Get 2 Free Uber Airport Rides Thanks To Amex!

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American Express and Uber are teaming up to offer a great promotion for American Express card members. Between now and December 31, 2016, you can get two free Uber rides (up to $65 each) originating from select airports.

Just enter code AMEXAIRPORT in your Uber app prior to requesting a ride, and select an American Express card as the payment method for your ride (pre-paid cards aren’t eligible). You can enter the promotion code by clicking on the “Payment” tab, and then at the bottom click “Add Promo/Gift Code.” Once you enter the code it will stay linked to your account, and your fare up to $65 will automatically be covered (and if your fare is more than that, you’ll get a $65 discount).


The following airports are eligible for this promotion, and again, only rides from the airport (and not to the airport) are eligible:

  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport  (JFK)
  • Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)
  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  • Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD)
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)

For the promotion is valid for all types of Uber (ranging from uberPOOL to uberBLACK), and registration is limited, so you’ll want to enter the code sooner rather than later.

If you’re not yet an Uber member, you can sign-up here to get $20 off your first ride.

Bottom line

This is a fantastic offer that will save a lot of people $130 over the next few weeks. Promotions like this and Amex Offers greatly help offset the annual fees on many Amex cards.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this great Amex & Uber promotion?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)

  1. @Lucky: Does it also apply to the Delta SkyMiles Platinum Amex card as well? If yes, then absolutely. Thanks for posting it.

  2. @Daniel B – As long as you select a non-prepaid AMEX card as payment, it will work.

    Great promo. Thanks, Luck!

  3. Wow, thanks for this! My brother and sister in law were going to have to make a long drive to pick me up this Friday and now they can chill at home.

  4. Does this post as a statement credit like Amex Offers or just charge $0 like an Uber promo? My UberX fare from DCA is usually $15-$20. I guess I might as well spring for a black car the next two times.

  5. “Your must complete your 2 free rides (up to $65 each) before 11:59pm on December 31, 2016.”

    Ughhhhh. This would be very useful, but since I arrive at one these airports at 10:30 pm on 12/31, and it takes about an hour to get where I’m going, this cuts it awfully close…

  6. Wow! This sounds too good to be true. I have two college-aged kids coming in to LGA during Thxgiving week. Will this be applicable? Can both rides be counted together in case the pricing is higher for a single ride? Are there blackout dates or times?

  7. @Beth, there are no blackout dates or times. I think you can’t combine them, as they clearly said that if your ride was more than $65, you will be charged the difference. You can, however, use it at any time before the end of the year. 🙂

  8. Wow! Excellent thank you! I will be using it next week!

    If anyone would like an additional $20 uber credit use my code: brendac1136ue

    Thank you!

  9. What about using the same Amex card but separate Uber accounts? My husband and I both share an Amex but separate Uber accounts. Would the code work for 4 trips I wonder? I was thinking it might work since likely many people use the same credit card for work.

  10. Dangit, guess I waited too late. Just tried to add this code right now coz I can make use of it in a few days. But it now errors out & says: “promo redemption limit exceeded.”

    You snooze, you lose. Always add all promos even if you don’t have any immediate plans to use em at the time. Sucks that the limit evaporated so quick even tho promo runs till the end of the year.

  11. Promotion Redemtption Exceeded – does not make sense to promote something that has limitations if UBER is widely used all over the world.

  12. just joined, added Amex card, put in code, got error message “Promotion redemption limit exceeded” Guess I was too late!

  13. Tried to use this from JFK last night. The Uber app would not take the code. I received a message saying the code had already been used. Contacted Uber. They first said the code was only good for customers who were selected “at random”. I received email from them with the code so I felt like I had been selected. I pushed back. Uber then asked that I send them details in the code. I did. Twice. They then asked that I send them a screen shot of the error message I received last night. Impossible since the car came and the error message did not stay on my phone. We are 4 emails in and Uber is refusing to honor this code. The only thing I know for sure is I will never use Uber again. They are not to be trusted.

  14. There was nothing in the disclosure about a limit to this offer.

    “Just enter the code AMEXAIRPORT in your Uber app prior to requesting a ride, select an American Express Card as payment for the ride, and complete your trips by 12/31/16. Prepaid Cards not eligible. See full terms below.”

    And nothing in the terms.

    They reneged on their agreement.

  15. I too was unable to add this promo code to my account with the dreaded redemption limit exceeded message. After lots of back and forth I eventually got Uber to retroactively apply a refund to my trip. However, they stated that they will not honor the promotion for my next airport trip. They now state that this was a limited promotion and no further enrollment is allowed. This was mentioned nowhere in the terms. I reached out to Amex and they were surprised to hear this. They have “escalated the issue to the Marketing department”. Hopefully something will come of that.

  16. I tried to enter the coupon code just before ordering a car at JFK. The code would not work and I was charged for the ride. I contacted Uber. It took 9 emails but they finally made a retroactive adjustment for the value of the coupon. If your code does not work, don’t give up. Uber will try to weasel out of making a retroactive adjustment but force the issue. It worked for me!

  17. I opened an account and entered the code the day the promo came out, just to make sure I got in on it. I also entered a ‘new account’ promo code. When I got the car at the airport, I asked the driver if there was anything special I needed to do to make sure the airport special was applied, and he said as long as the code was in my account, it would work. Well guess what? They applied the ‘first time user’ code instead, takig $15 off instead of the entire trip. I have been back and forth with them multiple times, and they say they absolutely cannot waiver from their ‘strict policy’ of using the last code entered first. I asked, if it was such a strict policy, why doesn’t the driver know about it? As a new user, I certainly wouldn’t, especially considering the instructions as stated above: I entered the code, and I linked an amex card. That was my first, and last time using Uber.

  18. I was excited to use this coming home from JFK the other day. I was traveling with my dog and didn’t want to navigate all my heavy stuff on the subway. Like others the promo code could not be added, which was frustrating to say the least. I took an Uber anyway; surprisingly UberPool was quoted at $35 when a cab from JFK two weeks prior cost me $78 after tip! To my surprise, I just received an email from Uber letting me know my ride fare was adjusted and I was refunded the full amount! Yay! I don’t know if all the complaints worked, but I’m thankful Uber made it right and will remain a loyal customer. I love my AMEX cards, the rewards and perks provided to cardholders, and they seriously have the *best* customer service. I hope others receive the same correction I did!

  19. This offer is great and I took advantage of it two nights ago when I flew into Newark Airport. Ordered a car when I picked up my bag and I had my ride show up literally two minutes later. There are always a ton of Uber drivers at the airport. My ride cost $45 and the receipt showed up in my email about 5 minutes after the trip and read $0.00 and showed redemption of the offer. Fantastic!!

  20. Hey morons complaining – there was only a limited amount of codes. The day the promo was announced they were all snatched up so trying to add it today will not work because the codes are gone. I believe the term “pea brain” is appropriate.

  21. Does anyone know of similar codes for Europe? I’m headed to Amsterdam and Prague soon and would love to use these.

  22. Does anyone know if the promo will work if you have the uber pick you up at the rental car office, or do you have to go back to the terminal to get the discount?

  23. This is a bait and switch promo. I did all the steps and took a cab from Chicago Midway to downtown Chicago and low and behold, my AMEX was charged. Now I am dealing with the UBER shuffle and not getting any straight answers. Frustrated!!!

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