MORE Great Business Class Fares: LAX To Buenos Aires For $2,200

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It has been something of a big news day for relatively affordable roundtrip business class airfares to typically expensive destinations. Earlier today I posted about a fairly amazing ~$2,100 airfare from Los Angeles to Nairobi on SkyTeam carriers, and now I’m highlighting another good value fare that’s probably not going to be around too long.

I’m seeing business class roundtrips between Los Angeles and Buenos Aires starting at around $2,192, on both Aeromexico (with one stop in Mexico City, and the possibility of lie-flat equipped aircraft on both the LAX-MEX and MEX-EZE legs) and Avianca, with two stops in Bogota and Lima (and a lie-flat bed only on the LAX-BOG portion of the journey).

This in and of itself isn’t jaw-dropping — I’ve seen similar fares come and go — but what is great about this fare is that it’s valid through the end of schedule, meaning you can book trips to Argentina over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, when airfare is typically outrageous (and capacity typically limited).

Sample itinerary
Sample itinerary

Again, this deal is valid from now through the end of schedule.

You can buy a ticket now and catch the tail end of summer in Argentina...
You can buy a ticket now and catch the tail end of summer in Argentina…
...or you can plan a big trip for the holidays next year
…or you can plan a big trip for the holidays next year

Now, of course, Aeromexico isn’t Cathay Pacific, and Avianca isn’t Lufthansa, but routing from North America to South America is typically tricky and this is about as good as it gets. (Both options, for instance, are better than Copa, which will get you to South America on a recliner seat.)

The other nice thing about this deal is that LAX isn’t the only U.S. airport with good airfares to Buenos Aires during this period, although it’s probably the sweet spot. You can fly from New York to Buenos Aires via Mexico City for about $2,300, and you can actually fly nonstop on Aerolineas Argentinas in business class for a little under $2,500 — including over the winter holidays — which is worth jumping on if you value the nonstop convenience and the ability to send a fax from 35,000 feet, and if you don’t mind the unique South American ambience of an unlicensed gypsy cab in the air (that sometimes catches fire).  I’m also seeing airfares from Washington, D.C. on Avianca (with one stop in Bogota) for around $2,170 as well.

Finally, good deals are available elsewhere in the Southern Cone of South America — Sao Paulo from SFO for ~$2,030 on Aeromexico and Copa, and from LAX for ~$2,100 on both Aeromexico and Copa.

Bottom Line

It can be difficult to find award availability to South America over the holidays, and paid airfares are often exorbitant, particularly for relatively subpar airlines. That’s why these deals are worth noting. As with the $2,100 airfares to Nairobi, these fares aren’t rock-bottom cheap, but, these are pretty notable given the wide open availability of the fares and the fact you can still nab these deals over the peak holiday season. If you were thinking of hitting summer in Buenos Aires, Brazil or Punta del Este for Christmas and New Years’, I would act fast!

  1. There should be a huge caveat Nick about transiting MEX: it’s awful and horrendous. And the lines and wait can be ridiculous.

    Also, consider booking AM in economy and using PlusGrade/Optiontown to upgrade to business class. Similar options also apply to Copa.

  2. Cute. But there was no engine fire, despite your misleading headline then and implying that again now. #deathtobullshit

  3. “transiting MEX: it’s awful and horrendous. And the lines and wait can be ridiculous.”

    It’s not all that bad. Not good, certainly, but not horrendous. And AeroMexico operates out of the newer and cleaner Terminal 2.

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