I Just Flew Next To One Of My Biggest Celebrity Crushes And Didn’t Realize It

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Let me start by saying that I’m generally not fazed by celebrities. They’re people just like the rest of us. I’ve flown with a countless number of A-list celebrities over the years. Hell, I can think of at least five celebrities that I’ve randomly been on planes with at least twice. Most of the time I don’t realize them till someone points them out to me, while other times I notice and forget within minutes. That being said, I think we all have our celebrity crushes. I think most people who are being honest would admit that they’d be pretty excited if they happened to fly next to one of them.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me today, and I didn’t realize it till the very end of the flight.

I flew Delta One this morning from New York to Los Angeles on a 767. I was in a single seat on the side, and towards the end of the boarding process two guys were escorted onto the plane, and sat down in the middle seats across from me. I only noticed them because the Delta escort was talking to one of the guys. I assumed that I should know who the guy was, given that he was escorted on, how he was dressed, etc. While the guy looked familiar, I wasn’t sure who it was.

My assumption was that the guy he was traveling with was a friend and/or someone who worked for him. They were both wearing hats and sunglasses. But for some reason I assumed the guy who the escort was talking to was the celebrity.

Both of them slept from takeoff till touchdown, and as far as I could tell no one seemed to say anything to them the whole flight (including passengers and crew).

When we landed and everyone got up, I once again looked at the first guy who I assumed was the celebrity, and still couldn’t figure out who he was.

But then I looked at the guy he was traveling with. WAIT A SECOND IS THAT WHO I THINK IT IS? IT CAN’T BE? OMG IT IS!!! I was so caught off guard that I started shaking a bit.

I’m in total disbelief that I sat across from said person for six hours but didn’t realize who he was.

In retrospect I’m happy I only realized who it was at the end of the flight, or else this might have been me the whole flight:

Update: I always appreciate constructive criticism, and in this case it’s clear I was wrong, based on the number of comments. I can promise my intention with not giving the celebrity’s name wasn’t to be clickbaity, but rather I felt like it would be creepy to share who it was. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t have written the post at all, though I can only blame my excitement at the time. Since just about everyone seems to disagree with me, and since he was indeed on a commercial flight between two major airports, I’ll share. It wasn’t Shawn Mendes, because I said “one of my biggest” and not “the biggest.” 😉 It was Nick Jonas. Sorry again… I’ll do better next time.

  1. This is a ridiculous post. Say who it is, or why bother posting?
    And honestly, why wouldn’t you just say. It is in no way violating angone’s Privacy. Honestly, this is just stupid.

  2. Geez I forgot you had a crush on
    Rob Kardashian.

    For a moment I thought you were talking about Bruce Jenner

  3. Seriously. I clicked through my RSS feed for this? Please don’t be a doiche. It’s pretty easy to unsubscribe if this kind of clickbait persists.

  4. Invites all kind of speculation, so I go withLucky’s fiancé.
    You wouldn’t dare marry someone who resembles your crush. Or…would you? Hmmm.
    Damn this champagne is good.

  5. You really suckered me into reading the whole post, wondering who it was and expecting to find out. Wow, I’ve been duped

  6. Yes, blog income are tied to page views and user engagement, but being intentionally cryptic so you can make another post later for more views is just bad practice and pisses off your readers.

  7. This is NOT the kind of post I read a travel blog for. Glad I didn’t read the entire article….was probably a Kardashian no-talent non-celeb.

  8. Just when I started to consider this the premier points blog. Don’t go the way of TPG and lose focus. This post is a waste of life.

  9. I don’t think it necessarily was Shawn Mendez. Some quick Googling shows he was in LA on 19 November for the AMA’s then flew to New Zealand afterwards (he’s due to play a show in Auckland on 25 November). Not sure why he would throw in a trip from LA to New York and back in between? That said, I agree with the other comments, not sure why you bothered sharing this post if you aren’t going to at least give everyone a hint or just name the celebrity.

  10. Worst blog post ever here on OMAAT….
    actually, it’s a BS post. If you aren’t going to tell who it is, don’t bother writing about it.

  11. Agree with everyone else. You need to tell us who. Otherwise the story makes no sense. It matters what type of celebrity the person is, how famous, etc. Without that detail it’s a pointless story.

    Anyway why are you so embarrassed to reveal your crush? I’m sure the celeb would take it as a compliment. This feels like middle school.

  12. Who is Shawn Mendes? Never heard of him.

    I can’t image any celebrity that I would be exceeded to sit next to.

  13. This is so dumb. You’re not violating anyone’s privacy by saying who it is. But you are wasting our time.

  14. Also, you fly into T5 on Aer Lingus and could have flown Mint to LA again yet you fly the, IMO, far inferior product?

  15. If it was Shawn Mendes, @Lucky did you at least get a picture/autograph with him? Should replace that fake autograph you got from the Residence with a real one 😛

  16. He already took the flight, not like anyone can get on the flight and stalk him/violate his privacy. Not sure why you wouldn’t just say who the celebrity is.

  17. Did you write this article months ago as a filler for when you got nothing to publish? Cuz this sure has zero content in it

  18. Ben this sucks, it’s simply a filler with no ‘content’. Please tell us who it is or don’t post it at all. You’re beginning to turn into Daniel.

  19. Statistically much more likely a former member of One Direction—they tend to travel with their ho entourage though

  20. I’m another longtime ready (way before you got your magazine boost). We deserve better than this. I’m gone if this persists.

  21. Pretty poor post. You have not replied to any comments. So what’s the point in it??? Oh… and by the way, I have sat next to Shawn on a flight, all the way to the US.

  22. Really?

    Seeing that it is the season of thanksgiving in the US, citing how much you have given to your user base this year, and the comments above, I’m giving this one a pass. You should have named whomever at the end sir.

  23. WTF? First, you endorse an ‘amazing deal on an airline that you didn’t like and is likely to go out of business and now this?!! Whoever is giving you advice on how to grow your brand is an idiot.

  24. Garbage article. I have never read so much that said so little. it is like a trash mystery novel with no ending. I will never get the 5 minutes of my life back. Thanks a lot Ben.

  25. I don’t understand the point. I work for a hotel company. When celebrity guests join us it’s part of my job to maintain their confidentiality.

    If other guests see them in the lobby they can tell their friends who they saw. They have no obligation to secrecy. Same situation here – you don’t work for Delta, you are allowed to talk about it.

  26. I have never given a crap about ridiculous articles from any blogger until this one appeared.

    Moronic at best

  27. Let’s talk about stuff that’s really important, like the 150% bonus on purchased Lifemiles supposedly coming out on Turkey Day. Will there be an OMAAT loyal reader bonus on top of that? While I normally don’t buy miles, 175% would be too tempting to resist. Or how about a detailed discussion of current availability and availability trends for Lifemiles?

  28. You often don’t even realize you have a celebrity on board. In my 34 years career flying around the world, i have flown with…. On Concorde – Tommy Hilfiger, Henry Kissinger, Barbara Bush, Hanan Ashrawi, Elton John, Madonna. In BA First – Elton John, Peter O’Toole, Naomi Campbell, a Thai Princes. In AA first, Ivana Trump, Brigitte Nielsen, Paula Abdul. Those are the ones i noticed and remember.

  29. O phuck, Rene loves what you do and is begging for more.

    You know you suck if he feels he has to kiss your ass.

  30. HA! I actually enjoyed this article!! It was a refreshingly human moment, Lucky! You will now have this memory to cherish, within you, forever!! Lol!! Happy Flying!!!

  31. Wow, Ben. You better than this. Between the waste of time clickbait posts and constant credit card hawking, your blog has gone so far downhill the past couple of years that I’m about to unsubscribe. Bummer.

  32. OMG, me too!
    He was awesome, I thought I was dreaming.
    After the meal service finished I decided to talk to him, so I approached to his seat and I said:
    – Hi, are you

  33. Clickbait garbage. One strike away from unsubscribing. Don’t need another talented blogger reaching VFTW-level trashiness. Lucky, I’m disappointed, but still holding out hope that you’ll take these comments to heart as constructive criticism to be better than this.

  34. Hi Lucky, am a long-term fan – but this kind of post smacks of desperation and need for comments (which I admittedly obliged to). Am I to think readership is going down and this is a way for you to engage and milk a subject? Pretty pathetic if true and you post a follow up. Didn’t realize readership was so bad that you have to stoop this low. What utter BS and kind of shows contempt for your readers.

  35. For those of you wondering who Shawn Mendes is, I went and looked it up. He’s a 19 eat old singer.

    Agree with everybody that this is a dumb as hell post.

  36. Everyone complaining here must be new. Lucky doesn’t put people on blast like that even if it doesn’t invade their privacy. Knew he wouldn’t tell. Get over it.

  37. Bullshit
    “I’ve flown with a countless number of A-list celebrities”
    As long time reader (less so as of today), I don’t believe you’ve ever FLOWN with A listers, flown on the same plane……maybe but we really don’t know, do we?

  38. All of you should just shut up. Who cares what the story is behind this, just relax and calm the f down. Jeez, have a sense of humor. You know you’ll still come back to the site, cause he’s one of the damn best travel bloggers around.

    Try not to loose sleep over this guys.

  39. You kidding me? This post is appalling. We expect much better of you dude. You owe us a name and an apology hahaha

  40. If you’re mad about this post and you want to stop reading this blog, go ahead… There’s nothing holding you back.

  41. Post updated with an apology and who it was. Sometimes I get things wrong, and clearly that was the case here, so again, I’m sorry.

  42. i will only consider not reading this blog if there is absolutely no acknowledgement about readers’ frustration over this post. And hopefully that’s not a long defensive post about why he didn’t name the celebrity.

  43. I got a good chuckle from the post, Lucky! Just bummed it wasn’t Shawn!!! I would have died and gone to heaven!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  44. Lucky, Love your blog. Still do. 98% of those people who said they’ll never read your blog again will be back. Well, they probably already read your LifeMiles bonus post.

  45. Man oh man and I thought I saw u in W Singapore with Ford… but the couple was taking taxi so I figured darn it, that couldn’t possibly be…

  46. Don’t feel bad i have had celebs who i have seen in tv and film many times come up and actually talk to me and I still didn’t realize who they were until after.

  47. For many years I read Frugal Travel Guy until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and completely threw in the towel a few months ago. With this idiotic post, I’m now pulling the plug on OMAAT as well. If it’s a slow travel news day, it’s perfectly fine to post nothing until something news worthy comes along, But, this post completely insults my intelligence and utterly reduces my interest in continuing to read OMAAT. You cannot take my business for granted nor disrespect my time.

  48. My guess is that this was a test/experiment to see how many comments one could generate with a totally nothing post. 133 comments before mine.
    Well done Ben.

  49. We ran into Nick at Epcot one year when they were rolling out their new brew at the Food & Wine Festival. Not being a big Jonas Brothers fan, although I knew who they were, we walked along side of them and their Disney exports for several minutes before we finally asked. Our “Duh” moment.

  50. I was seated next to Nick on a DL flight from SFO to LAX once and didn’t know who it was. He was with an entourage and they were fawning all over him. I gathered he was “important” but had no idea. So I took a surreptitious pic and let Facebook inform me. He was nice enough…we briefly chatted, but I could tell he was miffed I didn’t acknowledge him. Oops. Nobody else on the flight seem to care, either. So…yeah.

  51. I saw this post yesterday, but had to click on it again today to see if:
    a) you updated it
    b) people had lost their minds
    Both happened. Good job!

    That’s a pretty sweet celebrity sighting. I’d be kicking myself if i’d been next to him for a whole flight and not said anything.

  52. The writer is a homosexual so we always knew the crush was going to be a bloke. If I was homosexual I guess Nick Jonas would be a crush, he’s quite the dude.

  53. What a load of crap article if you don’t say who it was !!
    Whats the point of the article then ????

  54. Look, everyone. It was Rush Limbaugh that Ben was geeking out about! What, you all didn’t know that Ben loves El Rushbo?


  55. He’s already old us it was Nick Jonas, the hottest American in the world, so hot he’s enough to make me become a homosexual too.

    ” It was Nick Jonas. Sorry again… I’ll do better next time.”

  56. Never thought that Lucky could get worse than TPG but it looks like he’s finally managed it.

    Sometimes you should listen to that little voice in your head that tells you that something isn’t worth sharing with the world outside.

  57. I once sat besideherbie Hancock who was an amazing seat companion when Delta business was the Upgrade
    Oh MY MY I have a tale to tell
    I did not realize who he was till 2/5 in the flight Jfk to las

  58. Ben, This was your worst aberration ever. Very juvenile and kind of sad. Please don’t stoop this low again. You really embarrassed yourself.

  59. Hey Ben

    It’s refreshing to hear from someone who has the same attitudes towards celebrities. Indeed, they are just people after all, however, there are obviously some exceptions. I’m trying to think who I would feel overwhelmed to meet in the flesh, I think most of them are all dead sadly.

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