Emirates announces newest mileage redemption partner — easyJet!

If this isn’t a sign of the times, I don’t know what is. We’re seeing partnerships all over the place nowadays, from major competitors like Air New Zealand and Cathay Pacific, to a new partnership between Emirates and EasyJet.

This partnership starts tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, whereby Emirates Skywards members can redeem their miles to pay for EasyJet flights inclusive of taxes, charges and airport fees as well as optional extras such as sports equipment and added baggage allowance.

Keep in mind that easyJet has 29″ of pitch in coach. For those of you that have no sense for how much legroom that translates to, take whichever coach product you’ve flown before, subtract a couple of inches, and you have easyJet.

Unfortunately this seems to be a one-way agreement, and no number of easyJet flights will get you an Emirates first class suite redemption. šŸ˜€

Anyway, I can actually see cases where this could be useful. If you take just one trip on Emirates, for example, you won’t have enough miles for a “valuable” award, though you may very well have enough for an easyJet award. I guess it’s an alternative to using miles for a magazine subscription.

This all just seems way out of left field…

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  1. I dunno. This seems like a bad use of points from *any* system.

    I’ve flown EasyJet before. It was OK, but I had low expectations. Seats were shockingly cramped and there were parts of the experience that were chaotic, but it got me were I needed to go and I was satisfied that I got what I paid for.

    But the whole point of airlines like EasyJet are that the flights are dirt cheap. It seems like a waste of miles to use them on a flight that you could pay for with cash for the cost of a modest lunch. Personally, I’ll be saving my points for tickets that would cost a lot more out of pocket.

  2. OMG don’t waste a single point!! EasyJet is hands down the WORST flight experience ever. Only fly them if you wish to experience what cattle go through on the way to the slaughterhouse!

  3. Great for Emirates passengers who arrive in Europe and need to fly somewhere Emirates doesn’t or cross country Europe.

  4. easyJet is terrible. Everyone’s treated like cattle from the moment you get to the gate, and they charge fees for everything. Unlike most airlines, you’re only allowed one piece of hand luggage (a laptop bag or handbag counts as one) and they’re really strict about enforcing this. It’s 40 quid if you get caught out with a second piece of hand luggage at the gate (and you get berated by a pissed off gate attendant)!

  5. I’m not sure it’s such a surprise. To being with, easyJet’s seat pitch is about the same as FlyDubai’s, and Emirates already has passengers connection from those flights. Emirates has a large operation at Gatwick (and room for growth, unlike at LHR), while EZY flies from there to just about every village in Europe with a runway.

    I wonder if this isn’t a prelude to easyJet emulating JetBlue and signing some limited interline agreements with long-haul carriers at its major hubs.

  6. I thought this was an April Fool’s joke when I first saw it. But then I realized it’s November. I’m flying easyJet this coming February from CDG to PRG, and I’m interested to experience it…

  7. Sorry to say what a load of tripe about EasyJet its a budget airline as the above people know so if you want to pay more for say a two hour flight then its your money…..Easyjet are one of the best on time carriers .

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