Review: Frankfurt Airport New VIP Services Lounge

I landed at 5:15am on my Condor flight from Cape Town. We were one of the first aircraft into Frankfurt, which was quite cool. As we pulled into the gate, I saw multiple other widebodies from the rest of the world populating the surrounding gates as well.

Upon leaving the aircraft and walking up the jetway, I was greeted by a kind British woman who would escort me to the VIP lounge. Frankfurt Airport had kindly arranged access for me ahead of my 9:00am interview with Fraport executive Anke Giesen. (you can find the pricing for the VIP services here).

After being led down a flight of stairs, I was standing on the tarmac beneath the 767 that I’d just flown in on.

Frankfurt VIP pick-up

There was a beautiful BMW to take me to the lounge with plenty of space in back.

VIP Services car

The BMW interior.
The BMW interior.

During the short ride to the lounge I discussed everything from the new US president to declining tourism rates in Europe with the chauffeur.

The entrance to the lounge is just a small room with an immigration officer and security check. There were no other guests in sight – now this is how to clear security.

immigration in the lounge.
immigration in the lounge.

I could tell from this first room that the interior would be beautiful.

Literally a minute after entering, I’d had my passport stamped and bags screened. The wonderful lady who’d collected me escorted me through the hallway to the main lounging area.

Frankfurt Airport VIP lounge hall Frankfurt Airport VIP lounge hall Frankfurt Airport VIP lounge hallFrankfurt Airport VIP services hallway Frankfurt Airport VIP services hallway

She left me with the bartender, which was fine by me. 😉 He asked when I’d prefer to have my breakfast and what he could offer to drink. I asked for a glass of water and got this…

Frankfurt VIP services drink Frankfurt VIP services drink

Wow! I certainly didn’t object to the tray of cookies and chocolates.

I used the Wi-Fi for around an hour to catch up on emails and social media and also called my mother as she was boarding an early morning flight SAS flight to Brussels. While the SAS lounge in Copenhagen is quite nice, it doesn’t offer its own immigration desk which knocks off a few points 😉

I decided to take a little walk around the lounge, starting with the restrooms.

Frankfurt Airport VIP lounge restrooms Frankfurt Airport VIP lounge restrooms Frankfurt Airport VIP lounge restrooms Frankfurt Airport VIP lounge restrooms

Everything felt incredibly “homey”, which was apparently their goal. Personally, I really liked the wood interior. On the walls there were a few displays from different airport stores. Any items of interest could be delivered to the lounge upon request.

Store displays on the walls.
Store displays on the walls.

Along the hallways were over a dozen private rooms in all shapes and sizes. Some perfect for meetings, others for family hangouts, etc. As you’ll see, all the rooms have a unique interior.

Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room Frankfurt Airport VIP services room

The rooms can be combined to offer larger working spaces. These must be reserved for a (pretty hefty) fee though. The cheapest ones start at €250 in addition to the fee for VIP services. Meanwhile, more expensive rooms cost €600 for the day and up. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms with luxury showers and toiletries.

Frankfurt Airport VIP services bathroom Frankfurt Airport VIP services bathroom Frankfurt Airport VIP services bathroom

Unfortunately, you’ll also have the pay €250 to rent a room just to take a shower. I wish they’d offer individual shower rooms at lower prices. Many people utilizing VIP services are probably between long flights, or in need of a shower before an important day of business. It doesn’t really make sense to have to rent an entire room just to freshen up. Then again, most people who use this lounge probably don’t see money as much of any object. 😉

Moving on, the lounge also offers a few bedrooms with double or twin beds.

Frankfurt Airport VIP Services bedroom Frankfurt Airport VIP Services bedroom

I thought the bedrooms were stunning. The decor gave off an English cottage vibe that was relaxing, and the rooms offered quite cool tarmac views. Luckily, the view was the only possible way of knowing you were at an airport. I doubt you would have heard a crash landing outside – that’s how soundproof these facilities are.

There is also a gaming room for children or playful adults…

Frankfurt Airport Gaming Room Frankfurt Airport Gaming Room Frankfurt Airport Gaming Room

I managed to negotiate a shower room to get ready for my interview, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The shower was perfection – easily usable, excellent water pressure and multiple nozzles. The toilet had an automatic toilet lid, which felt like a slightly unnecessary function, but was cool nonetheless. My shower room was identical to the one in my pictures above.

Once I’d showered, I hurried up to the main lounging area for breakfast. I was still the only guest in the entire room, which was nice.

Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area Frankfurt VIP services main lounge area

As an aviation fan, I loved the view!

Frankfurt Airport VIP services view

The main lounging area is centered around the bar, though there are several self-serve drink stations throughout the lounge.

Frankfurt VIP services bar Frankfurt VIP services bar

The waiter soon brought out a beautiful platter of breakfast items. Everything was as fresh as it gets, including the bread and pastries. He also asked if he could prepare some eggs for me.

Frankfurt VIP services breakfast Frankfurt VIP services breakfast Frankfurt VIP services breakfast Frankfurt VIP services breakfast Frankfurt VIP services breakfast Frankfurt VIP services breakfast

Not long after, he served these delicious scrambled eggs with coriander and sea salt.

Frankfurt VIP services breakfast

Before I knew it, the woman who had driven me to the lounge came back to collect me. Normally, she would have driven me to my connecting flight, but now she obviously had to drive me outside the airport to Fraport HQ for my interview. One of the things that impressed me most was that my checked bag from South Africa was waiting for me in the car when I got downstairs. For the first time in my life, travel really didn’t feel like travel.

Bottom Line

Frankfurt Airport has done a fantastic job with the new VIP Service facilities. They nailed their goal of trying to make the lounge feel “just like home” and offer an experience that is as seamless as it gets as at airport. While I love taking refuge in airline lounge to escape hectic airport terminals, this VIP lounge is truly on the next level. While different from a traditional lounge, this VIP Service really is one of the best airport lounges. Besides the view, there is nothing to remind you that you are at an airport as opposed to a country club in The Cotswolds. If your pockets permit, you simply must experience this for yourself!

  1. @stvr, is that another word term a paid advertisement :p

    I personally like these posts. It’s very informative, especially for some who might find it useful in the future.

  2. Wood work is great But the people who can afford this should be TAXed to dearth !!!!

    Have a Nice (Fr.) Day .

    Bernie 2020

  3. That looks really nice, and 300ish EUR isnt that expensive for avoiding the nonsense that is airports these days. I find it funny that they call out that for those entitled to LH F terminal they will drive you there…if one has access to the LH F terminal I don’t see much need for the VIP services.

  4. How much did you pay for that lounge access? Or were you comped? I bet it wasn’t included in your Condor ticket. Disclosure, please.

  5. I’m so confused- who / how do you get access to this lounge? Is it paid, invite-only, or part of a network/program, etc?

  6. Normally I observe these things and understand that some of us pay more or are entitled to more based on mileage status.
    In this case I find it objectionable. I frequent FRA quite a bit and sometimes the lines for passport control after a transatlantic flight are too long. How in the world can they justify having an Officer on duty all day for a miniscule number of passengers?

  7. Beautiful pictures. Terrible writing. I stopped reading after first four or five paragraphs. And enough with the winking faces 😉

  8. Why do people ask questions which are answered in the article? Do you just skip through the writing and look only at the pics? Bizarre.

  9. Interesting to see that FRA has joined the ranks of airports offering these special VIP services. The decor……well, a little kitchy for my taste. We have enjoyed these services at SIN’s Changi Airport and London’s Heathrow many times – makes travel enjoyable again.

  10. The rate sheet says showers are included in all of the packages… Not sure why you’d have to “negotiate” its use.

  11. @Nick – Ah, right. I didn’t think about that. >_<

    Still, it seems silly to provide all the F&B (not to mention all the other services) but not a shower, even for comped access.

  12. @Nick @Tennen I mention in the second paragraph of the post that Frankfurt Airport set my up in the lounge before my interview, which was 4 hours after my arrival at the airport. They didn’t ask for anything in return, and certainly not a blazing review of the service. I think it’s good to know the airport takes care of its business guests, don’t you?

  13. Daniel you can’t please everyone you know. Keep up the great work.

    Some of you are miserable auld gits.

  14. I have been using the VIP Lounge for years. Its AWESOME but expensive. Very very friendly service!! Its fantastic especially when you have a tight connection in FRA. The absolute best thing is when we travel with our Lab they let her come into the lounge.

  15. The line about having “accessed arranged” is far from full disclosure IMO. How hard is it to say “arranged access and covered the cost?”

  16. Surprisingly interesting review – thanks Daniel. €510 for two passengers originating in FRA for a four hour stint is not completely outrageous, for a special occasion or something like that, and of course there will be those who would be happy to pay that cost in any case. Nice service!

  17. @Daniel

    No no no, you reviewed something you didn’t pay for. If you don’t know that that’s a flagrant violation of journalistic ethics then you may need a refresher.

  18. @Rose why? who said you have to report/review only the things you paid for? so that you are not biased? I find that just to be the opposite. if you are out $400 you set yourself up for down experience.

    Great pics Daniel, more of them please.

  19. @Daniel – the issue of your questionable disclosures has come up before. “Frankfurt Airport had kindly arranged access for me…” and “Frankfurt Airport set my up…” do not clearly state that you received the services for free. The proper way to disclose items received for free is in a very direct manner, preferably at the very top of the article, right under the byline. This removes any doubt for the reader.

    I don’t necessarily agree that you can’t review something you get comped, but as a general rule you need to have a pretty established reputation as a reviewer before you do so. If you want to see disclosure is done, look at Ben’s credit card disclosures, or for a specific look at disclosing services received for free, go to the CrankyFlier website and check out the “Ethics” tab. I believe Brett’s policy is the gold standard for disclosure in aviation blogs. Admittedly, Brett (and Ben) have been doing this a lot longer than you have, but it never hurts to get it right early on.

    And while we’re on that, your writing style has a few issues, the biggest of which is the overblown use of superlatives (which, in turn, makes your pieces read like advertisements rather than actual reviews, adding to readers’ questioning your ethics.) Too many things are “stunning” and “perfection”. And the “(e)verything was as fresh as it gets” description for the food is just lazy writing. Cured meats and cheeses can’t be as “fresh as they get”, since they are by definition not “fresh” but aged. And fruit is only “as fresh as it gets” if you literally pick it off the tree or vine and eat it immediately.

    That said, there’s a lot of interesting material here (and frankly, most of those rooms look hideously kitschy) and your photos are pretty good.

  20. I did understand that this was comped but it’s not real clear, based on commenters being confused by the wording.

    I don’t understand why it just doesn’t say straight up that this was free and covered by a certain company. This is basically trying to hide the facts.

  21. Excuse me, but even as a non native English speaker (born and raised in Germany, living in Germany and Mexico), Daniel’s statement was clear enough for me to understand immediately that Fraport services were free for him.
    As it often happens in these times, the personal requirements for “political correctness” can be by far exeggerated by some people…

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