Garuda Indonesia Is Offering 50% Off Award Tickets (Including First Class)

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Garuda Indonesia has one of the world’s best first class products. I had the chance to fly with them between London and Jakarta thanks to a great paid first class fare, and the experience was flawless. Garuda Indonesia consistently wins awards for their employees, and having flown with them, I now know why. The experience didn’t disappoint.

While Garuda Indonesia often has good paid first class fares, the catch is that there’s no good way to redeem miles for their first class. GarudaMiles (Garuda Indonesia’s own frequent flyer program) does let you redeem miles for first class, though the redemption rates are crazy high — a one-way ticket from Europe to Jakarta will cost you 190,000 miles, for example.

Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago GarudaMiles had a 90% off award redemption offer, which was a crazy good deal. Unfortunately this ended up being much more complicated than people were expecting, since you had to go to a GarudaMiles office in person to issue your ticket, and on top of that they pulled the promotion early. So while some people got to fly one-way in first class for just 19,000 miles, other people were left frustrated.

GarudaMiles is offering 50% off award redemptions

At the moment GarudaMiles has an excellent redemption promotion, which is a bit more straightforward than the previous one they ran. GarudaMiles is offering 50% off award redemptions booked online, under the following conditions (I’m copying and pasting the terms from their website):

  • Valid for member who redeem for 2 persons in one PNR.
  • Booking period: 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, and 29 July 2018 (every Saturday and Sunday).
  • Travel period: 14 July – 15 December 2018.
  • Valid for purchasing through Garuda Indonesia website and mobile app.
  • Using GO2MILES promo code.
  • Valid for all class and route (except Middle East).
  • Based on seat availability.

So, as you can see, you must be traveling in pairs to take advantage of this offer, and you have to travel by December 15, 2018. Rather oddly, you also have to make the booking during one of the next two weekends using promotion code GO2MILES.

The good news is that nowadays Garuda Indonesia allows online redemptions, assuming you can complete the entire process online. At least that’s my understanding.

I can’t personally guarantee this promotion will work, since it’s not the weekend yet, so I haven’t been able to test this out. However, given that some people will likely transfer points to take advantage of this promotion, I wanted to post about it as soon as possible, so you guys have time to plan.

With these discounts, you should be looking at redemption rates of 95,000 miles one-way for first class between Jakarta and Europe (they fly to London), and 67,500 miles one-way for first class between Bali and Tokyo. While I wouldn’t call that “cheap,” I’d say those are much more reasonable redemption rates. At that rate if you’ve been wanting to try Garuda Indonesia first class I’d say it’s an excellent option.

There are of course lots of other opportunities to redeem miles for business and economy and get big discounts, so you can find the GarudaMiles calculator here.

GarudaMiles is a Citi ThankYou transfer partner, so transferring over points from Citi ThankYou would be the best option. Generally these points transfers should take 1-2 days.

As a reminder, you can earn ThankYou points several ways.

Earn Citi ThankYou Points

Bottom line

While this isn’t some incredible deal that everyone should take advantage of, this is a great opportunity for anyone who has been wanting to redeem miles for Garuda first class. This is much cheaper than their normal redemption rates, and best I can tell you should be able to complete the entire booking process online, which is a huge plus.

Anyone considering taking advantage of this Garuda Indonesia 50% off promotion?

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  1. I think it’s inaccurate to describe this as a 50% off promotion. I know you clarify in the post, but this is more precisely a buy one get one free or companion offer. Sort of click-baity as is, because obviously a 50% offer is more attractive to many in your readership.

  2. No more Garuda first class to Amsterdam. Its nearly a year ago they stopped AMS first class. Garuda only got two planes with first class cabin.

  3. CGK-SIN-LHR is no more, only CGK-LHR 3x per week. Currently, no LHR flights will load after 28th October (Northern Hemisphere winter) at Also, First Class on DPS-NRT-DPS is not selectable on GA website even though that is the only other route (CGK-LHR being the other) which the two First Class B77Ws (PK-GIF & GIG) are used on.

  4. @BrewerSEA
    How is this click bait? This is exactly how Garuda markets it. Just because you don’t like the deal doesn’t make it click bait.

    God forbid you actually spend some time to read the article…

  5. Fool me once i am a trump supporter, fool me ten times I am a trump supporter, fool me hundred times let’s blame blacks, liberals and immigrants.

  6. @ Stuart, I have been trying to get Lucky or any other blogger to address your point, being that GA no longer serves London after the 28th of Oct. It seems this one route, is off the radar of the bloggers, who have all flown it, praised it and yet, don’t seem to care that it is no longer being offered. I have tried every number at GA to ask if this permanent or just a fluke, as I want to purchase a one way ticket on them in First Class between Jakarta and LHR. GA has not announced anything and their customer service on their First Class line will not address it either. It is like a big black hole that either no one knows the answer to or no one wants to discuss, both airline and blogger. Does anyone know what the real story is about the cessation of service after Oct 28th between Jakarta and LHR?

  7. I have been trying to register for Garuda and just get endless loops of bad links and error messages telling me to re-register.

    Anyone else?

  8. Yes – the winter London flights have been zero’d out for two months now- the story seems to be they are looking to optimise their schedule for Aus connections. Would be good to see if you can get any further info @Ben @James

  9. Yes, it seems the London flights zeroed out not only in First, but entirely (i.e. also in J, Y).

  10. This would work perfect for some upcoming travel plans but Citi ThankYou points are the one currency I don’t have. Quite unfortunate. If only I could trade them for what I have.

  11. Thanks for the Garuda program news. The last time time I tried to transfer miles to Garuda, I think, from my Citi Prestige ThankYou points it never went through. Possibly the problem was with Garuda.

    However, I really wish I had transferred or used the points because Citi Bank/Citi Card Prestige Card, stole my 129,000 Thankyou points later. Without a specific explanation (they claimed they didn’t have to give any notice or explanation) or prior notice, they cancelled my card and stole the ThankYou points. So it’s probably smart to use them before you loose them.

    I promptly switched my loyalty to Amex Platinum from Citi Prestige. Citi Prestige had lost its luster anyway after it dropped the Admirals Club benefit. CitiBank/CitiPrestige are thieves!

  12. I find the taxes pretty steep. For a round trip Y or J class redemption to SYD, it is quoting Rp 4.1 million. Not too attractive.

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