El Al New 747 Business Class

El Al has didn’t have all that much of an aspirational premium cabin product to begin with, though it looks like they’re finally (slightly) updating their first and business class products on the 747s flying to New York’s JFK Airport.

Here’s how they describe the new business class product:

EL AL is redesigning the look of its seats, enlarging the pitch between rows for the comfort of its Business Class passengers, and upgrading to “Bed Like” seats for a comfortable, more pleasant experience on flights to/from New York (JFK).


And here’s how they describe the new first class product:

EL AL offers its First Class customers an intimate, newly restyled cabin with a prestigious look. The seats have been redesigned and re-upholstered in a faux leather fabric, bestowing a fresh and elegant look to the seats and to the entire cabin. A minibar has been installed for the convenience of First Class passengers.


Now, these changes are mostly “lipstick on a pig,” though they’d be hard pressed to make the new product sound (or look!) any less appealing.

While their website suggests the reconfigured 747s will only fly to JFK as of May 2014, they’re actually already flying them there. To tell whether your flight feature the new or old configuration, take a look at the first class seatmap.

If the first class cabin has two rows, it’ll be the new product:


Meanwhile if it has three rows, it’ll be the old product:


Keep in mind that El Al partners with American AAdvantage, which is the best way to redeem miles for El Al business class. It’s worth noting that you can’t redeem American miles for El Al first class, though. Furthermore, El Al is fairly stingy with releasing business class award space, so unless you’re planning far in advance don’t count on easily finding award space.


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  1. I wonder why El Al isn’t even trying here. Lack of competition?

    First class, no bedding, no turndown, and “first class” seats ca. 1998? And is the first row of business really directly behind the second row of first? Because that’s how it looks.


  2. @ TravelinWilly — Yep, that’s exactly right. After all, look how they advertise it — “Did you know? EL AL is the only airline offering First Class passengers direct flights to North America!”

    I’d argue United’s BusinessFirst is almost better than their first or business class, which is saying a lot. But I suspect they have a loyal following based on the carrier they are as opposed to the quality.

  3. The 1980’s called, they want their white patent leather seat covers back.

    El Al traded Air Koryo some non-floating seat cushions for them.

  4. I guess having no major competition means…a cheaptastic airlines? I mean jeez even Gulf Air offers a better product now…

  5. You can’t even come up with your own phrase? Story line, pictures, and lipstick on a pig are all straight from Dan. Weak.

  6. @ Corky — I swear on my life I didn’t actually see Dan’s post about it or I would have credited him. I guess great minds just think alike. šŸ˜‰

  7. Woo hoo! Too bad El Al doesn’t have an alliance, we can’t try their products without having to pay $$$…

  8. Wht do you guys say there is no competition? Both Delta and United fly the New York to TLV nonstop route.

  9. I’ve flown El Al’s current business class long haul and it was far better than AF, LH or DL for comfort, service food and overall experience.

    This improvement to flat beds is great and I would gladly fly again with El Al.

  10. @Aaron, you refer above to “much better than Delta,” that is not factual for 2014. Delta is 1-2-1 and 1-1 (upper deck) on their JFK-TLV nonstop. I’d easily say the most comfortable and best configuration nonstop to Israel. Delta food service in BusinessElite is also, arguably better than some of the others you mention. Regarding LY, it’s supposed to have a very good soft product in First Class, notably very good (Kosher) catering. But, I haven’t experienced it myself.

  11. @Blandon: that was great! But Ive actually seen hospital stretchers and beds that look far more spacious and comfortable! These look like they’re from the hospital O.R. instead. YIKES!!!

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