Great Emirates First Class Fares From North America!

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I love Emirates, and they offer one of my favorite first class products in the world. Unfortunately it’s not quite as easy to book as it used to be:

The good news is that Emirates is fairly aggressive with their first class pricing, so while I wouldn’t go so far as to call some of their first class tickets “cheap,” they do represent an excellent value when you consider what you’re getting. The catch is that it’s rare to see attractive first class fares published for travel originating in North America. Instead, the best fares are typically for travel originating in cheaper markets, like Cairo, Colombo, etc.

However, at the moment there are some exceptionally good Emirates first class fares for travel originating in Canada, as noted by zoqfotpik on FlyerTalk. The fares seem to be valid for travel through the end of the schedule, and availability is wide open. The best place to search these fares is Google Flights, and then you can book directly through Emirates (for whatever reason these fares don’t show up on ITA Matrix). When you use Google Flights, make sure you specify Emirates as the airline you’re looking to book, or else these fares may not show up.

To give a few examples of the great fares, you can:

  • Fly from Toronto to Chennai for ~3,800USD roundtrip
  • Fly from Toronto to Cairo for ~4,000USD roundtrip
  • Fly from Toronto to Johannesburg for ~4,300USD roundtrip
  • Fly from Toronto to Hong Kong for ~4,500USD roundtrip

I’m sure there are plenty of other great deals as well. Emirates flies an A380 to Toronto, so you can enjoy Emirates’ famous onboard shower and bar if taking this flight.

I’ve never seen first class fares that low on Emirates out of North America. The other thing to remember is the number of miles you can earn for a trip like this. For example, the journey from Toronto to Johannesburg covers a distance of 22,000 flown miles roundtrip, and if crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan you’d earn:

  • 33,000 elite qualifying miles (150%)
  • 77,000 redeemable miles (350%)
  • An additional 22,000 redeemable miles if MVP Gold, or an additional 27,500 miles if MVP Gold 75K

In other words, an MVP Gold 75K member would earn nearly over 100,000 redeemable miles for one of these tickets. I’ve bought Alaska miles for two cents each in the past, so those miles are worth ~$2,000, which lowers the real “cost” of one of these tickets for such a member to ~$2,300 roundtrip. That’s not even factoring in the points you earn through your credit card for purchasing the ticket (you can earn up to 5x points for the cost of the ticket, which could be about 20,000 Membership Rewards points, or worth another $350+).

Obviously this isn’t for everyone, and this is still a lot of money. However, as far as legitimate first class fares originating in North America go, these are pretty tough to beat.

Anyone tempted to take advantage of one of these great Emirates first class fares?


  1. I would consider the YYZ-JNB flight. Although I would only earn 77k Alaska miles as I don’t have status. It’s a decent fare 1. what you get on board, 2. the length of the flights, and 3. the mileage kickback. 70k will get a QF F one way using AS MP. So three o/w F class long hauls for $4,300 = $1,433 each as one way to look at it.

  2. Thanks Ben, just booked a spur of the moment trip to Tokyo while my wife was asleep! Don’t know how long this fare will last, so I figured I’d book it right away. Hope my wife feels like going to Tokyo in April!

  3. This is a great deal for S Africa travel, and actually comes in as cheaper than travel originating in S Africa, for those of us who purchase tickets there.

  4. For elite MVP MILES what would be the compensation? Is it 77,000 redemption miles plus, 33,000 elite qualifying miles.

  5. At this point you’ve basically become a re-blogger for the flyertalk premium deal forum. Why not just ask your readers to setup an rss feed for that and call it a day?

  6. I can’t find the fares posted, Went to google was hoping to get the hongkong deal looked at the fares till July but don’t see the discounted price anymore, not sure if it ended…

    Poor Ben been targeting by a minority group of psycho people that have to hide their face and identity behind a screen to attack others so they feel better or achieve some kind of happiness. However I don’t think you shouldn’t worry at all on what they said because they are normally failures in real life that just crave for attention, the more you give them, the more it makes them happy.

  7. Anyone else able to still see that fare please share the news, thanks! It is a good deal for first class!

    Also correction on the previous post I meant however I don’t think you “should” worry, not shouldn’t.

  8. @Yvonne–it looks like the fare requires a 7 day minimum stay. And I’m seeing YYZ-HKG departures at ~$4600 only on certain days of the week.

  9. Found the fares, after selecting the dates the price dropped from the estimated shown before selection showing the daily flight fares. Thank you yyc and Andrew.

  10. The HKG pricing is gone. It’s back up to $11,000. Plus EK schedule requires you spend a night in Dubai going and returning, which isn’t exactly convenient. I can see from a mileage standpoint it’s a great deal, but for actual destination travelers there are better choices such as AC or CX.

  11. @N That’s not a fair comment. You could say analysts just read economic reports and summarize, or reporters just read AP wire and repeat, doctors just read medical journals and copy the advice, lawyers just read the law and apply it. That world view misses the value added by pretty much everyone in every field and is just snarky. I, for one, would never have seen this because I don’t comb through flyertalk posts nor do I have any desire to.

  12. @N I know you probably hate your life, but the rest of us enjoy this blog. Stop reading it if you do not like it. I don’t think you are stupid, you just have a bad luck when thinking.

  13. @Bob Spring in Tokyo is wonderful, especially the last two weeks of March and the first week of April because of cherry blossom season and the accompanying festivals.

  14. @Bill. I still see plenty of dates available, as long as you are leaving on MWF and staying at least a week. The “overnight” on the outbound isn’t a true overnight, since the DXB-HKG leaves at 3am.
    If you can point to a CX F fare that is $4600, I would agree that is a MUCH better deal. AC doesn’t have F, so not sure about that comparison.

  15. @Andrew I did a quick search on google flights and it says cheapest is $11,000, but once I clicked on a specific date, I do see these prices. The only thing is it takes 29 hours to get there vs AC or CX that can do it in 16 hours. Time should be considered as well. But $4,600 is a steal.

  16. Thank you for posting. I cannot take advantage of it, although I had already booked a slightly higher fare by flying ex-Colombo to New York. Also, this is much better than a typical Flyertak post I might have missed. Much more detail here. Also, it annoys me that most postings just use airport codes rather than cities. Very hard to glance at a page to find useful fares.

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