Free Elite Status With Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

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Small Luxury Hotels of the World is a collection of 520 independent hotels around the world. As the name suggests, the hotels are for the most part boutique luxury properties.

Viceroy Bali, an SLH property

My biggest complaint about the major chains is that you get a cookie cutter experience, which definitely isn’t the case with these properties (though I’m happy the major hotel chains are creating some independent hotel brands, like Design Hotels, Tribute Portfolio, etc.).

Small Luxury Hotels of the World has a loyalty program. They have three membership tiers:

  • Special Member (once you sign up), which gets you a room upgrade subject to availability plus access to special rates
  • Loved Member (after one stay), which gets you complimentary breakfast plus late check-out subject to availability
  • Honoured Member (after five stays), which gets you free award nights plus priority upgrades plus early check-in subject to availability


So the benefits aren’t huge, but free breakfast and room upgrades at independent hotels are nice perks. Besides, these are hotels you’d stay at because of how unique they are, rather than because of their loyalty program.

Per Extreme Hotel Deals, SLH is offering free “Loved” status for holders of many credit cards.


You can sign-up through one of the following links:

You don’t actually need to enter a credit card number, so anyone should be able to sign-up through one of those links. Once you open your account you’ll instantly see that it reflects “Loved” status, which is valid for one year.


Bottom line

Small Luxury Hotels of the World has some great hotels. While the perks of “Loved” status aren’t huge, there’s no reason to turn down free status. I’d like to try one of these properties at some point, as many of the smaller hotel groups are underestimated, in my opinion. For example, Leading Hotels of the World has a pretty awesome loyalty program as well.

The perks here are better than what you get as an SPG Platinum member at Design Hotels, for example, where you don’t even get free breakfast.

Cordee des Alpes in Verbier, Switzerland, an SLH property

Have you ever stayed at a Small Luxury Hotel of the World property?

  1. I just signed up through the American Express link above and after creating my account I am only a special member not loved. Anyone else have this issue?

  2. I was just about to book an SLH property in Florence. After signing up for this free status, I received a cheaper rate with breakfast and possible upgrade than I found for “room only” yesterday. Thanks Lucky!!

  3. I failed on my first attempt as well, but the second one was successful and my account is now showing that I am “Loved”.

    The trick is that you have to click the first “Join the Club” link on the promotional page, not the latter two (which link to the usual joining page/URLs and not the special one you need to qualify for this promotion). Pretty shoddy IT practice …

  4. GRRRRRRRRR, stupid bait and switch. Signed up through the Amex link and I only have “special” status, not “loved.” I’m sure only bloggers who mention SLH promotions on their pages get the “loved” status. Whatever.

  5. @Andrew I just signed up using the AMEX link and got ‘Loved’ Status. So the link is definitely still correct and working. The issue might be with the fact that there are multiple links on that page. ONLY the one directly to the left of the AMEX logo brings up the page that says get ‘Loved’ status. The other two links bring up a general sign up page. So be sure to use the correct link on the page to get the right status.

    Thanks for this info @Lucky!

  6. Well that doesn’t really help me NOW, does it… I clicked the link on my phone to sign up, and only saw one that said “join here.” Wonderful.

  7. Perhaps they had a limited number of loves to give away. i got one yesterday.

  8. Anybody has done this through Diners Club link?
    Because I noticed “Loved membership is valid for 24 months”.
    Is it really 1 year more than the other links?

  9. Don’t abuse it if you don’t really have the right card. They may not check, but if they see a sudden spike in signups after this post, then they are much more likely to check if you are eligible.

    And, you know there is also better a link for Centurions 😉

  10. Am a loved member as had one stay last year, which immediately resulted in a room upgrade at the Viura Hotel in la Rioja.

    Could this be used to extend the expiration of your status?

  11. Worked for me through the Amex link as well. Also looked up some hotels in NYC and the rates are quite reasonable for the properties.

  12. Nice find Lucky thanks! Just to note the Amex link only gives Special membership not loved. Just go with Diners Club 😉

  13. Signed up and got Loved no problems using Matercard link.

    @Lucky – is there a way to combine SLH Club benefits while still booking through CITI Pretige for the 4th night free benefit ? Or does the SLH only work when going directly through their site ?

  14. Got this status and then stayed at two properties, and loved them both. Dunraven Arms in Athlone, Ireland and The Chester Grosvenor in Chester, England were both great! And we wouldn’t have found or booked either one without this post and the instant status, so I guess it works for them as well as for us.

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