Wow: Etihad A380 Formation Flying Video

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It’s rare to see a formation flying video of commercial planes. While it’s common for military planes, personally my love of aviation is centered heavily around commercial planes. Over the past few years we’ve seen some pretty incredible formation flying videos with commercial aircraft.

Like this A350 formation flying video from last year:

Or this Emirates A380 doing formation flying with Jetman Dubai:

Well, it seems Etihad may have gotten a bit jealous of Emirates’ formation flying routine, as they did their own A380 formation flying to celebrate the Grand Prix and UAE National Day. It was done in conjunction with Al Fursan, the UAE National Aerobatic team.

Here’s the incredible footage:


  1. Let me start with something nice 🙂 The Etihad A380 is absolutely stunning!.. actually the livery is gorgeous on any aircraft type.

    This formation flight is hardly groundbreaking or even close to anything worth watching. Its just very very boring and tired. Why did they even bother?…or is there actually a longer clip where something “interesting” happens?

    These were common place in the UK and Europe back in the 80s and 90s…especially with the Concorde

  2. Hmm… Looks nice but would be cool to have a behind the scenes video about the logistics & challenges of this fly-by. Obviously, formation flying isn’t as easy as it looks but are there any special difficulties due to A380 being present?

  3. So, is this why they downgauged one of the normal LHR-AUH A380 frequencies to a 777 for a few weeks?

    I’d be pretty upset if I had booked the First Apartment and lost it because they wanted the plane for this stunt.

  4. A380s create a ton of wake turbulence – especially where they are flying low, slow and clean (flaps up etc.) Hard to judge speed in this video, but this A380 would at least have been going low over the F1 track. The wake turbulence spreads out from the wingtips down and outwards, so the fighter jets only had a small envelope to work within.

  5. On the subject of aviation videos, there is a new four part series from Nine Network in Australia about QF, titled Ready for Takeoff. (It’s available on YouTube.) Part 2 is my favorite. It has a nice feature about the 80 year old gentleman who recently completed his 1,000th flight on QF. I hope I still have his passion for commercial flight when I’m in my 80s!

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