Five signs you’re on the road too much

I’m sad to admit that all of the following have happened to me in the past few days:

  • You arrive at a hotel only to find you don’t actually have a reservation. After giving it a bit of thought you remember that you never made the reservation, but had only intended to do so but never got around to it.
  • You arrive at check-in and are asked where you’re flying to, and you completely blank. You have to get out your itinerary before you remember where you’re headed next.
  • You think Taylor Lautner is a good actor. And watch Abduction. Twice. And like it. Because it’s better than Happy Feet Two. Which you also watched. Twice.
  • Your Lufthansa First Class Terminal Personal Assistant says “nice to see you again” as you enter the Terminal.
  • You know how to get around Hong Kong better than your hometown (Sadly I can get anywhere in Hong Kong without directions, but get lost on the way to the supermarket in Tampa).

Anyone have any others? Do I need professional help?

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  1. When you fail your loyal readers by neglecting to place a India trip report on your blog, causing advertising revenues to plummet 😀

  2. LOL I did your first one a couple of weeks ago. Made a booking there and then with my iPhone but then had to wait 10 minutes for it to synch up into their system!

  3. Oh, don’t forget “preferring a specific room in a hotel”
    — I travel a lot to Ghana, and the folks at the airport and hotel all know me… its especially funny when I arrive with a different team and they’re like “wow… this guy knows everybody”

  4. I’ve done 1, 2, would never consider 3, I aspire to 4, and could probably say #5 about several Asian cities.

  5. Don’t worry: I have no idea how to get to the supermarket in Tampa, either.

    Note, I live in Toronto. 😉

  6. You can add waking up in a hotel room without knowing what city you are at! Terrible 10 to 20 seconds until the brain figures it out…

  7. Hah, I have done the “forget to actually make the reservation” several times. Also I have made a res far in advance, cancel that and rebook somewhere else to get some promo, then forget to cancel the original one!

  8. Hahaha..

    Have not done 1.

    Have done 2.

    Have done 3.

    Not quite 4. I know practically everybody at YYC (my home airport) by first name, and I got a birthday card and cupcakes (with candle) this week for my birthday.

    Not 5.


  9. @carwag25 Happens all the time to me! I remember where it is, but often when billing to the room (restaurant etc.) I forget the number! 😉

  10. Your travels are beginning to seem a little frenetic-approaching O/C. Interesting, nonetheless.

  11. So true!

    Here’s another one:
    When another passenger has problems figuring our their J-class seat/entertainment device the flight attendant comes over to you to ask for help.

  12. You go to pay for something or talk to someone and you forget what language you should use.

    Happened to me in Panama this month after being on 4 continents in the month February.

  13. I have had a few of those happen. But I have twice made hotel reservations for the wrong city.

  14. Well, you could always join a group called “Whining About First World Problems”.

    In all seriousness, the only thing you need help for is thinking that Taylor Lautner is a good actor. That, and get an iPad or upload more movies/sitcoms to your laptop before traveling.

  15. I’ve had the waking up and not knowing what city you are in, very often. Here’s my contribution:

    1. Lounge dragons reminding you where you keep your ID and card as you pat yourself to find them.
    2. Getting the time zones confused calling family at 4AM their time – often.
    3. When at home, it feels weird to pull clothes out of a drawer, instead of a suitcase.
    4. You no longer take the shampoo bottles from the hotel room.

  16. hey Paladin,
    what do you go do in Ghana? been there a few times this year already, nice country and people

  17. Since your mom does the grocery shopping for the family it’s not surprising that you don’t know where the grocery store is.

  18. When you see a flight attendant in the supermarket and they recognise you and ask how you’re doing. Happened to me twice.

  19. I’ve accidentally booked two hotels for one night before…it was supposed to be different hotels on consecutive nights 😛

  20. Being offered Union membership form from the purser, several times! Being told the usual room and getting a call from reception to say ah um they don’t have a reservation!Through Singapore 5 times in three days and each time the same check in check she cried on the 4th and 5th times don’t know why? Same thing in Shanghai a few years ago 6 times in 4 days fifth time approached with machine guns, rectal exam and xray !!! watch those bookings I do these days at least the same airport with the same airline!!!

  21. A few years ago I was changing planes at ORD. I called my mother to say hello, and she asked where I was. I really had to think about it before I could answer!

  22. when you check in at 19 different airports in 5 days, to the confusion, amazement, and sheer curiosity of my entire friendslist.

  23. Done #2 a few times.

    #4 I only dream about, but I have gotten that from the shuttle drivers in the remote parking lot a few times.

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