from Denver to San Francisco, seated in seat 2H on a domestic 767. The flight started normal in every way. During the taxi out, I overheard the two people behind me talking. The guy didn’t say what he did, while the lady was explaining she worked for the CIA. The guy was saying how much he liked United’s Premium Service between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco, and talked about how much he liked flying United in general. I never actually turned around to see who it was, until we pushed back

The flight attendants were doing their safety checks as we pushed back, and said “sorry sir, you’re going to have to turn off your phone. I love your shows, by the way, you’re brilliant!” While I’ve never actually seen his show, Guy is a pretty recognizable character.

I was really impressed by how down to earth and nice he seemed. I couldn’t help but laugh when the flight attendant took his meal order and butchered his name. He quickly said “just call me Guy.” She asked whether he wanted a chicken salad or ham sandwich, saying she wanted to get his thoughts on her food. Hah, no you don’t, lady!

He ordered the ham sandwich, at which point the purser said “so are you going to fall asleep again and miss my meal like you did last week?” If she flew with him last week, I’ve gotta wonder how she mispronounced his name again!

He was asleep for the entire flight, and woke up during the descent. Once he woke up the crew asked him for his authograph. I don’t know how they did it, but they seemed to have five boarding passes with his seat assignment and name on it that I guess the gate agent printed, and asked for him to sign each of them. They then asked if he could stick around after the flight to take a picture (which is pushing it a bit, in my opinion), though he happily agreed.

Class act! Wish I would have reserved a seat one row back.

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  1. Sounds like a nice guy.

    Since when do agents volunteer to their seatmates that they work for the CIA? That’s a no-no, even to celebrities…

  2. I take it I am the only one here who didn’t know who this guy (NPI) is? Guess I am not watching enough TV, or the wrong channels. On second thought, after glancing over the wikipedia page, I might be doing the right thing.

  3. I didn’t know the name, so I googled it! I certainly know the face! Watched his show often, but not often enough to know his name.

  4. lol, I have to say I googled “Guy Fieri”, found his website and some others, and I still have no idea who he is.


  5. “the lady was explaining she worked for the CIA.”

    Indeed must have been CIA, Culinary Institute of America.

    Because otherwise, the #1 way you know someone does NOT work for the CIA is when they say that they DO. In public. Seriously.

  6. Lucky, Guy recently filmed a show at my favorite deli in Denver, called the Bagel Deli, and the show is scheduled to air sometime in March. When you are in town some time, we should meet up for a meal there.

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