Final update to this weekend’s Seattle meetup

Scott (from Hack My Trip) and I were going to have dinner this Sunday in Capitol Hill and asked y’all to join us. There was a bit more interest than we expected, and given that we were looking at an Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to change the location. We switched to a set menu at Maggiano’s, though then there wasn’t enough interest to meet the minimums.

So anyway, now we’re in the main dining room at Maggiano’s in Bellevue, and everyone can order what they’d like with no minimums. Dinner is still at 7PM. So if you’d still like to attend and haven’t yet committed, please send an email to Scott at [email protected]

It would be great to see lots of you there!

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  1. I hope you do this again. I just got back from a two week work trip and it wouldn’t fit in the schedule.

  2. Honestly, there are lots of dead bars with better food in downtown Bellevue on a Sunday night, so why don’t you switch it to one of those?


    I kid, I kid! (I think the phrase “no good deed goes unpunished” applies to this…)

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