Great quote!

I was re-reading Gary’s trip report last night of his El Bulli experience, where he flew to Spain for dinner at the best restaurant in the world. Truly a fascinating trip report, but what really stuck with me was one quote towards the beginning of his report:

I tend to think people as a whole underinvest in peak experiences.

As simple as that sentence is, I find it to be pure genius. While a weekend in Spain might not be as culturally rewarding as a two week journey exploring the country, it can be just as memorable.

I guess the main thing I took from this is that life is short — enjoy it!

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  1. Such a great quote. I’m actually going to steal it for my Facebook page, ha.

    Very true, Gray. I get giddy when I tell my friends about the LHR trip (TWO WEEKS!!), and my answer is always, “why not?” Somehow they still don’t get it!

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