Earn 50 United Mileage Plus or Continental OnePass miles per Top Guest check-in

Continental OnePass and United Mileage Plus are both offering 50 miles per Top Guest check-in at participating airports. You simply have to register your “smart” phone with Top Guest and then use either Facebook or Four Square to make those check-ins.

The page says you need to be “at or near” select United/Continental airports, so as long as it’s within range and you’re checking in, you should be fine (no need to actually be flying that day). You should be able to check-in once per 24 hours.

Priority Club has a similar program whereby you can earn 50 points per “check-in,” so that’s an easy way to rack up 18,000+ Priority Club points per year, and the same seems to also be the case with United now. Now, Top Guest has been known to close the accounts of those that check-in every day at multiple reward-earning businesses (Hilton, Priority Club, Virgin America, etc.), so proceed with caution.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. Hmmm, maybe they are in the process of rolling it out – but I just went to my TopGuest account to add my UA number but UA is not on the list.

  2. @Peter – It doesn’t show in the ‘Programs’ list on TopGuest, but follow the link above to mileageplus.topguest.com and you can enter your MP# there

  3. I registered yesterday and checked in at “SFO” today from my office about 3 miles away. Got an instantaneous e-mail from OnePass confirming my check-in and ostensibly with an offer for a rental car (but actually the e-mail was just HTML code).

    I registered onepass and MP but only got the onepass e-mail; not sure if both work or not.

  4. I registered and then checked in at DCA (about 10 miles away from my office). No email yet – did I do something wrong? Am I too far away?

  5. @Dan, I should clarify that what I received after checking in was a “social offer,” not a strict confirmation. Seems possible that they don’t have offers at DCA but that the check-in worked, though I’d have no way of knowing.

    When I was 3 miles away I had to search for SFO (didn’t get picked up automatically by foursquare), but it seems the check-in took.

  6. I signed up yesterday and checked in at both FLL and MIA and haven’t received credit from either. I may try FLL again today if I can get it from my Hotel

  7. Has anyone been able to connect their foursquare account instead of their Facebook account? I keep trying, and it keeps telling me that the field can’t be blank, even though I have my number in it each time.

  8. make sure you check into the CORRECT location on FB/4SQUARE. there are often MULTIPLE check-in venues for a single airport venue. you have to read that list carefully make sure the name EXACTLY MATCHES. e.g. in boston, you have to check into GENERAL EDWARD LOGAN rather than Boston Logan. be savvy.

  9. Lucky? (or anyone)

    If I sign up for one of the hotel programs ie priority club, and there are multiple locations that qualify near me/ on my route to work. Will I get creidt for each one, or just once?

  10. Thanks BLR & cedahm – works like you said!!!

    Danny – you are supposed to only get 1 credit per day – and rumor has it that TopGuest does suspend the accounts that do too many “check-ins”.

  11. I work less than 2 miles away from the Newark Airport. The facebook check in was not working for me. I signed up for a foursq account and it worked! I already got an email from mileage plus about earning 50 miles!

  12. I answered my own question. Make sure you have both a first and last name set in foursquare, otherwise it’ll keep coming back with the “field cannot be blank” error.

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