Great Deal: Business Class From The US To Europe For Under $1,400

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British Airways has some “Black Friday weekend offers,” where they’re offering discounted business class tickets from the US to Europe when traveling as a pair. The catch is that the eligible travel dates are fairly limited. The promotion is valid for travel from December 10, 2016, through January 14, 2017, and June 20 through August 29, 2017.

Through this sale, British Airways is advertising the following fares:

  • New York to Barcelona for $1,880
  • New York to Madrid for $1,885
  • Washington to Dublin for $1,964

There are many other city pairs, though those are just a few examples.

The above fares don’t seem that great on the surface but keep in mind that you can use some tricks to lower the ticket cost by $400 and 10%.

First, you can save $200 per ticket by being an AARP member. Anyone can join AARP for $16 per year — there’s no age requirement.


You have to click through the AARP portal to receive the discount, and the discount will be reflected in the flights as you select them. The discount is valid on British Airways marketed flights, though you can fly on a partner like American.

To give an example, let’s take an itinerary from New York to Barcelona which costs ~$1,943 per person. After going through the AARP portal you’ll save $400 per person, bringing the cost down to $3,087.10 for both passengers, or ~$1,543.55 per person.


You can also save a further 10% by using promotion code CHASEBA10 at the time of booking, which is valid for those with the British Airways Visa Signature Card. That brings the cost down to $2,778.40, or $1,389.20 per person.


While the AARP discount can be used on codeshare flights, the 10% discount for paying with a Visa card is only valid for flights marketed and operated by British Airways. In other words, you could fly nonstop from New York to Barcelona on American for under $1,500 per person, which factors in the $400 AARP discount, though doesn’t get you the 10% discount.


As stated above, there are lots of other eligible city pairs, so you can use ITA Matrix or Google Flights to look at British Airways fares of under $2,000 (or so), and then after adding in the discounts, you’re looking at tickets of under $1,500 roundtrip per person.

This won’t be for everyone as you do need to travel as a pair and the travel dates are limited, but if you’re wanting to escape the US over Christmas and New Years, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Anyone plan on taking advantage of some of these great fares?

(Tip of the hat to No Mas Coach)

  1. You might want to note that the AARP discount only applies to the first period (Dec-Jan) and not to next summer because it currently expires in March of 2017. So while your math is correct for the winter period this is a lot less hot for next summer.

  2. @ secstate — While that’s technically true per the terms, in practice the AARP discount is working for me for next summer, well past the expiration date.

  3. @Lucky you are right my mistake it turns out the issue I had was that I wasn’t seeing the fare sale because my pair of individual included a sub-16 YO (my son) if I choose two adults I see the fare sale and the correct AARP discount.

  4. Weird. I didn’t know British Airways had a business class. I mean, I know they sell one, but I didn’t know they actually had one.

  5. Wow… First post about BA that doesn’t say “i’m not a fan of BA business class” …I think every man and his dog knows how much u despise the airline, Lucky, but you never stop flying with them.

  6. Yesterday I bought 3 BNA-BUD roundtrip tickets for August 2017 (that itinerary is always very expensive). I paid a total of $4,954.38 for all 3 tickets going through the AARP website (thanks Lucky for saving me $1,200 on that :-)). I booked it in a way that we will fly on AA metal always except between LHR and BUD. Was able to select seats immediately.

  7. Lucky,

    If I book two tickets in business class do both passengers have to be AARP members or just the one booking the tickets? From DC it looks like one can route through DCA and fly on AA metal which has a superior business class.

  8. @L. No, one is enough. Basically, as I understand, as long as you log into your AARP account, and access BA through that designated link, you are OK. BA does NOT need your AARP membership number, they just automatically give you the discount if you go through the AARP website. And yes, it is a great idea to book the tickets for AA and not BA metal (price is the same most of the time).

  9. Bear in mind if you use the CARDOFFERU discount, you will not be able to use Avios to upgrade to F. However, it is possible to do so with the AARP discount

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