Good morning from Singapore!

I’m not quite sure what time it is, though I’m fairly well rested after the last sector on SQ11 from Tokyo to Singapore, where I managed to get about five hours of sleep. Want a good trivia question for a friend or loved one that’s not a frequent traveler (or even a friend or loved one that is a frequent traveler)? What flight is longer, Boston to London or Tokyo to Singapore? I find that 95% of people get the answer wrong.

Seriously, Singapore is consistent. The crews range from very good to phenomenal, and I had another average crew (using the range above) from Tokyo to Singapore this evening.

After landing I proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge, where I was the only guest, minus about a dozen people that are part of the overnight cleaning crew. It’s quite nice to have a lounge all to yourself.

I have no clue what time of day it is, but life is good.

Singapore Sling and Satay

Prawn appetizer


Empty Silver Kris lounge

Let me throw one quick question out there. A few weeks back I asked how y’all define a redeye, and just about everyone had a different answer. Most of you agreed that my flight at the time from Washington to San Francisco, departing at 10PM and arriving at 1AM, was not a redeye.

So I’m curious, was the last sector of SQ11, that I just got off of, a redeye? It departs Tokyo at 8:50PM and arrives in Singapore at 3:05AM.

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  1. My wife and I call those half-assed red-eyes. Any domestic flight arriving into IAH between 1-5AM qualifies.

  2. If a flight occupies a significant amount of time that you’d normally be sleeping, it’s a redeye!

    Thanks for the Singapore report and pix, Ben.

  3. That is definitely a red eye. Worst red eye known to man is lax departing on AA at 11:50 and arriving at Dfw at 5:20 Dallas time.

    B r u t a l

  4. Did you miss a night of sleep because you were on the plane? Or did you go to your hotel and then fall asleep?

  5. I go with gba’s answer–if you basically miss a “night” of sleep. Not to say you couldn’t sleep all morning to make up for it, but if a “night” is on a plane, and the night is gone when you land, it’s a red-eye. Your 305am isn’t a red-eye.

    Normally, to me a red-eye is defined as leaving in the evening, arriving around dawn or later, traveling eastbound. It’s hard to view a westbound flight as a red-eye, when it’s really more of a night stretcher, but I suppose some of those 11pm Asia departures, arriving in Europe at 530am could qualify, since you lose the night to the airplane.

  6. Well considering you’re on SQ in J, it could never be a red-eye 😛

    In all seriousness, I define a red eye as any flight that makes you lose a night of sleep. The key criterion is, will you sleep when you arrive at your destination? If you were on the plane during your normal sleeping hours and your answer is no, then it’s a red-eye.

  7. I could still potentially get a little shuteye off a 3:05 arrival and be somewhat human the next day, so that is not a true redeye in my book.

    As for worst night flights, I seem to recall a CO E145 that left PHX at 2 something and arrived at IAH in the early AM that ran for a while. I was booked on it but thankfully a sked change allowed a free reroute.

  8. I just did SYD-SIN (-KUL-) -SYD on Singapore Airlines A380 in C last week, and while I agree that the space and service are great, the bed is starting to get a little tired.

    Frayed at the endges on the cloth surfaces; the padding is wearing down across the shoulders, resulting in a bar in your back.

    Still a *lovely* experience.

    Always go for A or K seats. You get that extra sense of privacy, the little seat-side storage bin, and you sit/sleep angled away from others. Unless, of course, you’re flying as a couple.

    Converting your seat into the bed is a feature, not a bug: make that mental transition from “I am receptive to service” to “Please, let me slumber”. It is a good thing.

    …really too bad that even though I was #1 for the waitlist for R, my upgrade didn’t clear. 🙁

  9. In response to your first question, I say that the flight from Tokyo to Singapore is longer than Boston to London.

  10. For the BOS-LHR vs. NRT-SIN, I vote NRT-SIN. I didn’t Google it, so correct me (PLEASE correct me) if I’m wrong, but I think that the Atlantic flight is only 6.5 hrs (at least from BOS-LHR, because of the tailwinds) while the Pacific flight is like 7 or 7.5 hrs. It’s just a guess, though.

    By the way, I love the picture of the bed! One of the best ones on the internet. And, just to let you know, I’ve officially become an addict of this blog. 🙂

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