Finally perfected my OneWorld award!

My big OneWorld first class award is coming up in less than two months, and I’m excited. While I’ve done first class on basically every Star Alliance carrier, I’ve never flown a premium cabin on OneWorld, other than American first (which doesn’t really qualify as a premium cabin). Just a few minutes ago I made my last change which I think officially makes the award about as perfect as it could get. Here are the changes that have taken place:

  • When I booked HKG-MNL it showed as a 747 with the old first class product, but got substituted for a regional 777 (which doesn’t have first class) a few weeks ago. As luck would have it the earlier flight, which is a 777-300ER with the new first class product, had two first class award seats.
  • MNL-HKG has shown as the new 747 all along, but there were no first class awards available. I wasn’t too bummed about that, since I wanted to try out business class. Last week a first class award seat opened up so I got my dad that seat, while I retained my business class seat. Just now another seat opened up in first, so now we’re together in first class on the 747.
  • HKG-NRT showed as the old 747 but just got switched to the new 747!

That means we went from having one flight in new first, two flights in old first, and one flight in business to having all four flights in the new first class. Of course Cathay Pacific can switch back to the old planes just as quickly as they upgraded them, but as it stands I think the award has been maximized!

It just comes to show you that it pays to check award space and check it often, even when it seems like there’s no hope.

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  1. But you haven’t managed to figure out how to spend an extra night in Toronto for a mini-bar party yet!

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