Earn Up To 230K American Bonus Miles With Four Credit Cards

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Update: These offers for the CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® and the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard® have expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

American has co-branded credit cards issued by both Citi and Barclays, which is good for consumers, since it means we have more cards to choose from. At the moment we’re seeing increased welcome bonuses on the co-branded Citi AAdvantage cards, so in this post I wanted to remind everyone of that, and also look at how you can potentially earn 230,000+ American AAdvantage miles with four credit card bonuses.

130K+ miles with Citi AAdvantage bonuses

Both the personal and business Citi AAdvantage Platinum cards are offering increased welcome bonuses of 60,000-70,000 miles each, with the first year annual fee waived. The details are as follows:

You’re potentially eligible for the welcome bonuses on both of these cards, though you can’t apply for them the same day. You can generally apply for one Citi card every eight days, and two Citi cards every 65 days, so as long as you haven’t gotten other Citi cards recently, you should be able to get both of these over the course of just over a week.

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100K+ miles with Barclays AAdvantage bonuses

While these aren’t best ever bonuses, the personal and business Barclays AAdvantage cards are also offering welcome bonuses that can get you a lot of miles with minimal spend. The details are as follows:

There are inconsistent data points in regards to how long you have to wait between Barclays applications. Some report being able to apply for a personal and business card the same day, though others report having to wait between applications, so the timing of this is a “your mileage may vary” situation.

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Receive useful benefits with these cards as well

In addition to great welcome bonuses, these cards also offer some perks that could make them worth holding onto long term, including:

  • Preferred boarding on domestic American flights
  • First checked bag free on domestic itineraries for you and up to four companions on the same reservation
  • The Personal Platinum Citi AAdvantage Card and AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard offer a 10% refund on miles redeemed, for a total of up to 10,000 miles per year (assuming you redeem at least 100,000 miles per year, this means you’re getting 10,000 American miles with the card annually, which makes one of these cards a keeper, in my opinion — note that you can only get this benefit on one card, so you can’t use it multiple times if you have multiple cards)

Bottom line

At the moment we’re seeing four great welcome bonuses on co-branded American Airlines credit cards. If you’re only going to pick up two cards now, I’d highly recommend the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite™ Mastercard® and CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard®, since those are limited time bonuses, and they have the fees waived for the first year.

The bonuses on the AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard and AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard are great as well, though we have seen a bigger bonus on the personal version of the card in the past.

There are still lots of great uses of American miles, even if they’re not quite as valuable as they used to be.

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  1. Question about the Aviator Biz MC; could this count against 5/24? I would think not since it should be under a Tax ID and not my SSN.

  2. is the 10% Award Rebate officially dead on new Citi AAdvantage accounts? I don’t see a mention of it in any current documentation.

    My plan was to drop my Aviator Red and pick this up, but the loss of the rebate has me rethinking that…

  3. @ Andrew B — Nope, not dead. It’s not a marketing bullet point anymore, but as of now it’s still a benefit for new and existing cardmembers.

  4. So is the free checked bag only for domestic flights? AA has basic economy overseas now… does this mean even with these cards we have to pay for a checked bag on those fares?

  5. Andrew B — if you have had the Aviator Red for a while, keep it instead of applying for the Citi AAdvantage as a replacement. While it is no longer an Aviator Red benefit for new applicants, my older Aviator Red not only gets me 10% back, it awards an additional 10,000 miles on each annual anniversary date

  6. I have one of their UK co-branded MBNA cards but I recently received notification that the programme is stopping and it’s going to (or has?) revert to a regular MBNA cards with no miles.

    Does anyone know if they are planning to start a new card in the UK? It was a really simple way of keeping the miles alive.

  7. So are you saying if I already have Aviator Red, that a business card should not count against qualifying for the bonus miles? Citi has cracked down but they did treat personal and business separate.

  8. Similar to Dave B and Andrew B, i have the old US airways master card that got converted over to Aviator Red M, in fact i have 2 both with the anniversary miles.

    would i still be eligible for aviator Red World Elite MC since thats technically not the same product as the red world MC that i have currently have 2 of. thanks for any DP

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