Emirates Passenger Jailed After Smearing Genitals With Wine

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Goodness gracious, talk about a piece of work! The Daily Mail has a story about a British man who is facing an 11 month jail sentence after his behavior on an Emirates flight.


Via The Daily Mail:

Judge Burbridge QC, giving his sentence, told Bharaj: ‘You demanded more alcohol and swore repeatedly even though there were four young children behind you who had to listen to your tirade.

‘You told a female member of cabin crew that if she were on the ground you would punch her in the face.

‘In a particularly grotesque piece of behaviour you dipped your fingers in your glass of wine and rubbed them on your private parts.

‘The air hostess felt abused and disgusted after seeing you touch yourself in such a sexually explicit way.

‘You shouted “f*****g Muslims – send them back to where they came from” and “f*****g ISIS”.

‘He referred to police as ‘white w*****s’ and ‘white b******s’ and in the police car he bit PC Ingram on the arm.’

Oh my, what a guy! Not only was he being abusive towards the crew and passengers, but he apparently also caused £2,643 worth of damage to the plane.

That has to be one of the worst air rage stories I’ve ever read…

I do wonder how much alcohol he had been served prior to this whole incident. Of course that wouldn’t excuse his behavior either way, though it sounds like he may have been served a bit too much. That can happen quite easily in economy, since you can always go up to a different flight attendant to ask for more alcohol, which I suspect may have been what happened here.


It sounds like he’s getting the sentence he deserves…

  1. Also I was curious about Bharaj’s national origin (seeing as how he’s not so fond of Muslims or Whites), so I looked it up. The surname Bharaj is most common in India, but also common in Kenya.

  2. Lucky you’re kidding right? Ha it is FAR easier to drink to excess in premium classes than economy. Far more chances at service and more attentive service. You simply aren’t enjoying enough long haul economy class. A single economy zone in a CX 77W, for example, has two dedicated FAs….one fewer than if you sat in J. And they are far busier and service is much slower. Scoring the same # of beers of whisky sodas in economy as you drink glasses of Krug in F is simply impossible.

  3. @BobTrial but its much more likely to have “4 young children” behind you in economy rather than premium classes. Maybe the guy pre-gamed at the airport or just is a weak drinker

  4. His middle name Singh indicates to me he is a Sikh. He obviously has problems that probably have little to do with his religion.

  5. While Singh is a common — the most common last name for Sikh males — way more Hindus have the name Singh than there are Sikhs. That said, the combinations of the name indicate that he is likely to be of Sikh origin, and his photos indicate he is a so-called mona Sikh since he doesn’t grow out his hair and wear a turban.

    East and southern parts of Africa that were part of the British empire have had lots of people or ethnic South Asian heritages. That said, he isn’t one of those. He is a British person of Indian heritage.

  6. Shame he didn’t do it on the way to Dubai. I think a UAE jail would be considerably worse than a UK one

  7. The most drunk, but not abusive, pax I have even seen in 40 years of flying was a 60y/o+ british woman on an Emirates A380, DXB-SYD who spent the entire flight at the bar.

    She was so sick during landing, that after several full sick bags the staff gave her a plastic bin bag that she continued to fill to the max.

    Those Emirates long-hauls offer extreme volumes of quality liquor in convivial surroundings.

  8. “It sounds like he’s getting the sentence he deserves…”

    Really? 11 months in a cage where he will be degraded like an animal for acting like an ass and causing minor damage? I would think a fine and a stern warning that similar behavior in the future will lead to a custodial sentence ought to be sufficient to discourage him from making the same mistake.

    I’m disappointed how easily you are willing to endorse the destruction of someone’s life over a bad day of drinking that led to nothing more than a few disturbed passengers and a couple thousand pounds of damage.

  9. @Horatio Glastonbery – “Really? 11 months in a cage where he will be degraded like an animal for acting like an ass and causing minor damage?”

    Yes, really.

    “I would think a fine and a stern warning that similar behavior in the future will lead to a custodial sentence ought to be sufficient to discourage him from making the same mistake.”

    No, it won’t. People like this sleazeball aren’t deterred by fines or warnings.

  10. Sadly these days Emirates can be a lot like a low cost carrier. Pile the PAX in, give them enough to eat and drink and ask FA’s straight out puppy school to exercise control and restraint over the service of alcohol. It’s easier to continue plying them with booze then to say no and invite a reaction from the passenger

  11. If dude hates Muslims then he probably shouldn’t be flying Emirates, and probably shouldn’t be flying out of Dubai either. According to one report he was travelling from Thailand after visiting his “estranged wife”. “He also caused an estimated damage of £2,643 to Emirate airlines equipment.” Too bad he didn’t have his meltdown in Dubai.

  12. @Horatio Glastonbery @Brian L. I also feel (almost) a full year in jail is a pretty harsh sentence for what is essentially a bad drunk getting drunk in the air as opposed to on the ground. I’d have thought a fair sentence is a token jail term (1 month?) and considerable community service. And a large fine.

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