1. Instagram cloud porn was very funny. I love the videos.

    That said, I’d rather have my JFK-LAX upgrades back than funny videos.

  2. I enjoy it, but the humor is very subtle, so easy to miss. Though it does actually give reason to watch multiple times just to catch everything

  3. Wish they had saved the production money spent on the video and gave me a an upgrade instead!

  4. Love what Delta’s been doing with the safety videos – takes several watchings to catch all the humor, which (at least sometimes) quiets the boors who loudly talk during the safety presentations.

  5. Hilarious! I had to give a second look at that guy’s hands that had red nail polish.
    I still prefer the Delta safety video I saw earlier this year that had an 80s theme!!! Loved the look of the passengers when they mentioned WiFi.

  6. As a trekkie I loved the bit with the tribbles falling out of the overhead compartment! 😀

  7. I have to admit, the tribbles made me laugh too.

    Still, I prefer the video that played on my recent JAL flight. I’ve never seen them blast through the safety instructions so fast – basically “Seatbelts. Put yo shit away. Don’t smoke in the lav. Off we go!” but with cartoon characters.

  8. Ugh. Tedious. Would have been funnier if all the “funny” stuff *was* subtle, instead of the camera lingering there like, “It’s an abacus! Get it! An abacus! It’s like a computer!”

  9. Love them, BTW, for those who are whining about upgrades on the transcon, DL must be selling those seat of they wouldn’t have taken them away..

  10. Cute…it gives you things to look for and point out with a companion.

    Sure wish all coach seats had as much room as the guy who gets up & down repeatedly during the alternating “FASTEN SEAT BELTS” sign going on/off. He stood straight up without touching any of the seat in front of him!!

  11. Lame. Too long, and agree with previous comment about ‘trying too hard.’ Didn’t find it all that funny compared to previous safety vids. Bring back Deltalina!

  12. The ’80s video was better, saw it here first and on one the flights on the way back from FTU.

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