€49 club sandwiches and €16 milkshakes aren’t bringing anyone to the yard…

My apologies to those of you that don’t get the reference.

Boy, Nice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo sure are pretty, though the prices are leaving me a bit speechless.

Monte Carlo in a picture

Yesterday I went to Monte Carlo and couldn’t help but chuckle at the prices:


€16 for a “traditional” milkshake?! Okay, in fairness that was at Cafe de Paris in Monte Carlo, so you pay a bit for the location and “scene,” so I had no problem with those rates. In context that’s “reasonable.”

Now I’m at the Grand Hyatt Cannes. I got in late last night and was dead tired so figured I’d just order room service for dinner. Cannes is very expensive so I was expecting a club sandwich might be €25-30. I’ve stayed at luxury hotels in lots of the most expensive cities in the world, and I’ve never seen a club sandwich more expensive than that. Well, until last night:


€49 ($64USD) for a club sandwich?! Unless it comes with a seven piece mariachi band, a side of caviar, or with fries that are deep fried in 1999 Dom Perignon, I just can’t come to terms with that price. Again, I fully understand that you get charged Cannes prices and not Topeka prices around here, but that’s just the single most absurd price I’ve ever seen on a room service menu.

Can anyone top that?

On the plus side I thought the Diamond welcome amenity was well worth forgoing 1,000 Gold Passport points for…


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  1. Well, MC is hard to top but if you get the chance go to St. Tropez and you might find some places that can top this 😉

  2. Having spent time in Nice exploring the coast of France from Cannes to Menton, all I can say is … rubbish. If you stay in overpriced “luxury” hotels, sure, you can get ripped off. However, there are many nice and more affordable options available. While dining out is not inexpensive by U.S, standards, there are numerous options available to eat well, affordably. People, don’t be afraid to go and experience this wonderful corner of Europe. Do a little research.

  3. Lucky, ill be in cannes in August. As a diamond did the Martinez upgrade you? If so from what category to what category?


  4. That really tops the “Club Sandwich Index”: http://www.heelsfirsttravel.com/2013/06/18/what-a-club-sandwich-can-tell-you-about-travel/ Knowing the price of a club sandwich can supposedly tell you the cost of living where you are going.

    But one of my readers made a good point. The Club Sandwich is such an American thing. That’s probably why the baguette sandwich is so much less (and more in line with what I’ve paid for a sandwich in the Grand Hyatt Kauai).

  5. I’m not looking forward to Seychelles prices. I figure island + celebrities = USD75 for a sandwich. Hopefully i am pleasantly surprised.

  6. So… Did you get the sandwich or go for the “reasonably priced” baguette? I’m in Rome now and last.night in a non-tourist district we had 2 full pizzas, a bottle of wine and a 1L bottle of water for €21.

  7. Well the club sandwich is definitely not generally for those paying $188.89 per night in Cannes. 😉

    In Monte Carlo, pre-2008 some foreigners would tip 100EUR for parking in front of the Casino…. this is the realm of people who don’t look at prices in restaurants or most stores. Not sure how the parking situation is now. 😀

  8. I know you’re asking about the milkshake (btw – love the reference), but all I can think about is the welcome amenity. That looks awesome! I’d be pretty pleased. Not pleased enough to then spend 49€ for a sandwich, but hey, it kicks things off right.

  9. @ Dave — I booked a standard room using points and was upgraded to a sea view room. The views are spectacular!

  10. @ Todd — Hah, ended up just going to sleep and not eating anything. Had a big (complimentary) breakfast instead. 😉

  11. Well you chuckles at the prices that wealthy people pay. This is because your are living above what you are worth.

    Sure there are no miles to pay for your sandwiches at the Grand Hyatt. Do you think a $15,000 single and uncomfortable bed from LA to SYD is any better?

    I think you should do like the Milevalue guy: ask for the Limousine and Chauffeur service from Emirates First class to drop you at the local hostel.

    After all, if it were not for the boat-load of miles and compensation dollar, this is probably where most of the bloggers would be staying?

  12. Reminds me of the breakfast at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendom. 2 people for continental breakfast was €85. Good thing I got that for free with my 2 night stay.

  13. @minos

    Wow… And you’re here because?? Go flame somewhere else if you don’t like Ben’s posts. You’re obviously here to learn and do the same thing… Bitter much?

  14. That’s insane I would have made dinner out of the welcome amenity, tell them next time you’d prefer a ham/cheese sandwich instead of fruit? I’d also have ordered from kids menu if available – cheaper and good portions generally.
    Monte Carlo has lovely cafes away from the hotels if you venture out but you are still in playground for wealthy

  15. There is a McDonalds at the Fontveille shopping complex close to cafe de Paris. Next to it is a Carrefour where u can stock up on snacks. It’s still possible to be Thrifty in Monaco!

  16. @Ron +1

    If unlike Lucky, you don’t have half a million hotel points, you can stay in Nice for much less than Cannes. Then take the commuter train for day trips to Cannes, Antibes, Beaulieu Sur Mer, and MC. And the local bus to EZE, St Paul and Vence. There are lots of inexpensive restaurants in Nice. So don’t think you have to be rich to enjoy the French Riviera.

  17. This week at the Lotte Moscow I ordered room service (burger) and asked for ice water even though they give you free water in your room. SHe started spewing off brands of water and I was like, just regular water, whatever. Only after signing the check did I see the 12 ounce bottle of flat water was 1400 rubles. Yes, that’s FIFTY DOLLARS. For a bottle of water. When they give you FREE water in your room.

  18. I was there the same time. definitely used the local Carrefour to save money, and won a bit at the casino as well!

  19. The milkshake is not that overpriced for Monte Carlo. However the club sandwich at 49 euros is surprising, especially at a Hyatt which is far from “luxury”. You never pay more than 30 euros at a palace in Paris (GV, Plaza) but hey if they manage to have orders at this price why would they decrease the price ? How was the hyatt in Cannes ?

  20. I think €32 for the croque monsieur is even more shocking, given that it’s literally just bread, ham and cheese.

  21. Hotel Martinez is THE place to stay for the Cannes film festival in May.

    Now wonder you got charged like Brad Pitt. But that hotel is such a historical gem, I hate when it is called Grand Hyatt Cannes. Please Lucky, please call it Hotel Martinez.

  22. @Ron & Robert Hanson ++1

    But glad to see that you didn’t succumed and waited for breakfast, next morning!

  23. We had the same, outstanding Diamond Amenity. We bought some cheese at the grocery store and combined with the fruit and wine–that was dinner. To be fair, we also ate all the little nibbles provided at the Diamond Happy Hour in the bar so we were not super hungry!

  24. @Lucky–they didn’t tell you about it? Anything you would want to drink at the (main hotel) bar between 5pm and 7pm. Don’t know if they had Fanta. 🙂 The prices there were in line with the Club Sandwich. We were there three evenings and didn’t miss a happy hour–usually had 2 drinks each. One night I had 3 and hubby had 2–our bill would have been 119Euros and that was for basic things like Gin and Tonics!

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