Dubai Airport Launches Free Terminal “Taxi” Service

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Dubai Airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the world, has just launched a new service that’s both kind of awesome and kind of annoying.

Dubai’s New Complimentary Taxi Service

Dubai Airport has introduced taxiDXB, which is a new service that provides service throughout the terminal by golf cart:

  • There will initially be 15 “taxis” available in the B Concourse of Terminal 3 (this concourse is exclusively used by Emirates), and there are plans for this service to eventually be expanded
  • They’ll be available on a first come first served basis, though the elderly and families receive priority
  • This service is free
  • You can use the service to go to your connecting gate, or to go to shops or restaurants

DXB’s B Concourse is long and narrow, with all gates along the same “stretch.” In total, the concourse is 945m (or 3,100 feet) long, so in some cases people may have to walk nearly a kilometer to catch their connecting flight.

Why This Service Is Awesome And Annoying

Nowadays there are so many mega airports, though at times I can’t help but feel like there’s a lack of thought put into the design. Take Istanbul’s New Airport for example, which has a lack of moving sidewalks and some of the longest walking distances I’ve seen in any airport.

While there’s great convenience to having a global hub with access to six continents, at times the airports aren’t the easiest to connect at, especially for those with mobility challenges, families, and the elderly. So in those instances I think this new service is fantastic.

The problem is that in these narrow, super crowded, and heavily banked terminals, space already comes at a premium. It’s one thing if you have a super wide and spacious terminal, but that doesn’t describe Concourse B in Dubai.

Walking through the terminal during peak times is already a challenge, and having to dodge golf carts will make it all the less pleasant for those of us not using them.

Frankly I’m shocked we don’t see more injuries resulting from golf carts in airports, or maybe they just mostly go unreported?

What do you think — is a free service like this awesome, or does it just make an already crowded terminal even worse?

(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)

  1. Just a formalization of what has already existed for years. Golf carts have always been readily available to families with young children and people with mobility issues. I’ve also had an offer of a golf cart ride when coming out of the F lounge and being late to the gate (am neither old, nor have mobility issues, but was with a slightly more senior (but very mobile and not very old) lady. Tipped the guy 20AED since we’re not the typical golf cart demographic

  2. What happened to walking (for the able bodied of course)? I simply can’t think of much worse than to sit after a long flight, which is almost guaranteed at DXB. I recently had a 7.5hr layover at HKG. I did use some of the time to work, but also very much enjoyed walking up and down the main concourse looking at the aircraft and incredible scenery outside (I measured it at 870 metres – yes I had time!). Between an 8hr flight and before an 11hr flight, the 8 or so laps really did me good! Those golf carts are not even much faster either.

  3. Is 1km a lot?
    For most people you can easily walk that in 12 mintues, less if you’re in a rush.

    Not sure if it’s different but we’ve always got assistance for my grandma, who has mobility issues, and so it wasn’t ever so much of an issue.

    Not sure how big dubai concourse B is, but having travelled with her through the old IST, LHR T3 and FRA i don’t rememer it being too much of an issue.

  4. I often wonder how many of the disabled people riding in golf carts at AMS are disabled because they were run down by a golf cart at AMS…

  5. Maybe a dedicated ‘traffic lane’ marked in green or red or whichever, with BEWARE OF BUGGIES signs along the way would be the solution. The present system of dodging dawdlers staring at their phones (what’s new?) while walking, or otherwise in their own little world, is not good, with potential for accidents. Some would ignore it, but if its clearly signposted it’s do it at your own risk!

  6. This has been in place for years and there are dedicated lanes which are marked through most of the terminal but there are a few pinch points where people and buggies meet.

    Its a good service, my mother in her 80’s used it on Tuesday as she was at gate C5 which you may known is about as far as you can walk.

    The buggies in DXB are also fast in comparison to other airports where people stroll past you.

    If I am offered and my gate is at the extreme ends then I always say yes, otherwise I walk or levitate along the travelators

  7. I fully support this move by DXB/EK. Walking nearly a kilometer with a heavy handbag and a laptop, is a pain. Plus we can always get off at any point before the gate.

  8. As Michael stated above, the system has actually existed for a long time throughout the airport, I work at DXB and frequent the terminal and pass multiple carts each time.
    @glenn t, they have added dedicated buggy routes already, although I notice people often don’t pay attention and many of those are with headphones or head down looking at screens which adds to the chaos when the buggies do come!
    It’s a large terminal if you arrive at one end and need to board at the other, however there is (IMO) enough travelators to facilitate this and leave the buggies for the old/disabled!

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