Alaska Mileage Plan Offering Double Miles On Hainan

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Alaska Mileage Plan is one of my favorite frequent flyer programs, given their unique array of airline partners, combined with their generous mileage earning rates.

Alaska Airlines sometimes has promotions offering bonus miles for travel on their partners, and they just rolled out one of the best partner promotions we’ve seen in a while.

You can earn double Alaska Mileage Plan miles for eligible flights on Hainan Airlines. The promotion is valid when you fly between June 1 and August 31, 2019. Registration is required prior to your first qualifying flight.

Alaska says that this promotion is being offered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Hainan Fortune Wings Club. Often Alaska’s double miles promotions are limited to select routes on partner flights, though what makes this promotion so great is that it’s eligible for any Hainan Airlines flight that is eligible for Mileage Plan accrual.

Qualifying flights must be both marketed and operated by Hainan, and bonus miles should post within four to six weeks of eligible flights. The bonus miles are redeemable and not elite qualifying.

For context, here are the usual Mileage Plan earning rates on Hainan:

So with this promotion you’d be earning anywhere from a total of 60% miles to 450% miles (the bonus miles are based on the base miles earned).

That doesn’t include elite bonuses, as Alaska elite members earn additional bonuses — MVP members get a 50% bonus, MVP Gold members get a 100% bonus, and MVP Gold 75K members get a 125% bonus.

So an MVP Gold 75K can be earning up to 575% miles, which is spectacular.

Bottom line

Hainan Airlines often has reasonable fares (including in business class), and this could be an amazing opportunity to earn a lot of Alaska miles for travel on them. In general Alaska’s partner mileage earning rates are among the best out there, and this makes them even better.

Otherwise redeeming Alaska miles on Hainan can represent a good value as well.

Looking for other ways to rack up Alaska miles?

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Anyone plan to take advantage of this promo to earn double Alaska miles on Hainan?

  1. most of the lowest economy fares are not eligible for accrual at all, like A or T. just flew today and most agents have no clue what Alaska is, and if they partner at all, so I say the relationship is rather obscure. Their 787 is one of the worst out there, really crappy entertainment system, 4/4 times the electric socket does not work, food is just not good, drink selection quite limited, and the crew never cleans the bathrooms. However, the fares are hard to beat so I fall victim to HU all the time willingly.

  2. Now American Air will not allow miles for Alaska Rewards except for international fights.
    Alaska did not go to Memphis from a Seattle so I figured I could get my miles as always from them. Big Wrong when I got back.
    Check the always changing rules with AK air lately

  3. HU just introduced SZX-ATH with O&D demand nearly nonexistent. That doesn’t seem to me right given pretty much every airline in China is having a rough time.

  4. @The Nice Paul
    yeah it does look very good, based on Qipao from 1920s socialite outfit, really shows curves, 100% would be a contentious topic in western world. Also the light color really messes up when the FA has spilled some tomato juice on her left knee…

  5. Hainan often has reasonable fares from Bangkok to the U.S in business class. BKK to LAS for example would be aweosme flight to collect a heap of AS miles

  6. Flew PDX-LAX-XIY in March in business class to see the Terracotta Warriors, really nice. Received a bunch if AK milesin R class and MVP bonus. I would do ít again for double miles once I am MVP Golden but more likely to go vacation to SYX. Thanks for the heads up article.

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