For United 1K’s: 5,500 miles per stay at Hyatt hotels!

Now this is tempting. For stays between September 1 and October 31, United 1K members can earn 5,500 miles per Hyatt stay (registration is required), and as far as I can tell there’s no limit. That means 5,500 miles for a $75 stay at a Hyatt Place hotel. That’s a deal in and of itself, but combine that with Faster Free nights, which will almost definitely be back, and I think we’re looking at quite a deal….

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe this is combinable with any other bonus points opportunities, right?

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  1. My bet is that this will work for anyone, not just 1Ks, but that it is simply being MARKETED to 1Ks.

    As I posted over on my blog, the t&c don’t mention being a 1K. Hyatt will likely just send UA over the miles and there won’t be a status check.

  2. @ Gary — I tend to agree, Gary. This is also interesting because United tends to be the last airline to have great partner offers. I mean, they’re one of the few airlines that only allow SPG conversions at a 2:1 ratio, which is strange. This is quite a deal, though.

  3. @Lucky – don’t forget you also get your regular 500 miles as well – so it’s really 5,500 miles per stay total. Yaay! I just cancelled about 10 hilton stays and frantically applied for a status match to Hyatt Diamond hoping it will go through before my business travel next week. I’ll net about 44,000 miles from this for business travel that’s planned. Woohoo!

  4. @lucky – SPG-> UA at 2:1 isn’t really driven by UA, it’s driven by Chase IIRC.

    They used to transfer at 1:1. But that meant the SPG Amex as better at earning UA miles from credit card spend than the Chase Visa. And Chase really calls a lot of shots with United — BankOne provided DIP financing for UA’s bankruptcy and Chase (which acquired BankOne) provided the exit financing.

    Remember that CO transfers are also 2:1 and Chase issues their Visa also.

    (While Chase issues the BA US card they don’t have the same pull with BA.)

    UA has frequently had the best promos with some partners — FTD comes to mind, Netflix as well. The UA folks aren’t the most CREATIVE to be sure.

  5. @ HunterSFO — VERY nice! Can’t beat that, especially if we see Faster Free Nights. Start planning some vacation time for early next year. I’ve been tempted to status match to Hyatt for a while now, especially since they added free internet and confirmed suite upgrades, although I’m just too happy as a Royal Ambassador at the moment.

    @ Gary — Interesting, I hadn’t considered that. That being said, no matter how you look at it, the United promotion folks really aren’t creative. I’m amazed how they match American’s offer (nearly) word-for-word every time. Shouldn’t the airlines be able to protect the rights to certain unique promotions? 😉

  6. I will test the parameters of the promotion.

    I am neither 1K or a new Hyatt Gold Passport member. I am planning hotel stays for the 15 nights to Diamond fast-track.

    This promotion would change my plans from multi-night Hyatt stays to single night stays. 80,000+ miles would be a nice bonus to Diamond renewal for 2010.

  7. Thanks for this tip, Ben. I’ve just spent the previous night at a Hyatt property thanks to this post! You’re definitely an incremental revenue driver for the products / companies that you profile on this blog.

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