FAA Updates In-Air Electronic Device Policy

It looks like the FAA has made a (long overdue) ruling on the use of electronic devices during all stages of flight.

Per CNN:

Airplane travelers will soon be able to watch videos and play games with their electronic devices throughout their entire flight — and not just above a certain altitude — the Federal Aviation Administration said Thursday in a long-anticipated announcement.

Until now, passengers in the United States were prohibited from using the devices until their plane rose above 10,000 feet. The timing of the changes will depend on individual airlines, but an FAA statement said it expects “many carriers will prove to the FAA that their planes allow passengers to safely use their devices in airplane mode, gate-to-gate, by the end of the year.”

Fortunately a ban on using cell phones for voice communication remains in effect.

Very exciting news!

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  1. This is truly great news! What are the odds that they’ll allow phone calls on flights? I hope they don’t allow it, but is it likely that they’ll change that too?

  2. @ R.W. Whitt — The FAA hasn’t approved voice communication, so I wouldn’t expect that rule to change anytime soon.

  3. Oy. Talking on the phone is no different than talking to your seat mate. Either can be really loud or really quiet.

  4. You should really be more clear lucky. The quote is “A ban on using cell phones for voice communication remains in effect.”

    Doesn’t say anything about skype, VOIP, etc.

  5. @ anon — Whoops, added the words “cell phone.” Thanks. Not using other forms of voice communication comes down to airline policy.

  6. “Fortunately a ban on using cell phones for voice communication remains in effect.”

    Indeed. I hope this never changes. Average Americans (like Russians and Chinese) have absolutely no clue how to talk quietly on a cell phone. No clue at all. I hope this ban is never lifted.

  7. Thank you, Dax. Someone had better write the handbook on cell phone etiquette before a civil disturbance arises. At the moment, there is nothing to say what the results of such a disturbance might be at 10,000 feet or above. What occurs as street level is only slightly appalling.

  8. I’m so glad they’ve finally figured out that my Kindle on airplane mode isn’t going to bring down the plane…

    That is probably the biggest plus for me, is that I don’t have to switch to a paper magazine/book for 20 minutes while taxiing, taking off, and cruising up to 10,000 feet. Kindle the whole way now!

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