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Pants On Fire

Saying Hello To Hello World World Headquarters

A couple weeks ago I reported that points from the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion were posting. I realize now that that might have been a bit of an overstatement. My statement was more or less based on my own two data points -- I had mailed in two…

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Copa Business Class

2,000 Miles For Joining The Newest Star Alliance Progam

A bit earlier this year, Panama based Copa airlines announced their new frequent flyer program, ConnectMiles, which will be launching in July. Copa Airlines used to use MileagePlus as their frequent flyer program, though decided to create their own one…

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250 Priority Club points for completing a survey

Through March 31, Priority Club is offering 250 points for completing a survey. The survey is loading really slowly, so it might take a bit of time for all the pages to load. When I took it this morning it only took a few minutes, so maybe it makes sense…

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100 American AAdvantage miles for joining KGB Deals

KGB Deals (what a name!), which seems to be a Groupon-esque site, is offering 100 American AAdvantage miles to new members. Now, 100 miles are worth maybe $1.50-$2.00, so to many of you this may not be worth it. It may however be useful to extend the…

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Join US Airways Dividend Miles and earn 1,500 miles

US Airways is offering new members of Dividend Miles that use the code NM15 1,500 miles just for signing up through July 31. I’m guessing the bonus doesn’t post instantly. If nothing else, keep in mind that US Airways miles can be transferred…

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Who needs dollar coins when we have Burger King!

It looks like Burger King is taking over for the US Mint here. Given that the dollar coins game is just about over, especially after the recent Wall Street Journal article, we might just have found a replacement. For the Holidays Burger King is offering…

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Nutrition vs. Miles

It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry. I have no food at home, which means I need to pick up something. I could try to find something healthy, although that’s a bit of a challenge nowadays. Or I could try to go somewhere that will earn me a…

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Got my coins….

I ordered my second shipment of coins on Sunday, and they already arrived today. The whole bank process took less than five minutes, and I am 3,000 Starwood points richer. I wouldn’t usually do this, but I’m hoping to achieve the minimum…

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Please let me pay for my cookies!

As some of you may recall, I went to my local Chase branch last week to open a checking account to earn 25,000 Continental miles. The debit card that I have to use at least five (or maybe six) times arrived yesterday, and I tried to make six small transactions…

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Yes Deltawest, I’d like some whine with my cheese

Both Delta and Northwest unveiled similar promotions on Friday, offering up to 5,000 or 10,000 bonus miles per roundtrip, with a maximum of ten bonuses. Unfortunately for me (and many, many others) the promotions are targeted, and I’m not one of…

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Here comes the United Twitter bonus!

As of now, United has 9,935 followers on Twitter. I’m guessing they’ll reach 10,000 followers in the next couple of hours, so we’ll probably see the “small gift” this afternoon. If you haven’t registered yet, now would…

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“Sir, are you sure you want to cancel?”

About a month ago I signed my dad up for the Vinesse Wine Club, which offered 4,800 Northwest miles for $42, plus the six bottles of wine they throw in (with free shipping). He thought the wine was ok, I thought the miles were great, so it was a win-win. The…

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