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I’m still somewhat on the fence about whether I’ll requalify for Hyatt Globalist status due to the ridiculous 60 nights that are required. That’s a lot for a chain with a small footprint. The loss of the welcome amenity bonus points hurts too, and of course I’m not fond of the diluted breakfast benefits which only cover two adults and two kids, rather than four adults. Of course this is all supposed to be balanced by the promise of unlimited complimentary suite upgrades. And a free bottle of water — can’t forget that.

Even though I don’t know if I’ll make a push to requalify, I’m still staying at Hyatt properties when it makes sense. I figure I might as well enjoy the benefits while I have them, and give the chain a chance to show me that World of Hyatt is actually a decent program for me.

And I’m always looking for opportunities to save a few dollars on my Hyatt stays. One of the better opportunities recently has been to purchase discounted Hyatt gift cards from Cardcash, which is basically a gift card resale site.

Hyatt gift cards on sale today only at CardCash

Today only CardCash is offering Hyatt gift cards for 23% off. The discount is already coded into the price of the card so you don’t have to do anything extra. The sale ends tonight, May 30th, at 11:59 PM ET, so you’ll want to purchase before then.

The added bonus of buying Hyatt gift cards from CardCash is that they sometimes earn bonus points on certain credit cards if you pay via Paypal (I haven’t tried this method, and YMMV).

CardCash only guarantees their gift cards for 45 days, so I absolutely would not buy any more cards than you can use during that time. And trust me, you want a guarantee on these cards. Let me explain.

Concerns with Hyatt gift cards

Hyatt has had a lot of issues surrounding their gift cards in the past. From my understanding, it has been very easy for fraudsters to hack the cards and unload them before you get a chance to use them.

Supposedly the issues stem from the fact that the old Hyatt gift cards don’t have a PIN on them. I spoke with Hyatt customer service recently and she said that their new cards have a PIN and that they aren’t aware of any fraud issues with those. But in my experience, these CardCash gift cards don’t have a PIN, which seems to imply they are of the older vintage.

Hyatt also told me that any issues of fraud with CardCash gift cards would need to be worked out directly with CardCash because CardCash is not one of their official partners. So if you have any issues, you can expect to deal with CardCash, not Hyatt. And again, CardCash only guarantees their cards for 45 days.

Therefore this deal might not be for the risk averse.

My experience

So why did I end up talking to a Hyatt representative about gift card fraud? Well, I thought I had been a victim.

I had bought a few hundred bucks of Hyatt cards during the last CardCash sale. I used most of them without issue at various properties, but a hotel told me that one of them had a zero balance. So I thought that perhaps one of my cards had been hacked. And I was outside the 45 day window. Crap.

I called Hyatt to see what could be done. They advised that I’d have to deal directly with CardCash for any refund, but that they could give me a history of transactions on the card once I submitted proof of purchase.

I seriously expected to see some stays paid for in Nigeria — does Hyatt even have a property there? — but in fact, all of the transactions were my own. So in the end, it turned out that what I thought might be a case of fraud was just “user error”.

That said, it was a good opportunity to go through the process and learn about the steps Hyatt is taking to permanently resolve the issue. I will say, the Hyatt customer service team was very helpful and upfront about the concerns with their cards.

Hyatt Regency Orlando

Bottom Line

CardCash is offering Hyatt gift cards at 23% off today. That’s a great deal, but keep in mind that Hyatt gift cards are notorious for having fraud issues, and that CardCash only guarantees these cards for 45 days. I suggest going into this deal with your eyes wide open. 

That said, I have now purchased and used a few hundred dollars of Hyatt gift cards at CardCash, all without issue. And frankly, this is one of those deals that I wouldn’t want to talk about if I hadn’t already successfully done myself.

Have you ever bought discounted Hyatt gift cards from CardCash?

  1. I bought $700 worth. (7 x $100). 6 verified with full value, one came with Zero value. I have put in a claim with CardCash and am not concerned. This happened once before and they refunded my purchase very quickly.

  2. Thanks but no thanks. I bought some Bloomingdales gift cards from that site. A couple of them were EZ Exchange cards. I called to verify the balance and I got transferred to customer service. Two of the cards I bought were unusable. NEVER AGAIN.

  3. 1. Can you use these internationally?
    2. Can you use these to pay for advanced purchase stays?

  4. Peetyrd —

    1. Hyatt Gift Cards are valid for use at participating Hyatt-branded hotels in North America (includes Canada), Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America. This includes Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt, Andaz, Hyatt Centric, The Unbound Collection, Hyatt Place, Hyatt House, Hyatt Zilara, Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Residence Club.

    2. I don’t think so. You can’t put them in the website, but rather have to be entered by the front desk staff upon checkout.

  5. I wouldn’t touch the offer with a ten foot pole
    Hyatt has an enormous problem with fraud internally selling Hyatt Gift Cards
    which means even buying them directly from Hyatt there is still some small potential for
    risk. Though you have a strong chance of Hyatt eating the loss and replacing them if your Gift Card is bought only through or Hyatt Gift Card dept directly

    3rd Party re sellers sellers on the other hand come with the largest risk you can possibly assume
    I was burned for 1000 dollars buying through one of the similar re-sellers that Hyatt originally said was legit!
    After spending 350k with Hyatt over 20 years (lifetime Glob here)
    They still would not do anything for me to replace the loss.
    While I have some minor issue but let go and dealt with it my bigger issue with Hyatt was they refused to tell me what hotels the gift cards were fraudulently used at siting privacy issues

    You will also notice that Hyatt no longer runs sales or promotes or offers bonus points on the sale of their gift cards for some time since their losses became significant.
    I can share that Hyatt has taken a big hit with fraud as they have no system in place like pins or other to protect any party involved.To be clear someone gets a hold of gift card number and can duplicate the e gift cards with a copy machine and use it like cash anytime and any place
    Yes I had fraud on a variety of e gift cards and the physical plastic cards which Hyatt only replaced in those instances where they were purchased through Hyatt directly
    My advice take a PASS! in fact RUN!
    My advice to Hyatt put in a disclaimer only Hyatt Gift cards purchased directly from Hyatt are somewhat secure.And for goodness sake in this day and age of hacking and security and massive theft era we live in be able to identify the gift recipient and or original owner with a private pin or photo ID to see who the real owner is!!!
    Let the buyer beware folks


    I cannot maintain Globalist status though next year though.

    I even emailed them asking if possible to pay to maintain like with Marriott, no joy.

    I will be sad, but I will go out in a blaze of glory including some Park locations this year.

  7. I purchased 3 today and called Hyatt to verify the balance. Two of the 3 had $0 balance. I’m definitely not ordering through them again. Not worth the hassle.

  8. Travis,
    Thanks for the post. I was a little hesitant about the deal, but I am heading to Orlando in 2 weeks to stay at Hyatt Cypress. I used Hyatt points and AA points for a 4 nights stay. I know burning AA points is not the greatest, but on my middle class budget free is always better :). The discount gift card will come handy to pay for parking and resort fee. I purchased 4 cards and I called Hyatt this morning to verify the balance. All 4 cards had the correct balance.

  9. Saving 23 % is definitely worth some “hassle” although I would not take a “risk”. The hassle is the buying of the cards (5 minutes) and the very possible hassle of a couple of phone calls\emails to Cardcash if the balances are not as described. I certainly would not buy any unless I was going to use them in the next couple of weeks with a 45 day drop dead date. I’ve bought maybe a couple thousand dollars worth of Hyatt cards over the past few months. 30 % have been problematic but I’ve never had any problem getting the refund. All in I’d buy again to easily save a few hundred bucks.

  10. Has the issue with the hyatt GCs only been with one’s purchased via CardCash or has there been issues with other sites/retailers that offer them at full price?

    For CardCash, has it been an issue with incorrect balances BEFORE the 45 day period? Afterwards? If it was before (e.g. Upon delivery/receipt or 1-44 days after) and people complain to card cash, have they been able to look into or rectify the situation? They give money back to the purchaser but what are they doing beyond that? If it’s after 45 days, then there is clearly a flaw in the system.

    As much as I want to buy some to save the $$, I would only do it if it’s going to get the 5x UR points for my Chase Ink. Otherwise, I would go the route of buying full price ones through a retailer that sells other cards at face price. Interested in hearing more detailed data points.

  11. Travis,

    I know full value GCs were available on, but dont see them anymore. Do you happen to know when they replenish/add stock back to their inventory? Thanks much.


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