Fairmont’s Generous “Buy One Get One Free” Promo

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We’re increasingly seeing hotels offer promotions to incentivize future stays, and Fairmont has come out with a fantastic promotion for their North America properties. I first wrote about this a couple of days ago, but they’ve now added two more US properties to the list, so I wanted to provide an update.

Fairmont’s “Stay Close” promo

Fairmont is offering a great promotion whereby you can get a free night for every night you book for a stay this year at your choice of seven properties. This promotion is valid at the following properties:

There are some terms to be aware of:

  • You need to stay by December 31, 2020
  • A deposit is required for the full cost of the stay, though it’s fully refundable, typically until seven days before arrival (I should point out that some hotels are playing games with refunds and claiming they’re not able to do so now, but I’d hope that’s not the case here)
  • You can book back-to-back stays with this offer, should you want to stay longer
  • The promotion can’t be combined with other offers, promotions, or packages
  • Some blackout dates apply
  • You can either have the second night free, or receive a complimentary second room on the same night (you’ll need to contact individual properties to take advantage of the latter option)

This promotion is as good as it sounds

Often when hotels run BOGO promotions there’s a huge catch, as they inflate the rate significantly, before comping the second night. That’s truly not the case with this promotion, as the promo rate is half of the standard rate in two night increments.

For example, pulling up random dates at the Fairmont Banff Springs you’ll see that the standard rate is 659CAD per night, while the promo rate is 329CAD per night.

The only catch is that you have to pre-pay your stay with this promotion, though the deposit is fully refundable, typically up to seven days before arrival.

Note that the rates shown already factor in the second night free, so expect the displayed nightly rate to be 50% of the standard rate.

I’m really tempted…

I’m so temped by this promotion, because the Fairmont Banff Springs and Fairmont Lake Louise have been on my bucket list for so long. The properties and area look gorgeous.

The problem is that I’m not sure if this is realistic for 2020. The border between the US and Canada is closed for non-essential travel through June 21, 2020, as there has just been a further 30 day extension. That could be extended well beyond that. That doesn’t even account for the question of whether one should travel between the US and Canada in the coming months.

Then again, the rate is refundable, so I’m tempted to make a speculative booking for later in the year and hope for the best.

Bottom line

Fairmont has a fantastic buy one get one free offer for four properties in Canada and three properties in the US. While you do have to pre-pay your stay, the deposit is supposed to be fully refundable, typically up to seven days before arrival.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of this great Fairmont promotion?

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Flyer Bonuses)

  1. It’s kind of sad that as an American the best way I can get a free night at a Fairmont is by hopping on a plane to Canada, eh?

  2. @ Ben — Well maybe its not as good as it sounds. You say that hotels are playing games with refunds. Are you aware of Fairmont hotels, and specifically these hotels, playing such games?

  3. Based on the “stay close” name of the promo, I think they’re focused on enticing locals to visit neighbouring recreational properties. As a resident of Vancouver, I received a targeted promotion for Whistler.

    Also noteworthy, if the US keeps doing nothing about the virus, the border with Canada will be closed for a very long time (or, if it’s open, you’ll be subject to the 14-day quarantine here, so you’d better book a long stay and hope your room has a nice view).

  4. Ford should get a Fairmont Famous number and use it whenever booking Raffles, Fairmont, Swissôtel, onefinestay, Sofitel, or Pullman hotels. He/you can then use those points to book free nights when you stay at various Fairmont and other properties. It’s really quite a generous program.


  5. As of now, Banff National park and Jasper National Park are closed. So a summer use of the hotels are pointless. Maybe book now and use it during the winter for ski trips is the better option.

  6. I have looked at 20+ dates for Scottsdale and I don’t think that there are any rooms left on this.

  7. @Dave, “Also noteworthy, if the US keeps doing nothing about the virus, the border with Canada will be closed for a very long time”

    Daily avg deaths/million week ending 5/19
    US 4.1
    Canada 2.7

    Is Canada doing better than the US? Yes!

    Is Canada doing so much better as to warrant nonsense takes like yours? No!

    I’ll add a link to the data in the next comment since otherwise the spam trap will eat this.

  8. Stayed in Banff many times. There are only really two high-end hotels in town: The Banff Springs and the Rimrock , but neither are truly 5-star luxury. I categorize both as 4.5-star. My personal preference is the Rimrock over the Banff Springs. Service is the same at both – OK, not great. The Rimrock is located higher up than the Banff Springs though, so the views tend to be much nicer. The Rimrock’s Signature Grandview rooms are pricey but have stunning views and are very well appointed – highly recommend. But, if you’re playing the points game, then Rimrock won’t be for you as they’re not part of any group. Also, don’t eat at the hotels, the restaurants in town are better and more reasonably priced.

  9. For Lake Louise, while the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is much more famous and can come with those million-dollar views of the lake, the general consensus is that the Post Hotel (a Relais et Chateaux) property is superior with better service, rooms and dining.

  10. @Arvindh, the two townsites are actually open and the rest of Banff and Jasper national parks are opening June 1. They expect that most of the businesses will be able to reopen at that time, with the same restrictions on capacity control as the rest of Alberta, so a visit this summer (for Canadians) is very feasible.

  11. @Reaper, cool stats bro! Now do inflections.

    Here is the info from the link you sent out:

    US: 68.9 average new confirmed cases per 1,000,000 people /day over the past 7 days

    Canada: 30.4 average new confirmed cases per 1,000,000 people /day over the past 7 days

    The disease spreads exponentially when mitigation measures (masks, social distancing) aren’t used. Canada has greater compliance with that than the US, partially because their leader models good behavior.

    (Also, I assume your death stats were right, but didn’t see it when clicking the link. Your link led me to the stats in this message.).

  12. @Nate, equally cool stats bro!

    As I said! Canada’s doing better!

    But doing so much better as to merit nonsense takes about the difference re: border closing?

    You can see the other stats (like deaths, etc) by changing the pop up menus below the charts.

  13. @farnorthtrader fair enough,, but with what happened over the long weekend at Calgary, I think there will be a rebound of cases by June 1…

  14. @lucky Banff is prettier imo during winter time. Lake Louis is essentially a big solid ice cube during winter so I wouldn’t bother to stay at this place unless you are into ice skating. If you go during summer, I would pick Lake Louis over Banff. They are only one hour apart so you can easily do day trips between both properties. If you go on one of the dog sled rides in the winter, make sure you use hand warmer heat pack inside your gloves regardless how thick your glove is! If you do stay at Fairmont Banff, make sure you book into Gold Level rooms as other rooms have very dated furniture.

  15. This promo is an awesome one. Thanks for sharing Lucky.


    You could also go to the one in Scottsdale, AZ, but for me, the ones in Canada would be closer.

  16. I actually find this is false advertising, I went through the Fairmont website to book 2 nights, the booking tool said the average nightly rate was $450/ night. I assumed I was paying $450 for the first night and getting the second night free. When I got my confirmation email, the rate was $900/ 1 night, second night $0. If you are going to advertise buy one night, get one night free, show the full price of the first night at booking, don’t “average” it out. Now I’m waiting to speak to Fairmont to cancel my reservation, I’m not paying $900, and I’m guessing that other guests will get a shock when they go to pay and it’s 2x what they thought, based on their misleading prices on the website.

  17. I appreciate the promotion, but I feel their website is misleading what the total price of a 2 day stay with the promotion. I went to book Jasper Park Lodge this evening, at the room selection it shows “average daily room rate” of $449. I assume I will pay $449 for the first night and get the second night free. I proceed to book and get my confirmation email and I am charged $899 + tax! It feels misleading to not show the one-night cost when promoting a buy one night, get one night free. I’ve since canceled my reservation. I was quite looking forward to this getaway but now I’m just disappointed.

  18. @Shawn

    Did the confirmation page before you hit Confirm or Reserve did not show the final estimate price?

    I do not think it is misleading and the average daily rate speaks for itself. What if you book 3 nights? or 4 nights?

    The average daily rate should just be that – after all discounts and promotions, be it BOGO or Buy 2 get 3rd nights free or whatever it is, average the actual cost you pay per night.

  19. @Ray. I’ve never seen a website do that, and I travel quite a bit for work and personal. Show me the daily rate, don’t average it out to for my stay, especially if you are advertising BOGO. If I buy shoes BOGO, I don’t see the “average price” on my receipt. Anyhow, it’s cancelled, someone else can proudly pay the $1000 to stay 2 nights – I’m not willing to but I’m sure they’ll have no issues getting the room reserved.

  20. @shawn properties like four seasons, aman, etc. always show avg daily room rate on their website. If you go on any four seasons website, some of them may have stay three and get fourth night free, click into room tab, they will show avg daily room rate which includes the “free fourth night” when they display the price.

  21. Just booked both properties in August to get out of the Arizona heat, thanks Ben for the heads up!

  22. Both properties doesn’t say much in my last comment…lol. I booked 2 nights at Lake Louise and 2 at Banff. I was looking at both these properties about a month ago for August and the price per night was around 595.00 for Banff and 795.00 for Lake Louise so this is pretty much a 50% discount for me.

  23. In terms of limiting exposure in a plane, many hours for you, Lucky, as well as a connection. Anytime after mid-Sept gets really cold & is the beginning of bad weather, so unless you don’t mind that you have about 3 months to cash in.

  24. Some sources are stating the border closure to non-essential travel does NOT apply to air travel.

  25. @points adventure, last I heard, Canadians could travel by air to the US but Americans could not travel to Canada by air travel. Apparently, each country thought closing the border meant a different thing.

  26. Thats correct. Canadians can fly to the US (but at the moment only American has across the border flights), but Americans cannot enter Canada.

  27. Fairmont has a seriously dysfunctional website. Try finding these specials by starting there. Easy to find specials that expired April 30, though.

  28. I also don’t think this is a good deal, this is just marketing. I called Fairmont to clarify why $379 a night was coming up on a so-called 2 for 1 / BOGO promotion at Jasper Park Lodge. They can keep their over priced products.

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