Good morning from London (off my first flight in American international first class)!

I’ll be saving all commentary for the trip report, though here are a few teaser pictures.

By the way, this is the second time I’m at Heathrow in a week. Not all that unusual, other than the fact that I was coming from Singapore last week and was coming from Miami this morning. That’s probably a sign you’re flying a bit too much in too short a time period.

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  1. It’s when you know which queue is the quickest for immigration, and you know the quickest way through T3 is when you’ve spent too long there šŸ˜‰ `

  2. Hmmm…from what I’ve seen on other reviews, their food seems to have improved a bit, presentation wise…

  3. I’m amazed you were able to take as many snaps as you have. American crews can be very testy about in-cabin photographs. Glad you took them! The Flagship Suite looks in good condition — plus it’s great to have three windows to look out of when you wish, unlike the herringbone seats on CX and AC which face the aisle. Food presentation looks terrific — clearly, there was a conscientious F/A working in the galley, plus individual plating makes a big difference. When American does it right, it does it spectacularly.

  4. @Mark – probably way less than you. Lucky is young – he can eat pretty much anything and not gain weight.

    And Lucky, just wait until you get older šŸ˜‰

  5. Ben – sorry if I missed it in previous posts, but what was your route to LHR from the US? Direct from…….?

  6. And how is that last trip report coming?! Your followers are dying to read details about the last trip!

  7. I find the Flagship Suite quite comfortable. That one looks pretty fresh. Some of them are starting show their age. When American’s crews are doing things the way they’re supposed to do them, the service can be very very good.

  8. @ Simon — My flight was from Miami to London.

    @ Erik — I’ve made good progress on the other report, though I wanted to wait till I get back from this trip to post it. It’s coming soon, I promise!

  9. @ mark — Sure, I weigh about 170 (well, maybe closer to 180 after the last few weeks of flying, though that’ll change soon enough). Any other stats/measurements you’d like to know? šŸ˜‰

  10. @Lucky – maybe I should have asked about the size of your stomach instead of your weight. I see flight after flight after lounge after lounge and it looks like you devour everything in sight at every opportunity. Does it just appear that way? Do you take pictures of food that you don’t actually eat?

    (And, I have also never quite figured out the point of food pictures. Rocky Mountains – sure. But, food? How often do you go to a restaurant and see food that tastes better than it looks and vice versa? Happens all the time to me.

    To me, there is a difference between the following senses: sight, smell and taste. I think food pictures confuse the three. Again, I like to look at the Rocky Mountains. I wouldn’t want to eat the Rocky Mountains. So, I get the of the pictures. But, I can’t smell or taste a steak from the pictures provided here (any any blog, for that matter)).

    Sorry for the tangent.

  11. (In post #13 above:

    “So, I get the of the pictures.”

    …should have been…

    “So, I get the point of the pictures.”)

  12. @ mark — I’m looking out for ya man, so may I suggest a new blog for you to read?

    Lots of pictures of mountains and no complaints in sight! I’m sure you’ll understand that blog much better than you’ll understand a blog in part about the flying experience. Enjoy.

  13. Thanks for the mention of! Lucky, mountains are my life and being happy because of it causes me to not complain at all!

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