Dried cranberries and raw almonds before landing?!

I like getting gifts. Especially on airplanes. Asiana goes so far as to give first class passengers a gift before landing, like a duffel bag or iPhone case. Then there are airlines that will give you a piece of chocolate before landing. Everyone loves chocolate, right?

And then there’s Lufthansa on my flight on Friday, which gave me… dried cranberries and raw almonds before landing. Lufthansa’s kinda being like that one person in everyone’s neighborhood that gives out packaged baby carrots on Halloween.

I was the only person not to reject them, and that’s mainly because I wanted to see if my eyes were failing me.

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  1. I don’t usually take any of the junk handed out by airlines as “gifts”, but something like this would definitely have my interest. I’d much rather get this than a random travel wallet or whatever.

  2. Nice, this is healthier than chocolate. My impression is that many airlines are trying to kill the customer by serving unhealthy food. Maybe Lufthansa can keep their clients alive for a few more trips.

  3. > Lufthansa’s kinda being like that one person in everyone’s neighborhood that gives out packaged baby carrots on Halloween.


  4. My wife was on the Luftansa ORD/DUS flight last night and she was disapointed with the food offerings for the first time – she also had to sit in the back

  5. Actually of all the options you listed this would be my favorite. If I wanted an iPhone case or duffel bag I’d buy the one I want, not a cheap tchotche. And after all the free booze and ice cream I don’t need more chocolate!

    A healthy and filling snack like cranberries and nuts is perfect to toss in the backpack.

  6. I like the nuts and berries option. I’m surprised more pax didn’t partake, especially since Kimpton Hotels cited that nuts (specifically cashews) are one of their most frequently requested amenities for Inner Circle members.

  7. Definitely not a German delicacy. Do you know how hard it is to find decent cranberry juice here?
    And Lucky, you seriously need a “like” button on your site!!

  8. I wish more airlines would provide this. The cranberries [carbs] are good for quick energy and the almonds [protein] are good for longer-term energy. I usually toss the logo-branded swag or leave it on the plane. How many socks, pens, lotions, amenity bags does one use–or even need?

  9. Those look good! How did they taste? If you didn’t even open them to try them out, how about a contest to give them away? I’d enter!

  10. Consider ‘re-gifting.’ ’tis a wonderful way to dispose of JUNK and you’ll make some dumb sucker just as happy as they made you.

  11. Can you imagine the expression on the poor Asiana, ANA, or Singapore flight attendants if their bosses told them to hand these out. Reason #257 in my book as to why Asian carriers have a slight edge over Lufthansa

  12. We know you are a candy/cake/ice cream guy. But it seems like your readers have more broader tastes.

    I would like the fruit/nut combo.

  13. Some people are so stuck up with what they know, that they won’t try anything new. Which seems to be the case here. I never tried dried cranberries and would very much be interested to try them.

    Perhaps one has to be a bit of a foodie to appreciate these kinds of items. Anyone would like to try fillet of deer instead of fillet of beef…because that is cool. However giving up chocolate for a special fruit..oh noes!

  14. The real problem here … in many cases local customs restrictions would forbid the passenger from bringing the nuts into their country of destination with them!

  15. I love this stuff. There is a huge raw food movement going around!
    I take this kinda stuff with me on the plane!
    Good job LUFTHANSA!!!!

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