Cool Job: UK Hiring “Director Of Royal Travel”

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Well this has to be one of the more interesting job openings we’ve seen in the travel industry in a while.

The Royal Family in the UK has a job opening for “Director of Royal Travel.” As it’s described:

This role is critical to ensuring that the Royal Household operates and purchases safe, efficient, cost effective and appropriate travel services for the official duties of Members of the Royal Family and their Households.

As Director of Royal Travel, you will have overall responsibility for organising air travel and overseeing the operations of The Queen’s Helicopter Flight and usage of scheduled train services and the Royal Train. You will also liaise with the relevant authorities to provide advice and recommendations on travel, taking into account security, safety and environmental considerations.

You will be required to ensure planning and procedures are highly effective, researching and negotiating value for money contracts and options for travel, while understanding and recommending best industry practice in risk and safety management.

The role will entail 37.5 hours of work per week, and will pay up to £85,000 per year.

Here’s how they describe the perfect candidate for the role:

  • Experience of operations and financial management of travel and logistics in an environment where safety and high standards are of paramount importance.
  • Good understanding of Safety Management Systems, Aviation Safety Auditing and Quality Assurance.
  • Proven leadership and management skills.
  • Good communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • Ability to forge good partnerships with stakeholders while delivering results.
  • Ability to resolve conflicting demands and to withstand pressures whilst maintaining good working relations.
  • Planning skills to ensure that complex air movements are well prepared and delivered on time consistent with security needs.
  • Ability to analyse complex situations and provide soundly based advice.

The emphasis with this new role seems to be on purchasing “efficient, cost effective and appropriate travel services.”

Earlier this year there was some backlash as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had used private jets for six out of 10 flights since getting married, despite Harry’s claim that he flies commercial 99% of the time. So it sure seems like the priority will be on ensuring that commercial travel is booked whenever possible. 😉

This sure would be an interesting job, eh? I guess to really maximize Royal Travel we’d need to know more about what credit cards they’re using to maximize their rewards!

  1. Ben obviously your meticulously written application has already been received i guess. The rest of you shouldn’t even bother. Ben’s got this!

  2. I’ve got to say that the backlash against private flying for high profile individuals seems manufactured to create division. If you’ve got, say, a royal couple flying on state business (public appearances, including royal visits, are pretty much why the royals still exist), then you’re not talking about two people and a baby.

    You’re talking about two people, a baby, a nanny, protocol staff, a security detail, and possibly more folks I’ve forgotten about. So, all of a sudden, you’re talking the better part of a dozen or more people. Then, if you want the visit to go well, you don’t want the couple and their entourage disembarking after a 6-13 hour flight looking tired and bedraggled as they glad-hand dignitaries.

    I’d say that putting such folks on a commercial flight saves no money, has a minimal and totally offset-able carbon footprint, and is really just kabuki designed to send a particular and, I think, stupid message of “Royals: They’re just like the rest of us.”

  3. “we’d need to know more about what credit cards they’re using to maximize their rewards!”

    When you shit money like the royal family does, you don’t need rewards…

  4. I’m pretty sure this position has been pre-filled and the posting is for legal and Royal Household HR requirements.

  5. @mallthus “I’ve got to say that the backlash against private flying for high profile individuals seems manufactured to create division.”

    There would not be a backlash if the Prince Harry did not say that he flies commercial 99% of the time. And at the same time giving speech about climate change, while barefoot for whatever reason.

  6. I’m assuming since only 85,000 pounds is on offer an apartment in Buckingham Palace is included. London rents are horrendous.

  7. Is the 37.5 hour work week so that, like here in the US, they can keep you as an exempt (or non-exempt, I can never remember which is which…) “part-time” employee for benefits (or lack there of) reasons? If so, pretty messed up…

  8. Peter, no. 37.5 hours is a standard work week in the UK and there is no such thing as exempt and non-exempt workers.

  9. @eric there are many ordinary people who work in the royal household, who have absolutely no family links

  10. @glenn
    It is a little under the average, but as for anything to do with the royal family, it is more for the prestige of having that on your resume.

  11. @endre it varies company to company, but the concept of exempt and non-exempt is a US concept that doesn’t exist in the UK.

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