Frontier & Spirit Are Offering 90% Off Flights Today (Base Fares Only)

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Today only, Frontier and Spirit Airlines are both offering 90% off base fares. This can represent a great deal, though don’t get too excited — you won’t actually save 90%, since base fares only represent a portion of the cost of a ticket with these airlines, and they’re both also known for big fees. Still, under certain circumstances these sales could represent a great deal.

Here are the details of these offers:

Frontier Airlines 90% off sale

The Frontier sale is valid for tickets booked today (by 11:59PM EST), for travel between November 28 and December 19, 2017. This is only valid for domestic nonstop travel, and travel on Sundays isn’t eligible. You have to use promotion code SAVE90 when you book your ticket.

Furthermore, the following domestic markets are excluded from the promotion:

Atlanta, GA to/from Los Angeles, CA
Atlanta, GA to/from New York City, NY (LaGuardia)
Atlanta, GA to/from San Francisco, CA
Atlanta, GA to/from San Juan, PR
Nashville, TN to/from Denver, CO
Cleveland, OH to/from Orlando, FL
Cleveland, OH to/from Fort Myers, FL
Charlotte, NC to/from Denver, CO
Charlotte, NC to/from Orlando, FL
Charlotte, NC to/from Philadelphia, PA
Denver, CO to/from Orlando, FL
Denver, CO to/from Miami, FL
Denver, CO to/from New Orleans, LA
Las Vegas, NV to/from Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV to/from Miami, FL
Los Angeles, CA to/from Orlando, FL
New York City, NY (LaGuardia) to/from Miami, FL
Orlando, FL to/from Philadelphia, PA
Orlando, FL to/from San Francisco, CA
Orlando, FL to/from San Juan, PR
Orlando, FL to/from Trenton, NJ
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN to/from Fort Myers, FL
New Orleans, LA to/from Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA to/from San Juan, PR

Spirit Airlines 90% off sale

The Spirit promotion is valid for travel between December 5, 2017, and February 13, 2018. The promotion is only valid for travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and blackout dates of December 19, 2017, through January 3, 2018, apply. Use promotion code 90PCT at the time of booking to take advantage of this offer.

Lastly, the following Spirit routes and destinations are excluded from this promotion:

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Armenia, Colombia
Bogota, Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Managua, Nicaragua
Medellin, Colombia
Panama City, Panama
Plattsburgh, NY
San Jose, Costa Rica
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Akron/Canton, OH to/from Fort Myers, FL
Atlanta, GA to/from Los Angeles, CA
Baltimore, MD to/from Cancun, Mexico
Baltimore, MD to/from Los Angeles, CA
Baltimore, MD to/from San Diego, CA
Cancun, Mexico to/from Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH to/from Las Vegas, NV
Cleveland, OH to/from Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX to/from Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX to/from Los Angeles, CA
Denver, CO to/from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Denver, CO to/from Houston, TX
Detroit, MI to/from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Detroit, MI to/from Los Angeles, CA
Detroit, MI to/from Orlando, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL to/from Los Angeles, CA
Fort Lauderdale, FL to/from Orlando, FL
Houston, TX to/from San Diego, CA
Latrobe, PA to/from Orlando, FL
Los Angeles, CA to/from Philadelphia, PA
Orlando, FL to/from Pittsburgh, PA

Bottom line

This won’t be for everyone, but under certain circumstances flying with Frontier and Spirit can represent a great deal, especially if you’re traveling light.

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