Problems With Etihad Transfers From Amex & Citi (Fully Resolved)

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As an update to this post from a couple of weeks ago, points transfers from Amex and Citi to Etihad Guest are once again working as they should.

The issue with Amex was resolved last week, and the issue with Citi is now resolved as well.

Below is the original post in its entirety.

Earning transferrable points is awesome, though yesterday I wrote about how frustrating it can be when the transfers don’t go correctly. I provided the example of how I was trying to transfer Amex and Citi points to Etihad Guest, and in both cases there were issues.

Amex let me transfer out the points, but they didn’t instantly show up in my Etihad account, as they’re supposed to.

Meanwhile Citi didn’t even allow me to initiate the transfer, and instead there was a message stating “When we tried to complete your Points Transfer, we encountered a system error. Please try again or contact Customer Service for help.”

I was confused if something was just wrong with my Etihad account, or what exactly was going on. Well, after sharing my experience, many of you chimed in with your experiences, and it seems like I’m in good company, for better or worse.

At the moment it doesn’t seem like Amex and Citi points transfers to Etihad are working as they should. I’m working on figuring out what exactly is going on, though for the time being I wouldn’t recommend transferring points.

So while Citi doesn’t even allow you to initiate the transfer, Amex will let you transfer points, but then 2-3 days later they show up again in your Amex account, and show as “cancelled partner transfer.”

I’m working on figuring out what exactly is going on, and will report when I know. The issue is that at least among frontline staff, people don’t seem to be aware of the problem. So you have credit card reps stating that everything is happening as it should, and you also have Etihad reps saying that the mileage transfers just aren’t showing up.

I’ll update this post when I find out more or when this is resolved, but in the meantime I wouldn’t recommend transferring points. Just look at all the comments from readers who are having issues in the previous post.

  1. I have the same problem with trying to make ThankYou point transfers to Etihad. It’s been a problem for weeks.

  2. Wouldn’t mind betting it has something to do with the huge losses etihad have been racking up recently. Myself and my wife recently returned from Abu Dhabi to Lhr and they offered an upgrade from business to 1st suites for £400 each , which we gladly paid to experience both the great lounge and inflight service. Another one off the bucket list .

  3. Thanks Ben. Anxiously awaiting your findings. Someone from Citi TU just called me back and told me it is a known problem they are working on but no ETA and no sure yet if it is a Citi or Etihad system problem.

  4. I have heard over the last year some have had lengthy delays but I just transferred over 540,000 points from my Australian AMEX card last Saturday at 7pm and they showed in my Etihad account at 7pm on Monday so doesn’t seem the issues are affecting everything thankfully. Phew!

  5. I have the same problem, tried transfer from Amex and points were sent back after 3 days.
    I repeated the operation yesterday from my wife account, but now I see this article.
    I have a booking on hold, I really hope it gets solved before I loose it.

  6. Been on the fence whether to book a Maroc award through them this summer… was waiting for a positioning flight availability to open up but seems like I need to follow this closer before transferring Amex/Citi pts.

    Keep us posted!

  7. I am glad that you brought this issue up. I’ve been having this “Citi-Etihad” nonsense since 2/05/2019. Thank you for the post, Ben. I am looking forward to see your findings.

  8. An Amex representative just called me for the results of the 7-10 business day inquiry with Etihad. They said they found nothing and I need to call Etihad. From there, I pressed that I think everyone is having issues and the representative resisted for 5-6 minutes, then put me on hold, and confirmed there is an issue and I will get a follow up call by Friday April 5.

  9. I believe this is a plot by Etihad to prohibit systemwide reward redemptions by Transfer Affiliates.

  10. And now my Amex Etihad transfer link says, “Transfer to Etihad Guest temporarily unavailable.” Frustrating. All depends on the definition of “temporarily” – one more week or months?

    How hard can it be for both Amex and Etihad to come together and resolve this asap?

  11. Ben, is there anyone you can reach out to at Etihad?

    This is really becoming inconvenient, as I need to transfer Amex points to
    for an upcoming flight.


  12. Having the same issue over the last 2-3 weeks as well.
    Tried transferring 60k points from Citi to Etihad and got the same error message
    Tried transferring 60k points from Amex to Etihad and got the same return of points a few days later
    Very frustrating experience with all three services, definitely looking forward to resolution of the problem

  13. The issue has been resolved! Point transfers are now back online. I’ve confirmed that they are instantaneous.

  14. I just transferred over from MR to Etihad and book an Oman Air flight about 4 hours ago. Worked for me as I was trying to do this for weeks now.

  15. Unfortunately the issue has not been resolved. I just tried to transfer points and got the same error message. I called Citi Thank You and got the usual answer: “Technical problem…we’re still working on it.”

  16. Ben, any progress? Have been waiting for over 3 months now for Citi to get their act together. Maybe your probing might help!

  17. Not only did the transfer request now work with Citi, the points appeared almost immediately in my Etihad account.

    Thanks for your support with this issue Ben.

  18. Citi is still not working for me. “We had trouble with your Points Transfer to the chosen loyalty program. Please contact the loyalty program to confirm your membership details”

  19. Update: I had to update my phone # on my Etihad account. Appears that the phone numbers need to match in both citi and Etihad accounts. Transfer was instant.

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