Great American Business Class Fares From Hong Kong To North America

I know at the moment there are a lot of people trying to get back and forth to Asia (in particular to Vietnam), so maybe this will be useful to some. 😉

About a month ago I wrote about how American had published some great business class fares for travel from Hong Kong to Mexico, including to Cancun and Mexico City.

These fares are still around, and perhaps most interesting, they also have reasonable one-way fares. You can fly from Hong Kong to Mexico via the US for just $1,170 one-way in American business class.

American 777-300ER

For example, you could fly from Hong Kong to Cancun via Dallas.

Or you could fly from Hong Kong to Mexico City via Dallas.

Or if you wanted to double connect, you could fly from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Miami to Cancun.

Availability for this fare isn’t as good as it used to be, but I do see availability in January, February, August, September, and October.

You’re best off just searching with Google Flights, and find the dates where there’s a one-way fare of $1,170, and then you’ll be redirected to American Airlines’ Hong Kong website to book.

With American you earn double elite qualifying miles for paid business class, so these routings would earn you about 20,000 elite qualifying miles one-way.

American 777-300ER business class

The catch is that you’d only earn elite qualifying dollars based on how much you spend, so that ticket would earn around 1,000 EQDs (since taxes and fees don’t count towards that limit). As of this year the revenue requirement for Executive Platinum status will be 15,000 elite qualifying dollars. So while a single trip would get you about 20% to the mileage requirement, it would get you only about 6% to the spend requirements.

One of the nice things about American is that they let you upgrade to first class even on discounted business class tickets, so if you’re an Executive Platinum member you could use a single systemwide upgrade to fly this in first class.

American’s 777 first class isn’t that special, though the service is a bit better.

American 777-300ER first class

This is an excellent fare. Personally it’s not one I plan on taking advantage of, though I do think it’s worth passing on, especially if you’re looking for a way to get back to North America from Asia.

(Tip of the hat to britishcanuck)


  1. I also read somewhere a few days ago you can route through NYC and its even a little cheaper, under $1k. worth a look

  2. Tested American Airlines last year ago in First (paid ticket). The service was so bad that I can’t imagine how awful it is in Business. Oneworld lounges in HKG are some of the best in the world though

  3. Why would you need to book this through AA’s Hong Kong site? Surely it doesn’t matter where you are when you buy the ticket – the fare should be the same.

    Presumably if you had no desire to go to Mexico you could just cancel that final leg of the flight once you arrive in LAX, DFW or wherever. Would need hand baggage only, of course

  4. This could also be a great fare for those looking for AS status; especially those who got the CX fare. AS credits between 150% and 200% EQM and RDM for flights on American.

  5. I have flown the DFW – HKG and return in business and it was pretty damn good.

    Of course it was a reward ticket so getting trans-Pacific for free is nice in anything but economy.

    But I would gladly do it for this price.

  6. It’s also worth noting this is a good candidate for using Amex MR or Chase UR — at 0.015 cpp, the award would come out at roughly 80,000 points. That’s comparable to normal awards, plus you’d get the EQM / RDM for the flight as well.

  7. If I get out in DFW and then use a separate ticket to another AA U.S. city will I get in trouble with AA. Will they try to confiscate my miles?

  8. Please just don’t leave on 10 February HKG-DFW… as I have 2 SWU’s to J waitlisted. Thank you. 😀

  9. I booked a flight from KTM to DAY via HKG and DFW through AA with the first segment of KA for just under $1300 about a week ago. I remember in my searches the fare was available to CMH as well so it’s possible it’s available to more midwest or potentially nationwide airports. Kind of a niche itinerary but for nearly 11,000 flown miles and almost a full day of flight time it’s an amazing value. I was shocked I managed to randomly stumble across it.

  10. Just booked the fare (HKG to LAX via MEX), but while it pops up on the app, putting in the record locator and trying to manage the ticket shows “we are unable to display this reservation. It will be removed from your list of available reservations.” Keeping fingers crossed.

  11. Lucky, where do you see those? I tried Google Flights and ITA for several dates which show I class on HKG-LAX, HKG-PHX, etc. but the cheapest one-way fare I get is US$2,000++.

  12. Why wasn’t this titled “Great American Business Class Fares From Hong Kong To MEXICO” since no other countries in North America seem to be included?

  13. @ RT Flyer — I mean, if you really wanted to, this could also be a fare to Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Charlotte, Phoenix, etc. It all depends on what you’re trying to do. 😉

  14. @Lucky–Yes but that $1169.82 fare changes to $3768 one way if you get off the plane at DFW. And + or – three days yields a best AA fare of $3577. That’s not a “Great Business Class Fare” in my book. That’s why I called it out.

  15. You have to do MEX to USA on a separate ticket. Getting off the plane in DFW or wherever is Hidden City ticketing which is against AA Contract of Carriage and AAdvantage T&C’s. Doing so could cost you all of your miles and elite status.

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