$1,300 Roundtrip Emirates First Class Fare From Kuala Lumpur To Dubai

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Well this has been a crazy week when it comes to airfare deals.

At the moment there are some incredible Emirates first class fares for travel from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai. You can fly roundtrip first class from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai for just $1,300, which is insane.

You can potentially get an even cheaper fare if you originate elsewhere. For example, if you fly from Hanoi and return to Penang (routing via Kuala Lumpur, with the regional sectors in economy), you can bring the fare down to ~$1,000.

Note that these flights can only be booked as a Malaysia Airlines codeshare at this fare. The fare books into the “A” fare class, but you’ll see that it says “Business” when you book. This is simply because Malaysia Airlines no longer has first class, so for them “A” is business class.

But if you are booking “A,” it should absolutely book into Emirates first class, since that’s the fare class Emirates uses.

The one downside to this being a codeshare is crediting the flights. You won’t be able to credit a Malaysia Airlines codeshare on Emirates to Alaska Mileage Plan, for example (at least not officially).

Unfortunately these fares won’t show on Google Flights, but they are bookable via Orbitz. I see the most availability over the next several weeks (through February), so if you want to book, I’d recommend doing so ASAP.

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I realize these fares may be of limited use for most, but hopefully at least some can take advantage of these great fares!

(Tip of the hat to nobody112358)

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  1. @Lucky, so if I book it as is through Orbtiz, it’ll show at the end that it’s being booked as F with Emirates?

  2. I booked for two of us in sept. For five nights, six days leaving Jakarta coming back into Kuala Lumpur as I have been trying to get to Dubai for the first time without breaking the bank. Unfortunately this afternoon availability was really drying up and I ended up nabbing the older 777-300. No shower/ bar and at this time nor the newer suites but for $1200 all in each w/ Orbitz insurance, I’m still extremely excited.

    We’ll try and switch one our Marriott hotel packages from last fall over to Dubai.

  3. Hi Lucky,

    I’ve got this message when trying to process payment

    “Sorry We weren’t able to proceed with your booking. You may return to the previous page to try again.
    Otherwise, please try your search again.”

    Any suggestion?

  4. Hello.

    How were you able to find at error fares were also available flying out of Jakarta? Did your randomly check routes and dates? Or is there a more systematic way to check?


  5. @Ryan

    There is no guarantee that A on Malaysia code-share maps to A on an Emirates true flight. But it is a very good guess.

  6. Booked and already have a first class seat assignments. This year is off to a crazy start indeed!


  7. @ Calv — Great question. Anyone know how to (unofficially) credit a MH ticket stock but EK metal flights to AS?


  8. Hi Justin, how do you get the first class seat assignment if I may ask?
    I booked and the ticket still shows me business class (a)

  9. I flew a very cheap CMB-KUL-DXB MH coded EK operated ticket and it credited to BA on the MH code , but before their rez system switched to Amadeus so they may be a bit more sophisticated these days

  10. lucky, I booked in first but i just checked my itinerary from orbitz and the F segments are in biz class!!!.. im on the phone with Orbitz now….. check your itineraries…

  11. @Justin Ross Lee Your best bet is to send Alaska your boarding pass, they can credit the miles after your flight. However there is a risk in that they may not honor the request. If you are interested, there is an Alaska miles request webpage that gives more details as to how to claim miles after a flight.

  12. Seems that i cannot book KL to Dubai in First class on the emirates website, can it be possible that this is the 2 class a380 route of emirates?

  13. I felt this post is very weak in explaining why this fare is so appealing. I assume most of readers here are based in the US. Why would anyone want to position to Kuala Lumpur and fly to Dubai for $1.3K with no potential mileage earning? Is flying Emirates First really worth it? Am I missing something?

  14. Currently, the two-class configured A380 flies to four destinations including Copenhagen, Bangkok, Manchester and Kuala Lumpur. The airline’s 74th A380 has just been added into the fleet. Of the 74 A380s in Emirates’ fleet, four aircraft feature the two-class cabin configuration.

  15. Still alive and availability wide open, really want to take this but the miles don’t look really good for a non-necessity flight……
    Speaking of which, is there a good site like wheretocredit.com, but for airline status, like tier points or EQM/MQM? Sometimes for a small difference in miles, I might as well take a easy additional gold.

  16. We booked the ticket from Orbtiz. Received confirmation at 3 pm today. Afterwards, it changes from confirmed to waitlist. Called Orbtiz to check and they said that its not their problem and can only offer economy flight. Called Malaysia Airline and they say i have to look to check with Orbitz.

    So I guess, they are not going to honour my booking. Last check they have removed all the dates. No luck with it i guess :X

  17. I remember when you wrote about how you hope 2019 will have a bunch of mistake fares…
    …Your wish is coming true 🙂

  18. @ Erick — First get your Emirates record locator by using chat on their website by giving them your MH ticket number on your Orbitz receipt. Then use your Emirates record to select seats online.

    Malaysia Airlines site shows “business suite (A)” which = Emirates First Class.
    See you on board.


  19. @Marsco That’s because you’re missing the fact that there are still thousands of readers like us based in Asia who’ll find posts like these extremely useful.

    Thanks Lucky!

  20. This will NOT credit to AS. MH is not an AS Partner. While not specifically allowed, AS will generally credit partner codeshares based on the operating carrier charts if both the marketing airline and the operating airline are both partners. An AA coded BA flight will credit with a manual request while an IB Coded BA flight will not.


  21. @ Valentin I booked one (A388, one-way) in late-Jan, got EK booking code, when I logged in to my EK account, it notes, First. Some people say it’s 2-class A380 KUL-DXB but as I heard, equipment change from three- to two class aircraft will happen after March 2019 so if you search some dates after March, you can’t find first class, I guess? If I am wrong, let me know.

  22. @ Jessie – it depends, and we can’t understand depends on what. Most planes that flown between KUL and DXB in January are 2-class, you can check it flightradar. But some are 3-class on same routes with same flight numbers.
    Majority is 2-class

  23. Not honored, my tonight ticket cancelled. First come – first served 🙂 Let’d start the refund drama 😀

  24. Did exactly as mentioned in the article. Booked through an OTA, got on live chat with EK support (who gave me an incorrect PNR the first time :)) and booked seat 1A. First class at that time was 50% occupied so I guess a lot of people have used this!
    Excited for my debut EK First Class experience.

  25. I called orbitz today, per fare conditions they are even able to rebook the dates for 40 USD fee and even reroute as I booked Hanoi-Dxb-HkG, I can change to HKG-DXB-HKG and pay the fare difference to the mistake fare valid on the ticketing date ex HkG. Saves me a day wasted travelling to Vietnam and long layover in KUL. Loves it

  26. @Valentin
    I just confirmed seats. There are 5 rows in 1-2-1 configuration (14 seats) which matches the first class configuration.

  27. Booked return for abt 1315 usd. on Vayama, tkt confirmed by Emirates with seat assignments too, so cross fingers.
    What amazing 2019 for error fares:):), lets hope next will be Etihad Residence;)

  28. Expect the tickets to be cancelled as the process seems to have started already, so don’t get too excited about having proper PNR’s etc 🙁

  29. @Andy

    Of course hoping for the best, in any case have consolation with already confirmed Cathay Pacific ex Hanoi fares;)

  30. I was able to pick seat on Emirates app but now I can’t manage my flight through Emirates app/Web. I still see my flight confirmed on MH app and Vayama.

  31. Ticket just cancelled by the airline, only economy sectors ex Hanoi and to HKG remain on the PNR…

  32. Yes, In my case.. it se cancelled by both airlines. I can not search for my ticket detail on web.
    Also, I didn’t get any information about canceling my tickets 🙁
    MH not likes Cathay Pacific that kind for error fare.. I saw someone shared experience with this error fare. Who booked kul – dxb on 8 Jan. And it got canceled before flight 6 hours.
    The sure thing is I’m not gonna choice Malaysia Airlines in the future..
    How sad

  33. I called Orbitz, they said they called the airline and the ticket will be reinstated within 24 hours. Let‘s see…

  34. Yeah, Mine got cancelled also, Airline didn’t even inform me, I recommend checking with the provider you booked with because Opodo didn’t even know it had been cancelled. Definitely don’t just try hide and wait until flight dates because they wont be honoured

  35. Mine was suspended either. I was working with Vayama to resolve the problem this morning. The representative talked to their ticketing team and informed me that there were several similar reservations affected. They will reach out to the MH and see what they have done to the tickets. Upon reading the rules on MAVCOM, I believe this issue can be reported to them for further solution.

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