Delta’s New Safety Video… not bad!

There has been a lot of buzz the past view days regarding Delta’s new safety video, and rightfully so, at least by US standards. Heck, I was even shocked to hear a seven minute segment on the radio about it this morning. While it’s not earth shattering, it surely is edgy and “unique,” with some good parts and some not so good parts.

A few things I noticed:

  • Something which peeves me, and I’m not sure why, is the fact that the pilot is apparently talking into the PA during his welcome. I think it’s inconsistent with the rest of the video since he seems to be addressing the cabin via video and not PA, much like the FA isn’t using the PA to make her announcements.
  • I love the sassy attitude of the FA, she’s perfect for the type of safety video they were trying to make.
  • The segment from 1:00 to 1:10 drives me nuts!!! As a frequent flyer I cringe at the cheesiness of the scene, and think anyone that travels with any frequency probably feels the same way. I don’t remember the last time I had an FA that was so overly enthusiastic.
  • 1:48-1:50 also drives me crazy. It seems like she’s lip synching and I don’t remember the last time a person asked, so I think it would be better just built into the speech by the FA and not actually “acted out.”
  • At 1:51 gotta love her little finger waving. Without a doubt that’s what makes this video different.
  • At 2:00 they show the 737-700 to demonstrate the location of the exits. Am I missing something, or does DL not have 737-700’s?!?! Oh, actually I guess they’re getting them soon (or so I’m told), but it seems odd that the video circulating would be of it.
  • Are all DL uniforms that low cut for females, like at 2:29? Doesn’t look bad on her, but not so sure about other FA’s…
  • At 2:36 the oxygen mask falls down, and it takes the guy 15 seconds to put it on!!! I don’t know, but I would think in an emergency you’d be a bit faster, especially if you’re responsible for someone else, no?

Sorry for overanalyzing this, but I really found the video interesting. I’m a fan although I still prefer the Virgin America safety video.

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  1. Finally at least an updated safety video out in the world. I cannot stand the SFO based f/a that does UA “fasten your seat belt low and tight…” she sounds like a horse. Just annoys me! GRRRRR. (Deep breath Douglas)

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