GIVEAWAY: $100 Global Entry Fee Payment Code

Global Entry is a trusted-traveler program that allows you to breeze through immigration and customs when entering the United States. I previously wrote about my family’s experience in “Global Entry With Kids: What You Need To Know.” For us, it has been a real game changer.


Obtaining Global Entry is a multi-step process. It begins with filling out a fairly lengthy application — including every country you’ve visited in the past five years — and then having an in-person interview with a Customs and Border Patrol officer. None of it is particularly difficult, it just takes time. And money. As in $100.

Unless you win this giveaway. Then it’ll just take some time to fill out the application as I’ll be sending you a Global Entry fee payment code that will make your application FREE.

How Does This Work?

The Global Entry free payment code is issued as a one-time-use credit card number. You simply enter it in the payment field, and, voila, your Global Entry application fee is paid for. The only catch is that the code expires on July 31st, so you need to make the payment by then.

When the contest is over, Ben will do his magic and select one winner. I’ll send an email with the code shortly thereafter. Then you’ll have until the end of July to use it.

How Do I Enter?

You just need to leave a comment on this post stating your preferred domestic mainline carrier. That’s it.

Yep, you heard me, this here contest is between the Fords, the GMs, and the Chryslers of the American skies. We’re leveling the playing field by keeping the Singapores, the Lufthansas, the Cathays, the ME3s, and everyone else on the sidelines. This is blue collar baby.

No caviar. No Dom. No Krug. 

Just a seat. A Miller Lite. And some food. Edible food? Perhaps, perhaps not.

So tell me who you side with here at One Mile at a Time when it comes to your preferred domestic airline:

Are you part of the oneworld bubble with Ben and Tiffany on American?

Or do you drink the Kool-Aid that Nick’s been passing around and think that Delta is the best?

Or are you stuck flying United with me?

What If I Just Want To Vote?

If you don’t want the Global Entry code, but want to vote for your favorite airline anyway, just state that along with your preference. If you win, we’ll select somebody else. But your vote will still count. I have no idea what it will count for, but it will count.

Can I Vote More Than Once?

Of course. Stuff the ballot box. I don’t care. Unless you’re a Kansas City Royals fan. In that case, you only get 35 votes per email address.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And as Tiffany described in her giveaway earlier this week, you have to use Ben’s Rafflecopter widget if you want your entry to count, and can earn some bonus entries by sharing on social media, so make sure to hit the “+1″ buttons so your entry gets tracked.

(Am I the only one that read that and thought Ben got a drone?)

You have until 11:59PM Pacific time on Saturday to enter.


  1. JetBlue would be my favorite…I just wish they had a better (more lucrative) frequent flyer program.

    (I could really use the Global Entry credit…thanks!)

  2. my favorite domestic carrier would be AA. hoping to keep status with them….it seems true that they add one new plane a week….compared to USairways they are definitely a better bet….thanks for giving all of us a chance to win

  3. united.
    only because getting to newark is much more convenient than jfk or la guardia.

  4. Surprised no one said Spirit or Allegiant..that’s blue collar as it gets. I prefer United..southwest for short hauls:)

  5. I should really go with Southwest given their presence in MKE, but I’ve been treated really well by United so I’ll go in that direction.

  6. While it’s certainly been a major drop in quality since the days of Continental, United is still my preferred mainline. I do 90+ flights per year on them!

  7. Depends. Flying with family for vacations its Southwest. Flying for business it’s American.

  8. american – but that is mainly because they are the only carrier that flies into our local airport lol

  9. Southwest because I can always redeem a seat on any date at the lowest cost.No need to search for the elusive saver award.

  10. Southwest – no change fees (I change about 40% of my booking after initial ticketing) and the companion pass (I fly enough I earn this without having to rely on the credit card booster).

  11. Hands down as an airline, Delta wins. While I hate Skymiles now, Delta offers decent planes that reliably get you to your destination. Sadly we can’t expect more in this country

  12. sont cringe but I love Southwest
    I can pay $12.50 for early bird check in. I like being able to sit wherever I want and southwest is almost always on time. I’ve had so many delays for no apparent reasons with the major cariees

  13. i love Southwest
    I live in Baltimore so it’s super convenient also I love my companion pass it’s the best deal ever and we have using it like crazy!!!

  14. I dont want no prizes but I really prefer United, if its an American domestic. Mainly cause I never flew anybody else! Would Air Canada count?

    If yes, ACA
    If no UAL

  15. United partial captive so I will say United. I am a govie so many of our contracted flights out of the Washington area are on United from IAD. Once in a while it is cheaper/eaiser to fly from DCA but IAD is usually cheaper and with more directs

  16. I am in a catholic marriage with UNITED and I need a Papal dispensation in order to switch to American

  17. I have to go with Southwest. The amount of stress relief that their cancellation policy brings is unparalleled – especially since most of my flights are with 3 other people…

  18. AmericanUS. That’s what I call it these days……since the merger it’s been smelly like the last 4 letters.

  19. HAHAHA trying to buy readers instead of addressing concerns in the comments of Travis’s post. Comedy gold.

  20. United for sure, a while ago they had the most frequencies to Asia where I had most business at the time, and liked getting miles for flying SQ. Have been stuck with them every since.

  21. American won me over with their handling of lost checked bags. It’s happened twice, and they found them for me quickly each time, and delivered it with a smile and an apology.

  22. So to make you popular again, Ben has allowed you to give some prizes away. Ben please stop Travis posting he is bring the quality of your site down

  23. Southwest because it is so easy to book with points, refundable if my plans change, and if I find a lower rate it is also very easy to rebook at the lower (point) rate.

  24. I want to win, and perhaps Southwest is my least objectionable airline? Don’t be jealous of KC, they earn it the hard way with a great farm system, despite all of the big money teams trying to buy their best talent when free agency comes around. Send all 8 position players to the All Star game!

  25. United, only because I have OZ mileage, but since I’m from Seattle, I would have to say AS or DL if they go places UA doesn’t when I want a nonstop.

  26. Southwest, it was the first airline I ever remember flying, so I will forever associate it with my childhood excitement for travel.

  27. I was only JetBlue employee with Gold Medallion status I know. Delta hands down best airline.

  28. My #1 go-to domestically is JetBlue, followed by Delta for places where JetBlue doesn’t fly.

  29. Delta has better planes and a better overall experience even when sitting in the back of the plane.

    So says a ATL hub captive. 🙂

  30. Gotta love Jetblue. The snacks, the seats, the legroom and the DirecTVs have kept me sane with my many flights from SFO-BOS when I was in college.

  31. American Airlines (Executive Platinum this year after some prodding by Travis to take that one last trip to make it over the finish line)

  32. Well for years and years it was Delta but now due to their points cost structure or lack thereof I find the family on American more and more often!

  33. Airline most travelled – Southwest (because that’s what the boss books for me.)
    Airline I most like to travel – JetBlue (too bad their choices are so limited, at least for me!)

  34. None of the above. Or, if you force me to choose, then Cape Air. Which I’ve never flown, but I like the idea.

  35. American!!!

    Delta may feel more professional but the amazing trips that AA miles make possible will keep me coming back to American.

  36. American is my choice due to miles chasing, although Jet Blue offers a darn nice product.

  37. American Airlines. Service… ??? but, in my opinion, currently best for straight airline mile accumulation.
    I’ve flown round trip to London in Business Class three times and found a way to get a discounted award every time. Same for 3three trips to LA and one to Seattle.

  38. Vergin America. I like flying with them and I hope I can earn enough points to redeem the LAX-NRT on Singapore.

  39. I’ve secretly had a crush on Virgin and JetBlue for years, but I’m going steady with American.

  40. Bob Newhart and I prefer Delta. We had separate, but equally bad experiences flying the Misses Grace L Ferguson Airline (and Storm Door Company)

  41. American! But I do realize the main point I’m using them is because of the FFP, not the airline itself.

  42. United always comes through in a clinch. Not perfect but go the extra distance when I need it.

  43. Virgin America (…then United in the event we need to go somewhere VX doesn’t operate)

  44. For paid tickets Delta is winning my business, for miles awards AA and United have my cc spending.

  45. American. I love that they still award elite status simply based on butt-in-seat mileage – no minimum spends required!

  46. I’m gonna go with American for their generous lounge policy, first class check in on top of free checked baggage and priority boarding for soldiers. 🙂

  47. Depends on the available mileage balance 🙂 … Southwest is first choice when I have companion pass followed by American airlines

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